Trees in the Western U.S. forests are dying at twice the rate that had been thought. Antarctica, contrary to Libertarian capitalist false-propaganda, is getting warmer. Hong Kong is now so polluted that its economy is sputtering.

I remember the economist Milton Friedman selling Hong Kong as the model for the world's economy. I couldn't believe how ignorant he was. Really, I'm being brutally honest here. I couldn't believe he had a whole documentary series being aired on U.S. Public Broadcasting. I thought at the time that no one would fall for Friedman's ignorant proselytizing for laissez-faire capitalism that I had thought everyone knew had been totally discredited. It seemed obvious to me that everyone had also gotten the word on pollution and that laissez-faire capitalism was nothing but a license to pollute on an even worse scale than had been the case right before Friedman showed up in this big way.

Wow, was I wrong about how people would fall for ignorance and just ignore the plain truth about negative environmental consequences. So, I was ignorant too in that sense. Now I understand and fully appreciate why it is that so many are called while so few are chosen.

It's amazing that there are headlines reading that cleaner air means longer, healthier lives. How can that be news? Were there really people for whom that was news in January 2009? Were there, and are there, people who didn't and don't know that air pollution causes illness and aging and earlier deaths than would otherwise occur?

What would also be infuriating if it weren't for the fact that it's so transparent is that the so-called conservatives on FOX, who are not conservatives at all but just selfish and greedy, sell their souls so they can be on cable and satellite acting. That's what they are you know. They're just paid actors. Just watch them. All they're doing is putting on an act. Their personalities are so extremely contrived. They're playing a role. While playing this role, bought and paid for by their masters the plutocrats, they use the term "common sense," as if they have any. How many times a day is "common sense" mentioned on FOX? When is it ever employed? Well, people will do anything for money. They will sit there day after day telling the American people that oil burning isn't causing Global Warming and that there is no Global Warming.

Well, the rate of increase in Global Warming has been slowed a bit by the economic recession. People just aren't burning as much gas as they were. Notice though that the rate of increase has only been slowed and that Global Warming has not been reversed. It is still increasing.


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    • Where are the unbiased facts or links to back up your points?

      • What's the matter with you, Paul? Why don't you stop being so selfish? Soften your heart. Stop thinking with the lesser-evolved portions of your brain.

        Tree Deaths Double in Western U.S. Forests
        By Andrea Thompson, Senior Writer
        posted: 22 January 2009 02:00 pm ET

        Do a Google search yourself.

        Even FOX News is having to backtrack:
        Antarctica Getting Warmer After All
        Thursday, January 22, 2009 |
        By Andrea Thompson

        The frozen desert interior of Antarctica was thought to be the lone holdout resisting the man-made warming affecting the rest of the globe, with some areas even showing signs of cooling.

        Some global-warming contrarians liked to point to inner Antarctica as a counter-example. But climate researchers have now turned this notion on its head, with the first study to show that the entire continent is warming, and has been for the past 50 years.

        Hong Kong's economic growth spluttering on filthy air
        January 19, 2009

        HONG KONG (AFP) — In recent years, a thick haze originating from factories in southern China has enveloped Hong Kong for large chunks of the year, blocking views of its famous harbour and raising health fears.

        Combined with the city's home-grown pollution, scientists and business leaders say it presents a serious economic risk to the financial hub, both for its ability to attract and retain talent and the associated health costs.

        Is the Voice of America "conservative" enough for you?:

        Hong Kong's Air Pollution Causes Some to Think Twice About Living There
        By Kari Jensen
        Hong Kong
        15 January 2009

        Hong Kong's air pollution increasingly makes it difficult to see the city's famous skyline

        Air pollution in Hong Kong has gotten so bad that some businesses are losing staff and customers. A city watchdog group says the government is not doing enough to reduce pollution, much of which comes from mainland China.

        I want God to enter your head and implant some truth.

        Tom Usher

    • Tom,

      Is it just me or everybody here feels the conspiracy here?

      I'm not quite sure...


      • Hello Brooke,

        Please explain/elaborate.


    • Why fox is (really) lies about a thing like that???


      • Hi Brooke,

        Fox leans way over in the direction of capitalist elitism.

        They have a range of personalities they promote. The ones they push the most do the bidding of the super-rich at Exxon, Monsanto, and other such hugely polluting corporations where the executives and top shareholders believe that "getting theirs in the here and now and to Hell with everyone else" is the right attitude. They believe they'll be dead before it matters; and even if they live to see much of the devastation they cause, they believe that if they weren't to have caused it, others who would still live the life so-called rich in mammon would cause the pollution anyway. It's pure cynicism.

        They believe human beings are at war via technology against nature. The natural environment is the enemy to be conquered and tamed by brute force. Their emotional reactions disturb all possibilities for harmony and peace. They believe in a distorted view of humanism. They put their faith in whatever will gain them the most in material possessions and mammon and power and control over others for ego and bloodline-survival-and-dominance sake.

        They think with the lesser-evolved portions of their brains. They are more predatory. They are ruled more by the flesh than by the spirit of righteousness. Selfish individualism is their core belief. They don't believe it can be or should be overcome. They'll conspire to kill anyone succeeding in overturning the selfish system that has been erected. They'll conspire to kill anyone succeeding in promoting and living the giving-and-sharing-all economy. They'll conspire to kill anyone succeeding in turning the world away from selfish, harmful lusting including in sexual matters. They are for greed, violence, and depravity.

        They pay people to twist Christianity away from what Jesus said and did. They primarily use Paul's writings that are inconsistent with Jesus's words and deeds to do this. Once they plant the evil seeds, thoughtless, selfish, ethnically bigoted, covetous, sexually depraved hard-hearted dupes and minions provide fertile ground for the weeds.

        Many false-Christians come here trying to cast such seeds and don't find ground that will accept those seeds (from weeds). Many false-Christians come here to attack and go about the Internet spreading malicious lies and planting false rumors. They have been bearing false witness for years, most of which I end up ignoring and often don't even see. They preach that they are Christians, but they seek to destroy that which will bring forth before it is born, just the way the Bible says Herod attempted to kill Jesus when Jesus was but an infant. They are of the spirit of Herod.

        Jesus didn't answer everyone about everything. Neither do I. When they accused him, he did not defend himself endlessly. Neither do I.

        Only the good grain grows here.

        Jesus is a total pacifist, a real communist (not Marxist), and for sexual harmlessness. He is for purity and perfection for those who can receive them. False Christians don't preach these things. They preach another god that isn't God. They are broken by abuse and have not done the required soul searching to correct the hardness in their hearts. They pass on the abuse to others, even those they claim to love, rather then preaching love, peace, and truth, as Jesus preached them and did them. They are dangerous to all who don't have God. They are a danger to themselves. They stand against rather than with Jesus concerning the Christian Commons. They seek to kill the spirit of the Commons. They seek to discredit it and to plant evil thoughts in those who will be too weak-minded to see through the iniquitous efforts of those who are the enemies of the Commons of Jesus Christ: The Christian Commons.

        They don't know how to reconcile with real, unselfish collectivism. Jesus does though. If you study the semantics involved, you too can learn how to reconcile such things.

        Who are you, Brooke? Tell me about yourself to the extent you feel comfortable. How free are you to discuss what's truly in your heart? What is truly in your heart? Do you believe in God? Do you believe the spirit of wrath is the God of Jesus? Do you want to know more about real Christianity?

        I look forward to your reply.

        Blessings to All,

        Tom Usher