The Obama administration is going to make Afghanistan and Pakistan more living Hell than they already are. Bob Gates, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, is starting the heavy propaganda now against Hamid Karzai.

Little by little, the U.S. has been increasing the lies against Karzai now that Karzai has shown too much concern about the Afghanis than any U.S. puppet is supposed to. All U.S. puppets are supposed to put the interests of the U.S. Empire first and foremost after the puppet's own greed of course (upon which the U.S. banks with bribes).

Karzai though keeps talking about environmental concerns when it comes to spraying the poppy crop with U.S.-made, expensive toxics (a capitalist racket) and about humanitarian concerns when it comes to bombing civilians.

What else is the propagandist, Bob Gates, complaining about? He's saying that Iran and Russia don't have a right to have international relations in the Western Hemisphere. He calls it "meddling." Well, China and Brazil also have some things to say about that.

The U.S. is betting on a whole host of things that are based upon a continuing weakening position. I discussed some of those recently. The world is one day going to call the U.S.'s bluff. The world is going to take the hit of letting the arrogant U.S. slip. The only way to prevent that is by the U.S. becoming a truly good neighbor about the globe. The trend is still running strongly in the opposite direction from that though.

Tom Usher

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  1. Nina Johanson says:

    Is it really true! You can't see this things on television. But I think that you have right. Something is telling me that I can expect that.


    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      Hi Nina,

      Television is a waste of time most of the time. I haven't watch TV since 2004. I'm vastly better informed since I stopped watching. However, I don't know what they are doing now. I can't speak to the TV shows. I don't know the names of the shows or the names of the new so-called stars. I don't know how much more decadent they are than they were in 2004. My feeling though from news reports and alternative news is that the promotion of sexual depravity as being "acceptable" has only increased and that children are being led off by the pied pipers of homosexuality.

      As for the plans of the Obama administration for Afghanistan and Pakistan, it is true what I've written. The only thing that can change it is speaking, writing, and doing truth. They can't stand up against the truth forever. The truth wins. It already has. It won before the first lie was ever spoken.

      Bless You,


  2. Nina Johanson says:

    You are right about television. Before maybe 3 years I use to watch tv for 3 hours a day. Now I watch it maybe half hour a day and sometimes not at all. And I must admit to you that I feel better now because tv can make people stupid.Now I can see clearly many things, and I want to stop watching tv for ever.

    God Bless You,


    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      Hi Nina,

      Please be aware that I have had to rescue all of your recent comments here from the anti-spam plugin. You have probably commented at some sites that have marked you as a spammer. You might want to verify that your previous comment(s) have been allowed on any given site before submitting any further comments there.

      As for TV, it is a real shame that it isn't used in a way that promotes the general welfare. It could be a medium of real information. The problem with TV is that it is owned and operated almost exclusively for private, selfish gain at the direct, negative expense of the people as a whole.

      The way it was when I last watched it, it certainly was an instrument for dulling the faculties. The advertisers want it that way. They want people dazed in a hypnotic-buying state of mind. The plutocrats want the people being an obedient, unquestioning herd that the plutocrats can order to war or whatever.

      Thank you.


  3. Nina Johanson says:

    O , and I forgot to say that I always learn some new things or news from You. And I really like to read your post because I think you write them with great attention, and always have time to write them well.



    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      Thank you, Nina, for your kind and considerate words. It is good to hear that my posts come across as being the product of much time spent; however, the vast majority are simply dashed off.

      If you get some extra time yourself, perhaps you'd share a little bit about yourself here.

      I'm what most people would consider a "private" person. I don't hold with the tell-all culture that doesn't care about harming people who are trying to repent and atone, so please don't feel pressured here to reveal anything you would consider too personal.

      If I might ask for instance, are you a member of any church right now?

      Bless All,


  4. Nina Johanson says:

    Thanks for warning about spam. But I am not spammer of course.
    I am short with time but for you I am here to answer some of your question.

    First of all,I am Orthodox Christian. So, we don't go so much to church, and we are not members of church. I mean there are people who go every Sunday but there is only few of them.

    About sharing myself.I don't know if you are interesting to hear this but I have already survived two wars. One in Bosnia, in witch me and my family lost everything, and another one when NATO bombard Yugoslavia. I don't know have you hear about that war, but it is true. It wasn't like real war in Bosnia but there was NATO plains who bombarded military buildings and solders of Yugoslavia.

    If you are interesting to hear more about that I will be happy to answer on Yours question.



    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      Thank you, Nina, for letting me/us know some of your background. It does help in continuing an unfolding dialogue. Of course, as I've mentioned, there are always areas where a person or group has the God-given right and even obligation to use Christ-like care in deciding what to reveal. We don't stand off in the dark, but we don't turn repentant souls over to the tormentors.

      Well, there are two main communisms. One is real and not much in verbal usage yet. The two are Christian and Marxist (with many factions). Christian is real and therefore one, as in God is one.

      Yugoslavia under Tito was the coercive type of communism that is antichrist. Of course, there were, and still are, self-styled Christians who are every bit as coercive (violent) as any Marxists ever has been.

      When it serves the purposes of the top so-called capitalist plutocrats (Fascists), they promote unity governments by force. Obviously, Tito's vision didn't suit those plutocrats.

      When Mikhail Gorbachev took the great leap of faith and didn't use military force to hold the Soviet Union together, he was met with the worst foreign-policy decision in my life time — that of George H. W. Bush's (consistent with Reagan/Bush policies), under whom George W. Bush received his reprehensible upbringing.

      Rather than rush in with aid and a real open, trusting, and loving response (the right choice), the American Empire sat on its hands in terms of aid and went further by continuing the subterfuge. It sent in so-called economists to guide Russia, etc., into capitalism again. That guidance forced the people through what they never should have had to experience. The depravation was completely unnecessary unless one has the view of predators looking to control and dominate the weakened other (in this case Russia for a while).

      Yugoslavia was the same sort of target only more so. As far as I'm concerned, Yugoslavia, in the eyes of the plutocrats, had to receive the worst beating because Yugoslavia was the closest nation-state in the world (at the time of Tito) to showing that unbridled plutocracy was unnecessary. Yugoslavia would have done much, much better than it did had the so-called free marketeers allowed the unit that was Yugoslavia to trade in the whole world as if it were a single, capitalist corporation rather than blocking Yugoslavian trade.

      Well, coercion is doomed, whether capitalist or communist/socialist. The capitalist thought they had won and that it was the end of history: Obvious, foolish, nonsense even at the time.

      Look at the considered risks (deliberately causing the continued booms and busts — knowingly, intentionally setting them up many years in advance) the plutocrats are willing to take. They think they have the upper hand and cannot fail. They are dead wrong.

      The time is coming when the people will wake up. The plutocrats will fall and not rise again, ever. I wish it were already here; however there is the following directly from the mouth of Jesus:

      But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep  it, and bring forth fruit with patience." (Luke 8:15 KJVR)

      You are a Serbian Christian I take it, yet you have a heart for the Muslim children in Gaza and Afghanistan and Pakistan. You are proof that the propaganda against the Serbs as an ethnic group, which propaganda was spread in America under the malicious orders of the plutocrats (mainstream, capitalist, corporate media), was flat wrong.

      I'm so glad that people from all over the world of all different ethnic backgrounds have come here and left positive comments that show that the racists and ethnic bigots are evil-hearted liars.

      The Clinton administration knowingly, willfully filled the American people full of half-truths about Tito's Yugoslavia and the Serbian people, just as the George W. Bush administration filled the American people full of half-truths about so many nations in the Middle East and elsewhere.

      Israel right now is loaded with huge liars about the Gazans. Yes, Hamas is loaded with false propaganda against the enemy too. Both sides are lying, exaggerating, and obfuscating in their war of words against each other. However, I read a very interesting post yesterday that I think you, Nina, and the other readers would benefit by reading too. Here it is. Slimy Love Redux: Between Us, Anti-Semites, by Mark Sashine. Mark is not a Christian, right? He is though closer to Jesus than many people claiming to be Christians.

      Add any thoughts you want, Nina.

      God Bless the Serbian People,

      Tom Usher

  5. Nina Johanson says:

    Hi Tom,

    Wow. I am stunned. You are very wise. I don't know what else to say about this. You are very rear opposition of average American people. I admire you, really. From your describing me and Yugoslavia I see that you have very very good education about everything, and that I saw also from every of your post. You know so much about former Yugoslavia and Russia.And I wish that plutocrats fall, as much as you.

    About Muslim people. I don't see person like Muslim or Christian or something like that. Person is human. I have two best friends. One is Muslim and one is Catholic Cristian. So, where ever is war I hate it. And of course I have hart not just for Muslim people , for every people on this planet.

    About Serbs. About that we like to kill everyone and hate everyone and we are best and etc. That is not true, and of course You know that. That's are lies. In this world, as much as I see, everything is based on lie. As you sad even that war between Israel and Hamas. That is lie and someone will get very rich from that war. Like it was in Bosnia. There is a lot of people who get rich from that war.

    God bless You


    p.s sorry for my bad english

    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      Ah Nina,

      You are my sister in spirit. Each of us rises or falls based upon what is at the core of our hearts. The powers that be obfuscate the true message of Jesus Christ. The so-called Christian leaders obfuscate that message. The Muslim clerics obfuscate it. The atheists obfuscate it. The greedy obfuscate it. The war makers obfuscate it. The sexually injurious obfuscate it ("Homosexuals: What they ignore"). The just plain selfish ones obfuscate it.

      We are all blood relatives. {See: "Journal axes gene research on Jews and Palestinians," by Robin McKie. guardian.co.uk. November 25, 2001. (Thanks to Michael of Fearless History, who just supplied the link in a comment on this site.)} We can all be spiritual relatives who become so close in giving and sharing and peace and absolute harmlessness that we are then truly one with each other and therefore with the one true God who is love.

      All the people of the Earth must hear this and learn how and then actually live it together. We must bring forth the Christian Commons.

      Blessings To All,

      Tom Usher

      P.S. Your beautiful spirit comes through regardless of your English.

  6. Nina Johanson says:

    Hi Tom

    I just wanted to say , like usual :-), you have right. But I am scared that it will maybe to late when people understand that they are all the same, and that they are all blood relatives. That is my worst fear. And until they don't learn this there will be no real piece on earth.
    With their war they are so much damaged Earth. That's why I sad that it will maybe to late.
    But I believe in that day when we all will be united, when there will be no borders and whole Earth would be like one county.

    Cheers, my spirit Brother.


    • Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

      Hello Nina,

      Trust in God no matter what those who turn to evil and don't repent may do. Your soul is what matters. Jesus is right. One day, Heaven and Earth will be new and one. You and I and many others who truly believe in being harmless as doves and act accordingly will be there.

      By the way, I'm still having to rescue your comments from spam. Perhaps you should try using your first and last name rather than "beauty salon equipment."

      Peace, love, and truth are one.


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