Yesterday, I submitted the following comment on: "Show Trials with Capitalist Defendants in Shackles," by George Reisman. Mises Economics Blog. February 8, 2009.

I can take a day to approve comments, so perhaps it will yet show up. People do have other things to do in life. If it never shows up though, that's another story and very telling about the Ludwig Von Mises Institute's unwillingness to offer all the main options when debating or attacking economic positions. Jesus's economics is a main option afterall. It is the only real way. That's the Christian position.

Hello All,

While you are all at it, rather than see the world only as laissez-faire capitalism versus coercive socialism, how about you tell the whole truth and admit that there is the philosophical, moral, economic, political, and theological choice of voluntary-collective possession? Why does this matter? It matters, because voluntary-collective possession is the superior option to choose.

Before you run off with how it has never worked and how the Puritans failed with it when they first arrived, be sure you research those places and groups who are successfully sharing. Also, remember that the "statists" you so love to hate have persecuted sharing, self-professing Christians down through the ages so much so that the remnant is only recently braving the public again and proselytizing for the original tenets of Jesus Christ and his original disciples.


Tom Usher
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