Obama is weak. He won't stand up. He minces his words. People think that's smart. It's not. It's the opposite. He says the U.S. won't torture. He has his people draft language that leaves all the loopholes necessary so that under the Obama administration, the U.S. can go right on doing what it was doing before the highly immoral George W. Bush exposed everything. Obama has not issued a blanket order against U.S. involvement at all levels in any torture, illegal detention, abduction, and/or murder whatsoever.

Why do we have to live with such low standards? Do we have to live with them just because there are people who are sociopaths telling us we have to? We do not! I reject them. I tell them to their faces. You are not my leaders. I don't follow you. I won't do what you tell me to do. If you say torture or to go along with it by proxy, I tell you that you are headed for Hell and I'm not going with you on your terms or for your reasons no matter what you do.

We don't have to do what the sociopaths want. We don't have to do what a bunch of sick sadomasochists want.

To hell with having depraved leaders.

Why are you people following Obama or anyone like him? Why are you afraid to speak the truth with me? Why do you kiss the boots of the amoral, liars?

You think Barack Obama is a Christian as he claims? He is not a Christian. He isn't even remotely close. He's a bootlicking opportunist, servile to the global plutocrats who run the world's banking system &mdash evil system of mammon and usury that is going to come crashing down no matter how much dim optimism the mammon worshippers and Godless (those without the real spirit of righteousness) humanists think they can finagle out of the gullible, selfish masses.

Anyone who thinks the U.S. has tortured people to get information is dull. The U.S. tortures people for two reasons. First, the people who order and supervise torture are sadistic monsters. Second, they just want to put the fear in others to control them and large groups through fear of being taken and tortured. Do what we say, or we will torture you or have you tortured and imprisoned. Give into our mastery, our dominance. Say uncle, or we'll keep it up until you break no matter how long it takes. That's what it is. It's no more sophisticated than is a seven-year-old with a very deep mental disorder, the consequence of abuse not yet overcome.

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