See: "Beijing's newest skyscraper survives blaze," by Jonathan Glancey. The Guardian. February 11, 2009.

Mandarin Oriental hotel, Beijing, China (522ft, 40-stories), aka: Television Cultural Centre (TVCC)

World Trade Center building number 7 (WTC7)

Beijing skyscraper totally engulfed in flames



WTC 7 before total collapse (that took approximately 7 seconds — hardly a flame in the relative sense)

Those images are over on . If they don't want me hotlinking to them (I think being 9-11 Truthers they won't mind a bit) or if they are copyright protected such that I shouldn't have them up here, I'll load them on the RLCC server or remove them as the case may be.

In case you're wondering, the Chinese government has said that fireworks started the fire.

TVCC Withstood the Huge and Very Hot Flames: No Collapse/Controlled Demolition

The thing is that the steel frame of the TVCC withstood the huge and very hot flames. It remained standing. There were differences in the construction between TVCC and World Trade Center building number 7 (WTC7) but not enough to merit summarily dismissing the 9-11 Truth Movement concerning the parallels.

Silence is Damnable

WTC7 came down with the U.S. government claiming that fires on 8 floors caused the collapse due to heat and some minor damage. Also, there have been other steel buildings engulfed in flames. Not one has ever collapsed. When one knows

  • a), as we do, that the New York police department was informed before hand that WTC7 was going to collapse and to evacuate people from the area and when we have
  • b) testimony of people who were inside WTC7 who experienced firsthand the explosions in the building and were stepping over dead bodies and when we see
  • c) how WTC7 came down exactly, I repeat, exactly, as controlled demolitions and when we consider
  • d) the enormity of the historical evils of empires and all the false-flag operations both planned and carried out, including by the United States government within our lifetimes,

one can't rightly argue against the truth that the silence is deafening: "Beijing Skyscraper Fire: The Silence Is Deafening," by Paul Joseph Watson. Prison February 12, 2009.

Understand here too that the U.S. governments theory is based upon research and data that has not been peer reviewed.

If you do a Google news search on this, you will be amazed at how few sites even hint at it. It's planned to be a memory-hole event.

No Libertarian Capitalist; No Global-Warming-Denier Duped/Shill

I don't agree with every last one of Alex Jones's positions. I'm not a libertarian capitalist. I definitely don't subscribe to the idea that the climate is not being impacted by human carbon burning in a huge and negative manner. That's what the mega-oil corporations and coal corporations want you to believe while they devastate the planet and make the lives of so many miserable while claiming they are bringing wealth and prosperity to the masses that could not otherwise be brought forth: Nonsense.

The oil and coal billionaires and the bankers who fund them are duping the lowly libertarians by funding their think tanks, etc. How they don't see the connection between Exxon and the bankers and the dark side New World Order is just as revealing about the hypnosis as is the blindness and deafness concerning 9-11. The libertarian masses need to wake up to the reality of Jesus Christ. They are dreaming if they think guns and ammo and stocking up on canned goods and buying gold is the path to the New Heaven and New Earth and real New World Order not of the dark but of the light to come.

Hypnosis, Intimidation, and Control

The silence concerning even questioning the U.S. position that fire and damage not caused by deliberately placed explosives and steel-cutting chemicals brought down WTC7 in the face of the TVCC fire in China is evidence of broad hypnosis, intimidation, and control. The mainstream media hasn't touched the subject other than to say in a few isolated instances things suggesting that Jones and everyone who even entertains the remotest possibility that 9-11 was an inside job is a kook.

Well, we have the polling that the majority of New Yorkers believe the government did a cover-up.

Jesus Taught Openly

Even while the people know they are being manipulated with thought-termination techniques, they stand as silent, dumbfounded sheep. At least they could be as Jesus and state openly that the U.S. government belongs to the plutocrats and that American democracy is a total farce cobbling together via the U.S. Constitution wholly irreconcilable spirits. The elitists came up with that Constitution. That Constitution is not Christian even slightly.

Jesus stated openly via parables that the Israeli government belonged to the evil Roman Empire and Caesar, the fallen demigod, and that the Sanhedrin was a total farce. He did it via parables so they couldn't accuse him of whatever. Even Pontius Pilate, who allegedly sacrificed Jews, couldn't find any fault in him. After all, if the shoe fits. The powers that be recognized themselves as the evil ones in the parables. They also knew full well (as Jesus intended) that were the people to abide by Jesus's teachings, those powers would fall, which they did (of their own dead, spiritual weight too).

Only the Plutocrats Chose Obama

You don't really think that the common people as the mass of voters chose Barack Obama during the primaries do you? The large media corporations, which all belong to the plutocrats, chose him. The top bankers who control the global currency (it's really one currency in the end) chose him. Obama wasn't auditioning for you. He was auditioning for the plutocrats. So was John McCain. They all were in one sense or another. That's inherent within that system. Jesus didn't do that. They were never going to choose Jesus. He knew that. They couldn't choose him and follow his lead and remain in power. They could and did choose Barack Obama and can follow his so-called lead and stay in power. That's because Obama is not the power. The power behind him to which he turns his back on the people and bows is the dark power.

Peace Alone; Giving and Sharing Alone; Purity of Heart and Deeds Alone

You've perhaps heard of the five solas of the Protestants. Well let's cut through the obfuscation. The world is not going to get truly better until the plutocracy is ended by peaceful means alone. The world will never be saved until the people choose as the economic model alone giving and sharing all and with all as the lowliest serving all. The world will never be saved until the people check all their lusts and do righteousness alone.

The Government Lies

  • WTC7 did not come down on account of the reasons given to the public by the U.S. government. The government lied.
  • The North Vietnamese did not start the Vietnam War with the U.S. by attacking a U.S. warship. The government lied.
  • The Spanish did not sink the U.S.S. Maine in Cuba. The government lied.
  • The Japanese were goaded into war and the U.S. knew about the attack before it happened. The government lied.
  • The Mexicans did not cross into U.S territory and kill American troops. The government lied.

The list goes on and on. It's all documented. The government lies and lies and lies and lies.

The U.S. is an Empire. It acts imperially. It uses all the proverbial Satanic tricks it can dig up from the history of former empires. It is suffering the same fate too for the same reasons.

State Secrets be Damned

9-11 needs a complete airing come what may. State secrets be damned. The real security of the nation and the whole world depends upon coming clean. Repentance is the one and only path. Anything else leads to more and more destruction and pain and suffering for each soul that goes down any other route.

Synagogue of Satan

Remember, it was Dick Cheney who openly advocated that the people of the U.S. turn to the dark side. That's evil. The dark side is evil. Cheney advocates that the people become evil. That's Satanic, plain and simple. How can you believe him or trust him in anything? How could the American people choose a President who chose as his running mate someone who openly advocated that America admit that it is the Synagogue of Satan and then the rest of the nation not do a thing about it, such as impeachment or anything, not even formal denunciation of the utter lack of principles?

Jesus Was Not a Paranoid Schizophrenic

Look, this is no trifling matter. This is not something to be dismissed as a paranoid delusion. Jesus was not a paranoid schizophrenic. They did crucify him for openly preaching the truth that is the right path. Wake up to reality or else.

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