French, Roman Catholic Priest, Patrick Desbois, is traveling Ukraine interviewing eyewitnesses to Nazi killings of Jews mostly via bullets.

Some estimate that "By the spring of 1943, the Einsatzgruppen and Order Police battalions had killed over a million Jews." Einsatzgruppen is German for "Nazi mobile killing units." You might call them death squads. Rather than transporting Jews and others to camps, the Einsatzgruppen allegedly (proven if you believe the Ukrainians and Patrick Desbois, which I do) executed the people in and around the people's villages.

The work he is doing has a website called "Yahad in Unum."

He's authored a book on the subject too.

This is all a good beginning, but it's underwhelming. It's overwhelming that the Nazis executed anyone simply for being a non-German, but it's underwhelming the lack of governmental funding that has gone on all these decades.

Here we have many people throwing the term "holocaust denial" around, yet the actual mass graves of Jews and others have yet archeologically and forensically to be excavated. Also, here is a priest having to have people manually dig test holes in search of the mass graves when sophisticated technology exists that can scan the earth for where it has been dug up even after sixty or more years — even ever. Why is that technology not being used to mark the outline of every possible mass grave?

I for one want the hard evidence to put this whole "debate" to rest once and for all. I want to close the mouths of the racists and ethnic bigots who claim the Nazis hardly did anything wrong. Whether it's ten million Jews or one million Jews (most people say around 6 million Jews and 5 million others), I want the evidence out there so we will all know for sure the extent of the atrocities.

As a general rule, Yahad In Unum accepts the existence of an heretofore unknown place of execution only when at least three eyewitnesses can be identified who independently certify that they also saw the execution take place at that site.

... about 7,000 cartridges have been collected and registered.

Once the first bodies are encountered they are left in situ and not disturbed. The bodies are photographed as evidence and any bullets and other ballistic evidence retrieved from the site before the grave is covered up and camouflaged in order not to allow graverobbers [sic] to loot and desecrate it.

... magazines provide the identity proof that the perpetrators were indeed nazi [sic] mobile killing units and not Soviet forces.


Anyway, I wholeheartedly support this work but wish it were at least 100 times the effort and being done by the United Nations perhaps with German, Jewish, and other nationalities represented on every investigative team. It would be a great way to get to truth and reconciliation.

I want to add though that no matter how atrocious the Nazis were, it is not even the slightest excuse for what the so-called Zionist Project has done in Palestine anymore than the South African Afrikaners had any excuse for their Apartheid regime.


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    • First time I have ever heard about EINSATZGRUPPEN. I will check this out right now. I love history and there are two parts of history I love the most: Greek and Roman history.


      • Hello Nina,

        Thanks for your comment. I had to rescue it from the anti-spam plugin.

        I hadn't read the term "Einsatzgruppen" often before.

        There have been a number of theories put forth. One is that the Nazis were becoming alarmed at the cost of using up so much ammunition in that way. It's one of the arguments used to answer why they shifted to gassing people. The holocaust revisionists/deniers (depending) say that the gassing didn't occur or if it did, certainly not on the scale alleged by the Jewish concentration-camp survivors.

        Here's how I see it. It is a huge mistake to make revision/denial illegal. The Europeans have made a big mistake with such censorship. The smart approach is to defeat arguments. If there is hard evidence that gassing was used, then put that right out front and center. If there isn't any such hard evidence, then admit it and let the chips fall where they may.

        Making revision illegal shows intellectual weakness. It plays right into the hands of those who want the world to think that the Nazis didn't do anything wrong.

        How many people died on account of the U.S. bombing, invasion, and occupation of Iraq? The official U.S. position doesn't really exist. They decided not to draw attention to it on account of the body-count problems during the Vietnam War. Anyway, the antiwar crowd estimates that 1,300,000 have died. Many people in the U.S. (warmongers) say that it's closer to 30 to 50,000. That's a huge difference.

        So, how many did the Nazis kill? The people (certain false-Zionists) who want to gain the most from the world thinking the number is high will say 6 million-plus Jews were killed. The former Nazis will say 30,000 to 300,000 maybe. It just depends upon the ideology.

        What we need are the hardest facts that can be come by. On both sides, the extremists don't want that to happen. They don't really believe the numbers they've pushed will really stand up to such scrutiny. Truth is sacrificed.

        If 6 million Jews and 5 million others were exterminated, I want the hardest evidence possible right out front showing that. I want that evidence to have withstood scrutiny.

        What's wrong with that? Nothing is wrong with it. It's a great idea. Do you (any reader) agree? If not, why not?



    • Well I must say that I agree with you. With out hard evidence people can just guess. That number of killed Jews In the WWII is so big because the history was written by winners. So if Germans won that war I can agree with you about that that number would be much less. Maybe not even 1 million total, the Jews and other ones. Maybe even less. It is true that they found corpses but when they count them they can't say that number of them is more then , I guess, 100.000. And I must I agree with you that the number of killed in Iraqi was bigger then 100.000 but I really didn't know that it is more then 1 million.



      • Hi Nina,

        ...history was written by winners. So if Germans won that war I can agree with you about that that number would be much less. Maybe not even 1 million total, the Jews and other ones. Maybe even less.

        If the Nazis had won, the Jews would have all been exterminated everywhere as much as possible. No doubt, the Nazis would have had DNA testing and would then have used it to wipe out traces. Then what would they have written in their history books? They would have started by writing more things reinforcing all the vile distortions they were writing before and during WWII.

        Yes, there were evil Jews. There are evil members of every ethnic group once the group becomes big enough or if one uses an extremely strict and high standard concerning the difference between right and wrong or good and evil. However, the Nazis were flat wrong that all Jews were this, that, or the other, other than being descendents of Jacob. There are plenty of decent Jews by even righteous standards meant by Jesus. There are Jews who are trying to be Christlike to the extent this dark, dark world allows Jesus's light to shine forth.

        Perhaps the Nazis would have bragged about how many "evil" ones they wiped out. Perhaps they would have finally made even speaking or writing the word "Jew" illegal — wiping them from the pages of history. How can we know what that universe would have done? God alone knows such things. Even the Son of man in Heaven doesn't know such unless God reveals it.

        As for the Iraq War and the violent deaths caused by the U.S. invasion and occupation, see the following:

        Here's an update from The Nation magazine.

        Blessings to you,