This video was made by Bill Still. I originally saw it on broadcast TV. I referenced Bill Still on this site before. Thanks to a recent post by EuroYank, I was moved to create the following post today.

Barack Obama is not the one. He is not the messiah, not even close. He is not of that system. He is of the other system. He is of the system that is of the yoke of the Rothschilds. He is of the system where the people's government borrows unrighteous mammon at usury (evil) from the Rothschilds and their ilk. The people have the right and even duty to throw off that yoke. They do not have to have their government borrow any mammon from anyone and especially not at interest payable by coercive taxes. That entire system is a complete fraud. It is extortion condemned by Jesus Christ.

The government of the United States, as it is currently constituted, is a fraudulent scheme designed to allow the greedy to steal and wrongfully to possess the rightful inheritance of all. It was devised by those who refused to rise to righteousness. It has allowed the deceivers, the serpentine, to dominate.

The Federal Reserve System is evil. The World Bank is evil. The whole banking system is an evil, an unnecessary evil. It is not needed and never has been. It is nothing but a drain. It is just parasitic.

Barack Obama was chosen by the bankers, not the people. He was vetted by the Bilderberg Group at their meeting in the U.S. before the Presidential election. Obama attended in secret. The story was very nearly totally suppressed right in the middle of the election season while, otherwise, Obama couldn't pick his nose without it being on the front pages of the corporate newspapers and the lead story on the corporate TV news shows.

That the people had a real choice is illusion. It's a trick of the mind caused by the brainwashing system created by the usurers who believe that they are inherently superior by rights of their selfish cunning and are therefore made to be served and not to serve. They are the embodiment of antichrist. They are the plutocrats, the oligarchs, the worshippers of mammon and material acquisition and accumulation for themselves; and the slaves are to be kept in their places by any means necessary but especially by deceiving them into believing that they are unrighteous if they don't bow down to the plutocrats and honor and obey them.

Jesus doesn't bow down to them. He does not honor them or obey them. Jesus does what he does only in following the true God who is not the god of the plutocrats, usurers, bankers, Rothschilds, etc.

If the bankers don't want a candidate to stand a chance, they block that candidate. They make sure the coverage on the candidate is negatively couched. The people are fed what the plutocrats order to be served them and nothing else.

You won't hear this on the corporate media except in ways designed to steer you away from the truth about the message of Jesus Christ. You won't hear Barack Obama telling you this. You won't hear him have the courage and integrity to tell the truth about it.

The Federal Reserve System and the Federal Income Tax were crafted by, of, and for the bankers only. All the talk about naturally cyclical booms and bust, the business cycle, etc., is complete bunkum. Where the people keep their eye on those things that are of real value that always are unselfish, there need not be any booms or busts. Selfishness is the disease.

Selfishness is the reason we are in Hell right now. It could be worse; but it is still Hell. It's just a level of it. Part of what we see, hear, feel, smell, taste, touch, and otherwise perceive are also levels of Heaven. We can move up and down in this, but the paths of movement can be blocked or cutoff and disappear and reappear all depending upon our selfishness versus unselfishness.

The plutocrats are extremely selfish even as they dribble out some of their ill-gotten gain (obtained in selfishness) for the sake of putting on the sheep's clothing to deceive and to keep down and to throw down the unsuspecting, naive, trusting, gullible.

Who told you, you were naked? What human being first conceived to state it that way? It was an inspired human being. Who taught you/us harm? Who did it first? Who was the prime mover of evil? More importantly, why does anyone of us pass it on rather than have it end?

It doesn't end with that one, because that one is ignorant through no original fault of his or her own that we can identify specifically in this life on this plane of existence and level of consciousness. We are in the fallen condition we are told. What did our souls do before that we don't know?

We are generationally linked but are to become separated from that train of evil. We are to change as individuals and collectively. We are to metamorphose, transform, and regenerate. We are to move beyond the mere flesh into the spirit and flesh conflated. We are to become enlightened. The plutocrats don't want that. Barack Obama doesn't want it.

You've heard the expression that "it is better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven." There's no mercy in it. The one who rules in Hell has no mercy. He is merciless. There is no number 2 in Hell left un-tortured. Even the ruler of Hell is self tortured and tortured by his minions. He has no peace and doesn't know where to look for it. He's heard of God but thinks he's it.

A friend of mine says he's going through some troubles. I don't know what the trouble is specifically, but you can be sure it's the proverbial Satan's doing. I don't say who he is here, because I don't know how public versus private he is feeling. I will tell you though that he realizes that mammon is unnecessary within the family of humanity if we will but accept what we are given to understand from God and repeated to us by Jesus. My friend said that translating mammon into the Christian Commons is perhaps as using fire to fight fire.

I've been given to add that it is as translating fire into water when the fires rage and need to be put out and as translating water into fire when the waters have made everything too wet and heat is needed to dry out things. The reason I say it this way is because the mammon disappears into the Christian Commons never to propagate or spawn more of that evil system. In other entities, including charities, the mammon is circulated in a way where those entities remain a part of the system of mammon rather than transforming in a complete and permanent manor. Oh, mammon will be exchanged for land and things, but then on the Commons, it won't be required. When the whole Earth is the Commons, there will be no money required for anything. All will be overjoyed to help bring forth for all. Service of all by all will be a pleasure. The liars will no longer rule. All the liars will have died off or converted joyfully, tearfully.

There is no mammon in the real, new Heaven. There will be no mammon in the real, new Earth once the real, new Heaven comes to Earth, which it is even as I write this, even on account of my writing this.

I've seen the so-called conservative sites lately that call collectively helping the poor via taxes "pork." The whole system is evil, but these self-styled conservatives (conserving Satanism) will beg for more time to repay and when forgiven, simply turn around and be merciless to others who may owe them.

No doubt, some will say with great pride and a spirit of arrogance and bragging that they have never asked anyone for any help and never will. To them, there is no God providing anything and whether or not they claim to profess the God of Jesus.

When we sin, against whom do we sin? We sin against other souls, and we sin against God — very much so because we sin against other human beings (violating the Second Great Commandment to love our neighbors). Whom do we owe when we sin? We owe those against whom we sin and we owe God. To whom are the wages of sin repaid? The wages of sin are extracted by evil and not God. We owe God our apologies and to not backslide. Satan though demands torture that can be endless, depending, and even death after death.

Who do the former Christians even come to hate when they claim to hate God? They didn't know God. They knew Satan. They still know Satan and blaspheme God by blaming God for Satan's doing.

Who created this mess? Aren't the plutocrats self-made? Aren't they self-authorized? Are they the powers ordained of God, as Paul would have you believe? They are Satan's children. They are little Satans incarnate, by definition. Now you know. It has been revealed.

Can the possessed though have their demons exorcized? Yes.

There are grave enemies of this message. There are grave enemies of the Christian Commons. Many of them claim to be disciples of Christ. They are not. They cannot be and be against the Christian Commons. No Christian is against the Christian Commons. It isn't possible. All Christians are for the Christian Commons. It's inescapable. The enemies, those who make themselves enemies (God forgive them for we want them to know not what they are doing even if they aren't going to see the light), go about planting false seeds (weeds; tares) suggesting that mammon donated to be translated into the Christian Commons will not be put to that purpose but, since they falsely claim I'm a capitalist, prosperity preacher, the mammon will go to my living a life of capitalist luxury while the Commons goes undone. That sort of gossip is condemned by Jesus Christ. They have no basis upon which to level such claims or even hint at them. There are those who are going about spreading falsehood about Jesus. Who doesn't know that?

I want the Christian Commons, not to be personally, privately rich in mammon or material possessions. I want to bring forth giving and sharing all for all. I want to quench the thirst and satisfy the hunger in body and spirit of all who will accept it. Any Christian will be glad at this and will want me to succeed in bringing people together to do this. All Christians will help, because they aren't finding it anywhere else. It doesn't exist anywhere else. There is no twin of the Christian Commons. The Commons is one.

Now, we heard Barack Obama preaching in his first primetime press conference. He says that everyone thinks he's an economist by way of saying that only the "real" economists he's consulting are, well, real economists. Well, as I've written many times on this site, economics is household and estate management. The plutocrats, usurers, bankers, capitalists, speculators, etc., are not more knowledgeable about the best way to run the estate that is the Earth. Jesus's way is the best way. That's a fact. Barack Obama's advisors don't know what they are talking about. They don't know what they are doing other than fooling the people and themselves in the process.

Those who say that human nature cannot handle Jesus's way are stating falsehood. Human beings can follow Jesus's way. It's been done.

We don't need violence, greed, selfishness, or harmfulness. We need total pacifism, complete giving and sharing, and harmlessness in all aspects of life, including sexual. It can and will be done. We don't need capitalism. We don't need coerced socialism. We don't need taxes. We don't need money or any other mediums of exchange. We don't need trade. We need giving only. We need love, real love, harmless, beneficial.


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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    • I definately think you´re right about the fact that the world seems to be governed by money. We should all be more passive, should give and share more, should love more.. but there are people who can´t, who won´t! They have been brought into this harsh world and have learned to be who they are. It´s extremely hard to go against your environment and change who you are... people in some areas would be killed for that. I don´t know what it´ll take for everyone to make this world a nicer place.. it could be a disaster that´ll bring everyone together again.. there will, however still be exceptions and I don´t think that human beings can live without fighting, quarelling, hating.. it seems to be part of life!

      • Hi Hitmeister,

        I'm grandfathering you in, meaning I've approved your comment even though I've changed the comment rules to require real names. I know not everyone will see the date of the rules change.

        I've noticed a real uptick in product names that I'm sure are being used for keyword value to the link-backs to the commentator's site. I'm not trying to make life harder for people, but it seems that I'm getting many more really short and even off-topic comments going to spam. You're obviously not doing that, and I don't even want to conclude that every short, off-topic comment by someone using a product name is knowing spam.

        I hope this isn't too much of a turn off or hassle. I don't intend it to be. I just want to avoid having this site turn into a collection place for those building nothing but back-links. I want this site to be used by people who really care and want to help.

        Anyway, if you do want to start using your name (first and last), I will be happy to do a global search and replace so you'll not lose any continuity or links etc.

        As for your comment, I understand on a certain level your reaction. It does though sadden me too also on a certain level. I know that human beings can live without fighting, etc. The one's who refuse/can't, are the ones prophesied to be separated out. Don't you see that coming? It's as Jesus said about reading the weather. Evil is going to destroy itself. The spirit will take evil away. I want to be in a world without violence, greed, or any depravity or harm. We get our standard. We reap what we sow. We end up on the receiving end.

        I don't want people to fail to turn. I know it won't be my fault if they don't. I want others who do turn to not have to be subjected to those who refuse even when offered the starkest of choices that is on its way.