My parents were Holocaust survivors. And when I was a young girl, they taught me that it was important to have a Jewish homeland. But I question all that, because if getting a Jewish homeland means that you have to persecute 750,000 Palestinians and remove them from their land to get the state of Israel and then to continue for sixty years to persecute other people to control their air, their land, their sea, to control their water, to decide where they can go and when they can go, to put up barbed wire and keep them behind a wall, then I don't want my children to grow up learning that because you've been persecuted in the past, you have a right to persecute others. And that's why I'm standing here today as a Jew. — Jane Hirschmann

I don't feel conscionable with this senseless violence being perpetuated in the name of the Jewish people and Jewish culture. And in one of the centers of the Jewish community in the world, here in New York, I feel like we have to stand up and say no to the occupation and no to violence against Palestinians. These people have a right to a humane existence and to education and to a decent home, like we demanded in our history. — Abigail Levine

How can anyone be anti-Jewish in the face of such words and deeds from Jews against the false-Zionists? I cannot be. No one should be. Those are two, compassionate, brave women speaking up for righteousness. I hear them and so does God and so should you and so should the whole of Israel and the world.

Bless their efforts on this issue. Even if they think of themselves as atheist, and I don't know that one way or the other, they are closer to God and Jesus than are the false-Zionist self-styled Jewish rabbis sanctioning and perpetrating land theft and violence against the Palestinians.


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    • It would seem likely the Reich will continue to grow

      • Hi John,

        Thanks for not being offended at my asking for real first and last names. It has helped.

        The linked article states, "...inevitably find itself [Israel] in confrontation with the United States and in worldwide isolation." That is absolutely correct. I've written that here now several times. However, it applies to option 2 in the article as well, where Tzipi Livni joins Netanyahu.

        Uri Avnery, the author, is somewhat dreaming. Livni is no where near centrist in the whole worldly sense. She's hardline. She may appear centrist by Israeli standards, but she has many fascist bones. She's Mossad through and through. Avnery is correct that Israel has shifted to fascism, but he way understates it.

        Israel is risking it all on Netanyahu-types. The Meir Kahane was an out-and-out racist, and Netanyahu has many similar positions. To Avnery's credit, he does though point out that young, Ashkenazi Israelis are becoming more and more brazen, obnoxious, violent nationalists (Nazi-like).

        Here's what's happening. Much of Israel's youth is very insular and egotistical. They have an extremely exaggerated view of their own and Israel's power. They mostly don't understand how quickly the rest of the world will stop buying into fascist excuses.

        Much of the world is getting its news from much less censored sources. The fascists of the Zionists will move to shut that down, but the world is too fractured now for the old methods to work.

        The world is going to have to come to grips with the fact that Israel's creation was illegitimate. Most national territories have similar histories of illegitimacy to some degree.

        The problem with Israel though is that it was formed after WWII and out of no small sense of sympathy from the rest of the world.

        Because so many Jews went through what they did, the rest of the world rightly expects Jews not to act out as the abused-become-abusers but rather to be the abused who overcame and turned to softheartedness, as the two women mentioned in the post above. Netanyahu and the others simply have no excuses. WWII was too stark for that. The world admitted that it became more enlightened on the heels of the darkness that was WWII and its lead-up. Netanyahu is trying to buck that right along with Rush Limbaugh and his misguided ilk.

        The hardhearted, such as the assassinated Meir Kahane and now Benjamin Netanyahu, again, are going to get many innocent Jews killed when the world becomes fed up with the abused-become-abusers.

        Hitler didn't sort the guilty from the innocent. He hated them all. There are many Jews in Israel who don't care that there are innocent Arabs. They hate them all. People such as Hitler and those racists and ethnically bigoted Jews end up facing the wrath they didn't overcome within.

        It isn't just the Third Reich only this time by the fascist in the Zionist Project. It's actually Hell.

        You see, there is none of Jesus's message in their Judaism or fake Zionism. They have no pacifist root. There are pacifist Jews; but they aren't religious Jews in the sense accepted by the Zionists state, and they can't bring themselves to accept all the rest of the consistent message of harmlessness. They have to have their free-love libertarianism and their mammon worship. There are though pacifist Jews who are real Christians. In fact they are the only real Jews and real Christians. It's what John (your namesake; God has graced) meant.

        "Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee." (Revelation 3:9 KJVR)

        Bless you, John. Keep seeking.


    • Alan Hamer

      Hi every one this is my first post and my first time hear I do like the postings.

      Regards: Alan H from Oz

    • Alan Hamer

      Hello TOM

      Hoops as you can see all ready see I am very new to to all this however
      I do spend some time searching and digging
      for real news I have a
      reading and wrighting
      problem called dislexia?
      for me I do not see written works like I
      should so please excuse
      my poor selling. I do
      have some information that
      I would like to share
      I was wondering could I send it to you if you felt it is Ok or Edit
      it ...

      Kind Regards Alan H

      • Well, Alan, go ahead and post your comments using the comment-submission method regardless of your spelling. We all make spelling and grammatical errors, typos, etc. My work is loaded with them. I have no editor proof reading before I post here or elsewhere.


    • Alan Hamer

      Hi Tom ok Google numbers

      needs to be in a different post sorry

      Lets see how we go with this one I came acrross

      Richard Koshimiza some time ago while I was looking into who are

      the Zionist that seem to be controling America

      WORLD ZIONIST yes is interesting plus there are other group as you may know like Stealth Jews

      Bohemian Jews majority (over 50%) of Jews in Poland descend from German, Moravian, and Bohemian Jews,

      Yemenite Jews :As a result, the plight of Yemenite Jews went unrecognized by the outside ... As a result, some Yemenite Jews abandoned their faith and converted to Islam. ...

      khazaria Jews This kingdom, called Khazaria, was one of the most interesting and influential countries of the medieval world, wielding great power over economic might

      Sephardic Jews;A list of notable Jews of Sephardic ancestry: ... cultural historian, art critic , curator (Sephardic Mother ;father non-Sephardic Jew

      A Stealth Jew : - A Jewish person who due to genetic variables or intermarriage is often mistaken for a Christian person. Usually are a lier...Hilary Clinton come's to mind

      Zionist Jews is an international political movement that originally supported the reestablishment of a homeland for the Jewish People in Palestine

      Japan 's Mr Richard Koshimiza goes for about a hour so you may need to

      save it for a rainy day I have read some of the e-mails he reckons

      he has received if true he is not the flavour of the month....

      You might need to copy and paste this to get it to work

      it is a worth while and interesting

      The clip is not anti Jewish but at first could seem that way

      but points out how controls things

      Regards Truthseeker

      Alan H

      • Hello Again, Al,

        Richard Koshimizu is the name. That's with a "u" on the end rather than an "a." He's a 9-11 Truther, as am I. However, he's rightfully accused of being a holocaust denier. I am not a holocaust denier. I do though subscribe to the truth that certain (repeat: certain; meaning not all) Jews have misused and abused the sympathy of most concerning WWII to gain unfair advantage over others, such as the Palestinians. I do know there are racists Jews. There's no doubt about it! I've documented it on this site.

        The URL you left is incomplete: "…"

        Perhaps you could get someone on your end to proof your work before you submit it.



    • Alan Hamer

      Hi again Tom

      Thank you for your kind comments Cheers.

      Is it ok to also put links to web sites and

      clips from say Youtube??

      Regards Alan H

      • Hello Again, Alan,

        Well, it would depend upon just how much material you have in mind. You can always start a blog of your own and link to your post from comments here and from other blogs in their comment sections. In addition, if there are long forum posts around or comments you've left on other sites, you could link to those as well to save on posting-size here.

        I allow links in comments. 2 or 3 isn't unreasonable, provided they are germane. I've become more particular over time. There are comment posts on this site and links that I would not now approve.

        As for video clips, if you mean embedding them, I would prefer not for reasons of potentially breaking the theme.

        I think you want to have some assurances that if you do the work, I won't just say no once I see the content. I can't give you that. What you can do is just begin commenting with moderately sized comments. If the first is unacceptable, I'll let you know why.

        Before you begin though, be sure you've looked around this site enough to make sure you're posting on the right blog. If you post things that I'll allow but with which I don't agree, I will be very frank. I don't believe in masking the truth behind false politeness. Politeness is great so long as the truth is engrained within it. A "polite" devil is still from, and returning, to Hell.

        Have you read the Comment Rules?

        Peace and Truth,

        Tom Usher

    • Alan Hamer

      Hi Tom please

      Google 4647773


      then: 5676977

      then; 3168

      • Hi Al,

        It has been a very long day, it's very late here, and I do need to take a shower and get some sleep.

        The comment rules are indicated as follows:
        Please Comment:
        Comment Rules Update: Effective Thursday, April 2, 2009, 03:21 PM Pacific Time: +/-

        Just click on the + sign not in this comment but above the comment section.

        As for your comment, the numbers are to what, videos? You need to supply the URL's for visitors.

        Tom Usher

    • Alan Hamer

      Hi Tom

      Thanks for that

      Getting back to the numbers

      I thought it might be beter if people searched then them

      selves any how I do not know if you are aware

      of Eugenics ?

      Below are 3 Registered USA patent numbers

      A patent can only be registered when

      the thing is proven to work

      If you type the numbers below into Google search

      one set at a time or search for your self at

      United States Patent office

      Or Google these numbers




      Written in 1971 the making of AIDS & HIV

      The Flow chart

      The Eugenic Movement To reduce the worlds population

      I can pass more info

      if you are interested

      I have tracked down

      the the one hospital

      that is the only one

      that is licened to produce and make the

      aids cure and the Good

      doctor that patented it

      works at the Hospital

      in Israel.

      Regards Alan H

      • Hello Al,

        Al, if you want to post comments here with links, that's what the comment feature is for. Some people have left a comment on a post which comment is not exactly on topic, and I allowed it for any number of reasons. However, it is clear that you want to cover a broad range of subjects. Doing so from scratch without tying them into the particular post is not conducive to good organization. I don't wish to be overly fussy about it; but if you wish to comment on eugenics, do a site search on "eugenics" without the quotation marks, select a post, and post your eugenics-related comment there. The same applies to HIV/AIDS.

        When you post a comment, please make the extra effort to tie in the material to the post if the tie-in is not self-explanatory from your comment. Please don't expect visitors and regular readers to go visit the linked material only to find out that it may or may not be germane. Let people know a little bit what they are in for beyond a simple large subject area such as "eugenics." Break it down a little more for them and me if you would. In other words, answer the question, "What's the point?" as if that question had already been posed directly to you: Anticipate it.

        Sometimes links aren't conducive to that approach, but you are a new commentator here and I want to establish this with you as much as possible since it obviously applies to you in large measure. I do always reserve the right to use my discretion in such matters.

        I know all of this is fair and makes perfect sense.

        So, please find the appropriate posts and post your comments if you wouldn't mind.

        I'll let the "eugenics" and "HIV/AIDS" comment stand here for now and perhaps permanently. I don't have the plugin installed that would allow me to simply move your comments for you, and I don't wish to go into the MySQL database to edit the table by hand. Perhaps I will install that plugin sooner than later, as it has been my intention to have it available.

        Now, Al, some of us are more capable of reading highly technical matter than are others. If you are going to link to material that is loaded with jargon, you are going to have to take the extra step of summarizing the material. What does it mean? Again, what's the point? Also, if you link to such material, I would like to see yet another step that demonstrates that you've looked into why something may or may not have been suppressed. If we are to draw conclusions, what are they and why should we accept them rather than opposing views? Does that make sense to you? Do you understand what I'm saying here? My tone is not condescending. I'm truly unsure. Although, I fully suspect you understand. (There have been visitors here who couldn't begin to comprehend. They stated so openly. It wasn't to their credit, of course, that they gave up with denunciations to boot.)

        Frankly, Al, it would have been better to start with introducing Boyd E. Graves before throwing patents at readers.

        The patents are back-up for Graves' theory. Starting the other way is a little too Socratic when the topic matter hasn't been established except in very broad terms such as "eugenics": Circuitous.

        Patent searching is better done directly:"&gt http://;"" target="_blank">;" target="_blank"> http://;" target="_blank">;

        Direct links are better yet:



        As for HIV/AIDS and the accusations of many Blacks, yes, I was familiar with it. If memory serves, I had seen "Boyd E. Graves" before. Am I open to definitive discovery that the U.S. government did or didn't manufacture the virus? Absolutely I am. There is no doubt whatsoever that the U.S. has officially conducted all sorts of utterly evil acts including but not limited to biological-warfare experimentation. We know for example that the Anthrax used against the U.S. Senate and elsewhere was from U.S. weapons labs. It was also not the result of a loner. The FBI was ordered to frame Bruce Ivins. (BRUCE IVINS: LONE FALSE-FLAG PERPETRATOR, FRAMED BY FBI AS CONTINUING COVER-UP, OR SOMETHING ELSE?) It was used as a false-flag attack as part of the larger 9-11 false-flag attack.

        The problem with the general population is that it is so willfully trusting (interesting combination of terms, isn't it?: willfully trusting) that there aren't extremely evil minds that get into so-called high places. The fact is that the whole system works to create evil-minded dupes to raise up (actually lower) into those places. There are people who will do anything for money, power, and control. They will kill their own if it comes to that. They won't hesitate to treat fellow Americans as expendable for their empire building. I hate it. I want their mentality banished forever. In my Heaven, it is and will be forever.

        This site is loaded with information and documentation along those false-flag-attack lines. As for whether or not there are Whites-first in the world who hold positions of immense military and scientific power, I know that to be the case simply by looking at outcomes. We know them by their fruit.

        Of course, the huge problem is that not enough people care about truth, per se. They want their truth contained so as not to upset the status quo too much. They aren't for radical change. I'm for radical change.

        How would I deal with Boyd E. Graves? I'd put him head-to-head with all comers on a level playing field where he could have equal access and equal opportunity to be supported by inquiring minds. Then, we'd let the chips fall where they may rather than doing perception management, as Donald Rumsfeld likes to call it.

        Concerning eugenics and how this ties in, if Graves' is right, then it does rightly fall under the category of stealth eugenics of a sort but much more so pure racism and genocide. Regardless, we must be careful in defining the term eugenics. It has its positive aspects when the connotation is solely about helping to improve the breed without resorting to denying those who are already here. In other words, forced sterilizations and the like are unacceptable in the effort to reduce and eventually eliminate the pain and suffering of the world. That can be view from both the mundane scientific sense and the Christian sense at the same time.

        Well, that's enough for now. I have many other issues on my plate. All of them tie in though to the central issue that is the New Commandment. What does it mean?

        Truth is Peace,


    • Alan Hamer

      Good Morning Tom

      Richard Koshimizu

      web address it works

      for me just tested it

      before posting

      Yep it does look a little long

      • Your URL is not good.

        Test links from the "Preview" mode if possible before submitting.

        • Okay Alan,

          The is working. You had a space in the "newversion" portion of the URL.

          Now, what about it's content? It makes many claims but gives no or little way for readers to review underlying facts, such as they may be. I would never use that cite as a source for supporting a position other than to show many insufficiently supported claims. It is as if he went out and took every claim, gathered it all together, and couched it as if not hard fact, at least highly likely. The fact that there are facts (able reasonably and easily to be substantiated) mixed in makes the process all the more difficult for the reader. Does one dismiss the whole thing on account of overreaching?

          It is a method of destroying opposition by inserting infiltrators who make wild claims to ruin the image (credibility) of a cause. It's worth bearing in mind.

          Look, people aren't approaching the issue seriously enough. If you're going to make a case, then where's the genealogy that has been submitted to Jews in opposition openly and directly to refute?

          Much of what is on the Internet is just thrown out there by the various sides. Some people claim they won't address allegations because they don't want to "dignify" the allegations. That can be and has been used to hide truths.

          I consider the work shoddy. It doesn't lend itself to serious analysis. Of course, there are Jews in powerful positions, both behind the scenes and right out front. That's been the case for a very long time. Anyone who doesn't know it is living under a rock.

          I'm not going to spend the time going through each personality mentioned by Richard Koshimizu. Some are well known to have Jewish ancestry that they haven't been, and aren't now, hiding. Would I be interested in seeing a really well-done bit of work showing all the genealogies? Sure.

          Do I believe that the Rothschilds are at the center of the banking plutocracy? Yes. Do I believe the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Federal Income Tax are schemes devised by bankers ultimately controlled by that family? Yes. Does that make me a racist or an ethnic bigot? How can it? I don't look at Jews as a blob any more than I look at any family or nation as a blob. Everyone is an individual. The Jews are human beings. Am I against the plutocracy? Absolutely I am against it. It's not a good thing. The people running it are wrong. Capitalism is wrong. Banking is wrong. Money is wrong. Trade is wrong. Greed is wrong. Selfishness is wrong. There is a better, and best, way, which I've put forth as the Christian Commons Project.

          Do I want to kill the Rothschilds? No. I'm against killing. They all should be too. What I want is for the top bankers to repent, to help do away with the whole system of mammon, and to turn to giving and sharing all, as one real family should.

          I have no problem with Jews, per se, as Jesus was, and is, a real Jew. In that sense, so am I. I could very well have mundane Jewish bloodlines in my ancestry as well. To me, it would be irrelevant, as I put stock in spiritlines.



    • Alan Hamer

      Hi again Tom

      Ok that one worked fine
      must of done somthing
      wrong again.

      Just wondering
      Did you Google the Numbers ?

      I did test the video
      clip before I posted it
      It worked fine down hear

      Yes 9/11 was a inside
      job along with several
      others like UK train
      bombing and our Bali
      Bombing,& Packistan
      the list goes on and on.
      And the evidance is there for any to see.

      Your link to
      Koshimizu being a


      Holocaust denier establishes party in Japan

      Richard Koshimizu claims no Jews were murdered during World War II, and that Hitler was funded and protected by Jews. Anti-Semite political activist to deliver public speech at State-funded venue this week


      I have been to his site
      several times as his information regarding
      some 9/11 issues I was not able to work out His site proved to be helpfull.

      Yes when I first saw
      his site I thought he
      could be anti Jewish

      But he is anti
      Zionist and he names names I can understand
      maybe why his name could be tarnished
      He makes it clear he
      is not Anti Jewish
      but states he is Anti

      Yes I agree history
      proves there was a
      But I think to a large
      degree the the Zionist
      control the Corporate media and Hollywood

      So we may not be getting the full story
      Can I ask if you have
      checked his site out ?

      If so do you feel I am wrong so far?

      Sorry for all my questions but am looking
      forward to your reply

      Yours In Christ

      Alan H

      • Hello Alan,

        Alan, you need to remember to input your first and last name. I did it for you this time.

        Also, if you want people to visit links, you have to supply them.


    • Alan Hamer

      Hi Tom


      Please I am not a edicated person

      I was NOT edicate by state systems

      I watch and learnt

      from nature

      I was about 22 when

      I started to teached my self how to read

      Our Lord was not big

      on wrighting

      In the Book of Enock

      Enock taked in Parabels

      our Lord talked in

      parabels as well at times.

      I guess I DO think out side to box but for me that is normal

      I built my first HH2 cell for about $10

      power car some time ago

      I now also drive my Electric Sola powered

      car and I am thinking

      of building a anti gravity vehicle all this is not new if you search regestered

      1959 patens

      I did try and post some coments on other topics

      But could not work out how to do it

      It would be great if I

      could e-mail you stuff

      and leave it up to you

      if you wish to post or not that.S cool with me

      Geting back to our friends the Zionist

      we need to pray for them

      as they are blinded.

      Whot does it profit a mam If he gains the world BUT LOOSES HIS SOUL

      Geting back to

      Richard Koshimizu

      ok it is not classy

      web site

      But my gut feeling

      and from what I have

      been able to find out

      I would not wright the guy off

      Its a bit like back in the 1970.s Stan Dayo

      made some clames

      Some I new to be true

      so I phoned him

      I must now go to bed

      But can I leave you

      with this about 60 milion indian's was

      murdered by the white man and the HOPI tribes

      new about and believed in Jesus before the invasion

      Or as they see it world war 1

      Regards Alan H

      • Okay Alan,

        Our Lord was not big
        on wrighting

        However, he was big on reading and said nothing against writing, per se. Yes, he taught in parables as part of the continuity of prophecy. That never meant that others wouldn't come along and write also in continuity.

        It would be great if I
        could e-mail you stuff
        and leave it up to you
        if you wish to post or not that.S cool with me

        The way it is, is better.

        Geting back to
        Richard Koshimizu
        ok it is not classy
        web site
        But my gut feeling
        and from what I have
        been able to find out
        I would not wright the guy off

        I write off false portions of half-truths or I reserve judgment. As I made clear is my position, not everything on his site is factually wrong. Your gut feeling needs to be the movement of the Holy Spirit. Let Richard Koshimizu do a better job.

        But can I leave you
        with this about 60 milion indian's was
        murdered by the white man and the HOPI tribes
        new about and believed in Jesus before the invasion

        This site is loaded with truth including about the atrocities done to the Indians. However, the Indians were not all saintly, as any honest Indian will attest. The Hemisphere was not Heaven before the Whites arrived. It still isn't Heaven.

        Alan, you have to deal with what you are given. If it is important enough to you, you'll find the posts concerning your topics of interest and post your comments there. I'm more interested in healing your dyslexia.

        Tom Usher

    • Alan Hamer

      Hi Tom

      Thanks for that I will need to re read latter.

      New Commandment. What does it mean?

      To Love one another
      has Christ loves us

      I think thats right
      is it ?

      Getting back to the Jew's and the bloodline
      Can I jew prove his
      bloodline by DNA ?

      It is my understanding that a Jew is alway a jew even if he turn away from God and takes on a different faith
      am I right in thinking that ?

      Ok hears my Question
      who are the gentiles

      We are from the seed of Noah and his 3 Sons

      Does this make Us
      JEWISH ? I am interesting to hear your view as I am a little confused on this one.

      I like your like to
      Christian Commons Project.

      Havent read it all
      but will try to

      REgards Alan H

      • Hello Again, Alan,

        It is my understanding that a Jew is alway a jew even if he turn away from God and takes on a different faith
        am I right in thinking that ?

        Mundane Jewishness is a moving target. Is it religious, genetic, or neither after a while? It is actually all three depending upon the Jew.

        who are the gentiles

        We are from the seed of Noah and his 3 Sons

        Does this make Us
        JEWISH ?

        It depends upon the context in which you are using the term Jew. You are also presupposing the literalness of the "Jewish" version of the flood: "Noah story." The Jewish version could be closer to what happened than the surviving Sumerian version. Chroniclers compete to control.

        I'm not strictly a literalist, but I don't preclude literal accuracy. For instance, I believe Jesus was, and is, an actual person who came here and did perform miracles by God. Just because there are mythological stories that prophesy does not preclude the literal truth. Jesus fulfilled prophecy even universally in large measure.

        The most important thing is discovering righteousness and adhering to it. Jesus taught righteous behavior and words and thoughts and feelings regardless of anything else.



    • Alan Hamer

      Hi Tom

      I can see you are smart

      but at times lacking in compresion

      Do you beleve the Kj ?

      or are you saying

      it is not correct

      IF SO WHY????

      To put a lnk to the flood to ILLuminati

      controled web site Wikipedia ?

    • Alan Hamer

      Hi Tom

      sorry for my knee jerk

      reaction it was late last night when I red your responce that creats more questions than answers.

      Ok maybe I did not understand your point of view when you wrote


      Mundane Jewishness is a moving target. Is it religious, genetic, or neither after a while? It is actually all three depending upon the Jew.


      Regarding my comments

      about the food and the link to Wikipedia !

      The Wikipedia is not the Gospel as some may think it is.

      Ok I am young in the faith I have been told

      the the bible is 100%

      correct and I believe

      that to be true at this pint in time.

      Ok I have some points that

      I do not under stand

      but that does not meen

      to is incorect .

      The Bible give referance

      to the flood as fact not

      a myth as the small group of Elite wrighters behind the Wikipedia wright.

      Are you saying that the

      Flood is a Myth ?

      surviving Sumerian version ?

      This is new to me and I

      will need to do some home work on it.

      Thank you for your responce



      I was given yesterday

      a 450 page document

      1970 HOUSE BILL 15090

      on the making of Aids

      and to was aproved and

      $10 million of your tax

      dollars was given to the project.

      • Alan,

        Please change your name to initial caps. I've fixed your most recent submissions, but you need to reset your cookie. You switched from initial caps when you changed your email address.

        As for your last two comments, I will let you do more studying on your own, as you've suggested yourself that you need to do.

        Briefly though, in answer to your main question, I do not hold with New Earth theology. Satan is not tricking souls into falsely believing that the Earth is billions of mundane years old. That though does not preclude that much of the scripture is to be taken "literally."

        Also, the Illuminati is amorphous. It is spirit. It owns and controls this whole world. Satan is the god of this worldly world, Alan.

        When I link to the Wikipedia, that doesn't endorse the whole Wikipedia. Alan, take a step back and read more of this site. You need to do more studying about semantics.

        Peace and Happy Researching,


    • Alan Hamer

      Hi Tom

      Thanks for that

      Sorry I do not under stand

      name to initial caps ?
      but you need to reset your cookie. ? yes I have 3 e-mail addreses

      Yes I agree Earth is not billions of years old.

      God made it that way
      thing where made old
      He Created Adam not baby
      Adam It like what came first the Chiken or the egg,the egg when hatch
      the chick would die God
      so made the chicken fist
      If Adam had cut down the apple tree He might of said it 80 years old
      after counting the yearly growth ringd.
      But he would of been wrong.

      I wish to differ on your
      view about the Illuminati just being
      a spirit 30 years ago
      I was made aware of the
      Illuminati and I nexted
      with and befriended a small group of rebelious
      young folks who wanted no more of there parents
      lust for moeny and power
      Yes I WOULD AGREE they are controled by the Evil one.

      Yes I KNOW who the god of this world systems is.

      Blind freedy should be able to see that.

      You wrote:
      You need to do more studying about semantics

      Yes Thats why I was asking you the questions

      Regards Alan