Back in the mid and late 1980's, John Stockwell, a then former CIA Chief, started really spilling the beans about the CIA's illegal wars and operations around the planet especially in the poorer nations (3rd World Nations). Here's a video about some of it. The voice is John Stockwell's. It's all documented history, as he mentioned. It is not disputable.

What's a Christian to do? Is a Christian just to turn a blind eye and act as if what the U.S. has done is okay because Paul's letter to the Romans, Chapter 13, suggests that it is? No, a Christian is not to turn a blind eye.

The CIA has not been, I repeat, has not been "the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil." The CIA has been and remains the minister of Satan: The devouring spirit that kills indiscriminately both the iniquitous and innocent alike.

A Christian is to speak the truth so people may know it and learn and change, etc. Paul was wrong. No amount of delusional thinking and speaking will alter that fact. He did not speak consistently with Jesus's message or heart.

There are the immutable laws of God, and then there are the mutable laws of humans. The laws of humans are to be changed until they are one with the real law that is the unchanging law of God. This is the calling of Christians: To speak truth until the laws of God and man conflate.

The unchanging law of God is love. In that law, there is no violence. There is no death of the soul. Ultimately, there is no death of anything — not even of the flesh. In that law, there is no punishment; because when that law is realized, there is no evil — there are no sins for which punishment (negative consequences) result.

People who vote for those who continue the CIA operations are not acting as Christians. People who say that Israel should be allowed to just wipe out the Gazans if the Zionist Project wants to do that are not feeling, thinking, speaking, writing, or acting as Christians. They are doing the work of the enemy of Christ.

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