There are two things that stand out the most concerning where the video is wrong.

First, there really are evil spirits at work that do transcend the flesh. That's not to say that the video is wrong that the Illuminati system is a spiritual fake. It is. Briefly, the system is headed by those who actually for the most part don't believe in spirit. Nevertheless, they are doing the bidding of that evil spirit, again, mostly unbeknownst to them.

Second, the world population has grown beyond what it should have. Covering nearly the continent of Australia with ¼-acre plots sounds like there is plenty left over. However, with the so-called technological quality of life we are living, one must factor in the roads and the acreage for producing and storing, etc., all the goods. Of course, we don't need every bit of the tech we are developing. In fact, we shouldn't be developing most of it but should be much more selective and thoughtful about what we are doing.

Those two things are the typical errors of certain of the libertarians who further the exposure of this version of the New World Order the most. Other than that, the video is mostly correct. It is most correct when it says that the main problem is with bad management.

Most of the things the video says are things I've written long ago on this site. It's not really news except for the numbers of people who are still unaware.

To clarify though, the real New World Order is a good thing. The video actually hints at it. The Christian Commons is the real New World Order.

I don't know what the rest of the video purports. Perhaps we'll see. (Source: Euro Yank.)

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