I didn't want to put the audio on this site. It's just so ridiculous. However, since I've discussed it so much below and you may want to hear it for yourself, here it is: (Be ready to turn the volume up and down to spare your ears.)

Here's where I first heard it: "State Brainwashing Children To "Re-Educate" Their Parents For Green Dictatorship," by Paul Joseph Watson. Prison Planet.com. February 5, 2009.

Glenn Beck

I listened to the audio above of someone named Glenn Beck railing against Al Gore and the idea of global warming on Premiere Radio Networks (a wholly owned subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications); "Glenn Beck Radio"; "The Glenn Beck Program," from which the audio was recorded. He also has his own TV show on Rupert Murdoch's idiotic News Corp/Fox News (dumbing; evil). I had heard and seen him on a video on YouTube before. In fact, that's where I got the idea for the post mentioned in the next paragraph.


Beck says that the Antarctic ice mass is increasing and that Antarctica is trending colder over the long haul. It is not. (See my post: "GLOBAL WARMING STILL INCREASING: FOX NEWS LIES.") Antarctica's ice is melting and breaking up. The warming trend is still increasing. Beck is calling for the people to fall for a false bull-rally in the contrived debate over global warming between the insane Exxon (the contriver) and the rest of the world.


He's being paid by the oil industry. It may be considered indirect, but he's being paid by Exxon or the oil industry via his very position there at Fox working for Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. Check this link: "The Mad Corporate World of Glenn Beck," by Norman Solomon. Media Beat. FAIR (Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting) December 19, 2007; and this: "Beck's global warming special dominated by industry-funded "experts," serial misinformers," Media Matters. May 3, 2007.


Beck rails against GE (General Electric) for being in favor of teaching the truth of global warming. How much News Corp or Fox stock or Clear Channel or Premiere Radio Networks stock does Exxon hold versus GE? How many advertising dollars does News Corp, Fox, Clear Channel, or Premiere Radio Networks get from Exxon versus GE?

General Electric, of course, is no saint, far from it. They are though in the electric business versus the oil business. They selfishly want electric solutions (some of which just happen to be beneficial), because they'll make more mammon they hope. That's no secret. However, this Glenn Beck is pushing oil burning for profits. He's getting his bread buttered that way.


He went on an on saying that Al Gore was using Nazi and totalitarian state-capitalist (so-called Stalinist communist — a misnomer) tactics on 12-year-old kids, because Al says to the kids that they are hearing more up-to-date scientific evidence concerning global warming then is the bulk of much of the adult population (like many of their parents, of course). Beck says that the science is still out on global warming.

The Term "Climate Change"

He says that people such as Al Gore are now calling it "climate change" rather than "global warming," because those who were calling it global warming aren't now able to explain why the climate is cooling. That's dung! No sooner than the tape started rolling again so we could hear Al Gore rather than Beck but that Al Gore said, "global warming."

Frank Luntz, Propagandists, Perception Manager/Manipulator

Furthermore, Al Gore and his ilk did not start the use of the term "climate change." It was a Republican operative, Frank Luntz, who was paid to do that as a way of taking the spot light off Exxon as the worst cause of global warming (along with the hugely polluting China). This same person, Frank Luntz, the Republicans hired to change the terms "estate tax" and "inheritance tax" to "death tax" came up with the psychological (even hypnotic suggestion) of "climate change" to be used as often as possible on Fox and by the neocons rather than "global warming," and now you have a Fox talking head, Glenn Beck, claiming that it's the Al-Gore types who are pushing the term "climate change." This Beck is mischievous. How can any serious person listen to him? His whole delivery on top of it is shrill. He actually yells in a very contrived manner.

Here's what's going on here. This Glenn Beck knows that Al Gore is not telling children to disobey their parents' reasonable orders. All things being equal, Beck isn't saying that a child should rob a bank on his father's orders is he? He would say of course not. So why not cut Al Gore the same slack? I don't agree with Al Gore's choice of words and the way he couched his talk to the kids — at least the part Glenn allowed us to hear up to the point I could stand listening to Beck. Beck isn't right either regardless. He's less right than is Al Gore. Al should have qualified his talk more. However, Glenn didn't play the whole of Al's talk; so we don't know if Al did or didn't qualify more and enough.

Gassing Jews, Fear-Mongering

In addition, this Glenn Beck says that he doesn't believe Al Gore wants to gas Jews as Hitler or do the evils of Stalin. Then why does he draw the analogy with the Nazis and Stalinists if not to lead people to fear what Al Gore is doing on that level. Why not just deal with it on the level Al is doing it? How far is Beck suggesting kids will go in not listening to their parents on account of Al Gore's talk?

Al Gore's Point

The point Al Gore is making is that just because your parents may not believe in global warming doesn't mean you have to 1) hold that same position or 2) grow up doing nothing to help to solve the problem or doing nothing to make it better or doing nothing to at least slow the rate of increase. Could Al Gore say that better? No doubt he could. Glenn wants to throw the fear into parents (while acting as if that's not what he's really up to) that Al Gore wants their children as "green guards" turning them in, as kids turned in their parents to the Nazis.

Please, there are family members who turn in their criminal family members. It happens all the time, and Beck isn't against it. Al Gore isn't trying to get kids to turn over Jews to be carted off to concentration camps to be shot or gassed or anything remotely similar, and Beck knows that.

The level on which this Glenn Beck operates is really, really low and slippery.

Glenn Beck is masking his Exxon-connection and -payola behind a libertarian facade. He bad mouths the big corporations (only certain ones) while defending Exxon's most important propaganda ploy. He's doing a bunch of perception management on Fox listeners and watchers who are trained to see only what Fox wants them to see and hear and think and feel and repeat and upon which to act irresponsibly.


Beck says Gore is brainwashing the kids while Beck is brainwashing their fathers and mothers. It's ridiculous.

There is global warming, and huge climate disruptions will happen if humanity continues down the Exxon model — not that General Electric is going to lead the people completely right either.

No Plausible Deniability

Beck is extremely and very transparently in the pocket of Exxon. Any investigative reporter could find out exactly where Exxon fits with Glenn Beck. Beck walks a verbal tightrope (he imagines) avoiding being seen through. He thinks he has plausible deniability. He doesn't.

Ice Age

It is an amazingly stupid argument against global warming to project an ice age by 2100 based upon the last 3 years of data, which data has been updated since and is also partially based upon a) slowing economic development due to the recession, which actually started in 2007 and b) dramatically reduced driving during 2008 (reduced the rate of increase in greenhouse gas build-up). One needs a much longer-term trend-line than three years and to factor in the other variables.

Make no mistake though, I'm not with Al Gore on the vast majority of his political methods. I'm not part of that spectrum of false-right/false-conservative versus false-left/false-liberal. I do though know from God that global warming is a menace that has come out from pure selfishness.

Hippy Movement

I'd like also to add to this updated version of my comments concerning Glenn Beck that he complains in his radio spot about the peace and love emphasis of the Hippies of the 1960's. According to the Wikipedia article about him, he was born in 1964. By the time his memory was forming such that he can still recall events, it was already 1967 at the earliest. The decade ended when he was only 5. He probably knows no more firsthand about the Hippies than an average person born in the mid-1950's knows about the Beatniks.

Beck: Anti-Peace, Anti-Love, Antichrist

Now, the Hippy Movement is seen as mixed while it wasn't really and was actually quite short. The Hippy love-ins lasted in earnest only one summer. The thing though that Glenn Beck says in his radio piece against Al Gore is generically putting down both peace and love. Make no mistake about it, the emotion that ran through that summer with the Hippies was total nonviolence. There were very few. It was hugely influential though in starting the process that ended the evil Vietnam War that every informed person now knows was started on a lie, a pretext: The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that passed solely because the U.S. government lied about the U.S. being attacked off the coast of North Vietnam by the Vietnamese. It was a false-flag operation. All Libertarians should acknowledge that and should not stand with Glenn Beck and Beck's calls for war on Iran but rather against it. Beck is a warmongering shill/neocon in libertarian drag.

When the Hippy influence spread, people brought with them many attitudes they didn't give up that were not consistent with the original and full intent of those who started the movement. That's where the mixing came in, which was exploited more and more by negative forces with violent, greedy, and depraved hearts. By the time those violent, greedy, and depraved elements were in full swing again in the general society, there were no Hippies left in the ravaged hard-drug culture. Drugs, guns, and money took over. Then the police state was given an even freer hand. Finally, laissez-faire Yuppiedom crept in and then raced in at full stride.

Hear this: It was down hill right from the start not because of the emphasis placed upon peace and love but because of the negative forces (spirits) arrayed against both peace and love. We see the results now with the economic crash for instance.

What Beck has done a terrible job at for the sakes' of the people is sorting the truth from the falsehoods. He throws Jesus (peace and love) away with the evils of some selective things only that he, Beck, wants not to like (since there's no easy money in those for him). He yells that Al Gore is doing large-C Communist, Stalinist, things while he, Beck, spreads the utterly asinine argument that humans pumping CO2 into the Earth's atmosphere from oil, gas, coal and other such burning is irrelevant — has no impact — doesn't change the climate — hasn't contributed to warming (regardless of any other variables that may be contributing either to warming or cooling).

The Hippies were by-and-large not Christians. I don't mean here that they were not conservative Dixiecrats of the time (those who on account of the race card ended up switching to the Republicans and voting for Ronald Reagan). I mean they were not real Christians, who don't vote for who is or isn't Caesar. Those Hippies though were closer to the spirit of real peace and love than is Glenn Beck now.

God's Power

Look, as a Christian, I believe in God as a living, spiritual being, conscious and decision-making. God hears everyone. The way of God's nature is that selfishness is not rewarded in the long run. It will reward in a fleeting and distorted way (the error of putting bitter for sweet) those who don't hold with spirit/soul that survives the flesh.


If you look at fleshly evolution (which does exist at the mundane level of speciation), you will see that balance and harmony are the directions leading to higher qualities of life and continued existence. Bring enough selfishness into the picture and flesh-only extinction will result. Where the ultimate correlation finally resides (God) is beyond finite comprehension. Science (as usage has it; incorrect) has its hands tied to doubt going in, so what is really knowable from doubtlessness (Jesus's understanding) is inaccessible to that form of science (which term means knowledge). It is a term of art or philosophy as in "epistemology." It is a theological term. The testers as in those of what is called today the "scientific method," have their philosophy or religion of what is knowledge that precludes the attainment of Jesus's level of knowledge.

I raise all of this so that the reader might consider that while there is global warming and evolution and all the rest of the ultimately "scientifically" explainable phenomena, explainable in that way on the mundane level, there is also the other realm that is salvific and can, does, and will further enter in on this plane. Testing in the here and now will not force it however. It can be measured after the fact, after non-hypocritical events, such as the feeding of the five thousand, which was an actual, literal (not just figurative) historical event. It cannot though be intentionally forced by the hypocritical. It will be revealed to the selfish though when it becomes too late for them to avoid the quantum-leap fracturing of the soul that is lower Hell — the consequence of selfishness.

So, my God can and will heal the Earth, anew, for the unselfish. The climate will be made perfect. Glenn Beck's approach only makes matters collectively worse.

Does Beck believe in God? Does Beck claim to be a Christian — a follower of the principles (the law) laid down by Jesus Christ? He can't possibly be a Christian since he is a warmonger calling for war against Iran and since he stands against both peace and love (even though the Hippies didn't use the full-context of the terms in the sense Jesus used them).

Libertarian Fake

Lastly, let me say to the libertarian anti-NWO (New World Order) people in particular that it is amazing that people who complain the most about the global banker David Rockefeller and Rockefeller's vision of the New World Order (the false vision; the non-Christian vision) forget or ignore where David Rockefeller got his start (Standard Oil money). Wake up!

Glenn Beck is a niche, antichrist, false-libertarian neocon. He brings in the same deceptive methods (Exxon's) concerning global warming and human, negatively influenced climate change as the American Tobacco Institute brought in concerning tobacco-caused lung and other cancers and diseases. His mundane science is junk even on the mundane level. Beck is a dupe, shill, and minion of Satan the swindler, by Jesus's definition. Anyone who follows Glenn Beck is walking through the wide gate onto the broad way to Hell, as defined above and as clearly and plainly meant by Jesus Christ.

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