Well, I'm a Jew, and I'm very ashamed of what's happening in the Gaza Strip. And I'm heartbroken, because we've been through it. We know what it is to have a person like Hitler decide to kill all the Jews. For us to turn around and do that to other human beings that are so much like us—they look like us, they eat the same food, they helped build up Israel—it's more than I can stand. So I'm very ashamed. I think they in the Israeli embassy should be very ashamed.

I think it's really important. I mean, in a way, this is a human issue for every person, not just the Jewish people. But I think it's extremely important right now that Jewish people be out and visible and make it clear that, as Jews, as people who have experienced genocide against our people, that we understand that the Palestinians are today's Jews. And if we learned the lesson of the Holocaust, the lesson is we need to be out and we need to speak for Gaza, as we had always wanted people to speak for us.

(Source: Democracy Now)


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    • It brings down tears when I look at the lines dead bodies in Gaza. Children are the most of them. I feel so sad and angry to see this. I don't know why God is still letting this kind of things to happen.

      • Atniz,

        The fortunes of the hard-hearted of the Israelis (not all Jews) are going to be severely reversed. It is part of the plan that guilt becomes less and less collectivized. Finally, the sins of the fathers shall not be visited upon their children. Furthermore, the Palestinians must convert to pacifism. The pacifists are the meek who shall inherit the earth — the New Earth that will be one with the New Heaven. This is as it should be and will be.

        Atniz. You mourn for the dead children. Bless your heart.

        "Blessed" are "they that mourn: for they shall be comforted." (Matthew 5:4 KJVR)

        You know, as incredible as it may seem, I have had so-called Christians come here advocating that Israel do what it is doing and worse.

        The wrath is held back from taking them, but I tell you that such souls are going to be cutoff unless they repent and atone in earnest.

        Peace and love to you and yours.

        • I support the following group so long as it is non-violent/non-coercive.

          Such groups can go beyond the pale when they start using physical blocking techniques. I don't know whether or not there are anarchists involved in this group. I would imagine there are some. Those who call themselves Anarchists can range from the totally pacifistic to those who will smash windows. I don't hold with the latter, although their sin is not as great as those against whom they are usually protesting. Nevertheless, stooping to property destruction is not the Golden Rule. It does not demonstrate how everyone should behave. It is wrong to smash people or their things just because we disagree with them. It engenders more violence. It ratchets up the problem. It is not proper conflict-resolution. It is harmful. There is no place at which one properly may draw the line. It has hypocrisy built in. It is not akin to what Jesus did when he cleaned the money-changers from the temple.

          Boycotts are always up to the individual. There is nothing immoral with not buying something from those with whom one disagrees. Of course, we should not go to the point of depriving people of the basic necessities. We must feed even those who wrongfully call us the enemy.

          International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network — The Jewish Corner of The New Majority

    • roger

      I am appalled by your lack of Biblical knowledge, would you sit by for a years worth of rocket attacks on your family and not defend them or stop the perpitators.This strikes me as very close to anti-sematism---and I am a wasp.Please study recent history and the the old testament so you dont quote the new testament out of context. Y ou must be educated,but are you aware?

      • Roger,

        If the false-Zionists hadn't stolen the land right out from under the Palestinians, there never would have been any rockets.

        You hold with retaliating for rocket fire brought on by the false-Zionists in the first place; however, you don't hold with the Palestinians fighting to regain their stolen land? That's nothing but hypocrisy. Do know how Jesus feels about the hypocrisy you've written just above, or don't you care enough to consult your Bible for Jesus's use of the word hypocrite?

        "Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows' houses, and for a pretence make long prayer: therefore ye shall receive the greater damnation." (Matthew 23:14 KJVR)

        The houses of widows in Palestine have been devoured by the false-hearted Zionist Project, Roger. You can't justify your position using Jesus's words, Roger. You're on the most dangerous ground there is.

        As for anti-Semitism, you're not just close to being an anti-Semite. You are an anti-Semite. Both the Jews and Palestinians are Semites. Also, you're the one who isn't good for either. If both sides were to follow what I say, they'd be better off on both sides. If they follow you, both sides will end up doomed.

        You say you're a Protestant, meaning you claim to be Christian. You think you know more about Christianity than do I; however, you don't even advocate turning the other cheek. There is no such thing as a Christian who doesn't always stand for turning the other cheek, no matter what. No Christian takes lives to save flesh lives. They have more faith in God than that. God accepts the murdered children and the pacifist parents of those children. Don't you know that?

        Don't you know that the first Christians' whole families were led to the slaughter without fighting back? Yet you come here telling me to read history. All you've managed to do here is embarrass yourself.

        No war makers are Christians, period. You think you follow Jesus? You haven't the faintest idea which direction to turn to follow Jesus. You're lost, Roger. You're in the dark. You're headed for the ditch.

        Your warmongering kind is losing and will lose completely and, in fact, already lost when Jesus went to the cross rather than taking men's lives.

        Why don't you repent, Roger? Why don't you stop spreading lies about Jesus? Stop being a warmonger, Roger. Stop worshiping Mars. Start worshiping God. God wants mercy and not sacrifice. If you want mercy (forgiveness) from God, you better stop being so merciless toward the Palestinians.

        The false-Zionists are liars. They always have been. They are not the Jews. "I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and" I know "the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but" are "the synagogue of Satan." (Revelation 2:9 KJVR)

        The false-Zionists are "the synagogue of Satan."

        Satan is the one who loves what the false-Zionists have been doing. They rebel against God.

        The Palestinians need to turn to non-violence and to Christ, but that doesn't excuse the false-Zionists in the least. Those liars who call themselves Zionists have the greater sin by far. Wake up!