French, Roman Catholic Priest, Patrick Desbois, is traveling Ukraine interviewing eyewitnesses to Nazi killings of Jews mostly via bullets.

Some estimate that "By the spring of 1943, the Einsatzgruppen and Order Police battalions had killed over a million Jews." Einsatzgruppen is German for "Nazi mobile killing units." You might call them death squads. Rather than transporting Jews and others to camps, the Einsatzgruppen allegedly (proven if you believe the Ukrainians and Patrick Desbois, which I do) executed the people in and around the people's villages.

The work he is doing has a website called "Yahad in Unum."

He's authored a book on the subject too.

This is all a good beginning, but it's underwhelming. It's overwhelming that the Nazis executed anyone simply for being a non-German, but it's underwhelming the lack of governmental funding that has gone on all these decades.

Here we have many people throwing the term "holocaust denial" around, yet the actual mass graves of Jews and others have yet archeologically and forensically to be excavated. Also, here is a priest having to have people manually dig test holes in search of the mass graves when sophisticated technology exists that can scan the earth for where it has been dug up even after sixty or more years — even ever. Why is that technology not being used to mark the outline of every possible mass grave?

I for one want the hard evidence to put this whole "debate" to rest once and for all. I want to close the mouths of the racists and ethnic bigots who claim the Nazis hardly did anything wrong. Whether it's ten million Jews or one million Jews (most people say around 6 million Jews and 5 million others), I want the evidence out there so we will all know for sure the extent of the atrocities.

As a general rule, Yahad In Unum accepts the existence of an heretofore unknown place of execution only when at least three eyewitnesses can be identified who independently certify that they also saw the execution take place at that site.

... about 7,000 cartridges have been collected and registered.

Once the first bodies are encountered they are left in situ and not disturbed. The bodies are photographed as evidence and any bullets and other ballistic evidence retrieved from the site before the grave is covered up and camouflaged in order not to allow graverobbers [sic] to loot and desecrate it.

... magazines provide the identity proof that the perpetrators were indeed nazi [sic] mobile killing units and not Soviet forces.


Anyway, I wholeheartedly support this work but wish it were at least 100 times the effort and being done by the United Nations perhaps with German, Jewish, and other nationalities represented on every investigative team. It would be a great way to get to truth and reconciliation.

I want to add though that no matter how atrocious the Nazis were, it is not even the slightest excuse for what the so-called Zionist Project has done in Palestine anymore than the South African Afrikaners had any excuse for their Apartheid regime.

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