The Obama administration is going to make Afghanistan and Pakistan more living Hell than they already are. Bob Gates, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, is starting the heavy propaganda now against Hamid Karzai.

Little by little, the U.S. has been increasing the lies against Karzai now that Karzai has shown too much concern about the Afghanis than any U.S. puppet is supposed to. All U.S. puppets are supposed to put the interests of the U.S. Empire first and foremost after the puppet's own greed of course (upon which the U.S. banks with bribes).

Karzai though keeps talking about environmental concerns when it comes to spraying the poppy crop with U.S.-made, expensive toxics (a capitalist racket) and about humanitarian concerns when it comes to bombing civilians.

What else is the propagandist, Bob Gates, complaining about? He's saying that Iran and Russia don't have a right to have international relations in the Western Hemisphere. He calls it "meddling." Well, China and Brazil also have some things to say about that.

The U.S. is betting on a whole host of things that are based upon a continuing weakening position. I discussed some of those recently. The world is one day going to call the U.S.'s bluff. The world is going to take the hit of letting the arrogant U.S. slip. The only way to prevent that is by the U.S. becoming a truly good neighbor about the globe. The trend is still running strongly in the opposite direction from that though.

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