Henrietta Hughes lives with her family out of a small car. She's unemployed and homeless. She told Barack Obama about it. Michelle Malkin is some kind of so-called conservative (conserving greed, violence, and depravity). Michelle complained about Hughes asking for a kitchen and bathroom for her family so they don't have to live out of the car in parks.

Malkin said the following:

Hughes didn't explain the cause of her financial turmoil. Obama didn't ask. And if we conservatives dare to question the circumstances — and the underlying assumption that it is government's (that is, taxpayers') role to bail her out — we'll be lambasted as cruel haters of the downtrodden.
. . .
Well, pardon my unbending belief in fairness and personal responsibility, but why should my tax dollars go to feed the housing-entitlement beast?

"...government's role to bail her out"? If the people want the people's government to help the unemployed as one of their own (love your neighbor as yourself), then that's what will happen. If Malkin doesn't like it, then she can.... What would the "conservatives" say — move to some more conservative country, such as Saudi Arabia. Actually, the Saudis might take better care of an unemployed, homeless family than happens in the U.S., not that the Saudis have it right or even close. Malkin certainly doesn't have it right or even close though regardless.

What is Malkin, an atheist? She sounds like an atheist. She doesn't sound like a Christian anyway. That's for sure.

So, here's Malkin saying don't use her tax dollars to help Hughes' family. Is Malkin consistent in this? What about people who don't want tax dollars used for the Pentagon?

This economic meltdown is really exposing the worst in people such as Malkin, Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and their ilk. They really are Scrooges before Scrooge saw the light.

"...personal responsibility," Malkin says. Is Malkin personally responsible? Then when a gang decides to rape her, the publicly funded (taxpayer funded) police don't need to ride to the rescue. Malkin will rely on herself to handle the situation. After all, we might question the underlying cause of her sexual turmoil. She may have brought it on herself by being, well, female or something. Mustn't be that, just the way Hughes' family mustn't be human beings where things happen beyond their control, like businesses shuttering across the country on account of not socialist regulators but hyper-greedy capitalists.

Really, who thinks the Federal Reserve is socialist? It may be crony capitalism, but it isn't socialism. The real socialists want to rip the Fed to shreds. They want to rip all banks to shreds. Ah, but then the individual won't be able to use his or her own genius to start an innovative business, etc. Hogwash!

There is no rule that says that socialism or communism has to be top-down, central planning. It can definitely be, and should be, and will be level. I'm talking Christ's saving vision here. The chief is the one who serves the way Malkin's maid serves Malkin. Malkin has it upside down and in a pyramid shape with Malkin on top. Malkin though is actually at the bottom from the real, New Highest Heaven's perspective. She's getting her reward right now at the expense of others. The system is rigged. Who doesn't know it?

Hughes though should have employment and a kitchen and bathroom. Her whole family can work directly for the people. There's nothing wrong with that.

The people don't need banks or Federal Reserve Notes that bear interest. The people don't need commercial, for-private-profit corporations. All they need is to decide in groups on whatever size they see fit what is consistent with the Golden Rule and to do it. That rule means consulting with others and changing to what's better always. That rule means unselfishness first and foremost always — no selfishness. Think about never being on the receiving end of someone else's selfishness but rather always and only unselfishness. Wow! That would be Heaven, wouldn't it? Yes, it would be Heaven come to Earth.

Malkin, Limbaugh, Beck, ... don't want that though. They like Hell. Well, they're going to get plenty of opportunity to spend plenty of time there especially after they finally come to realize and regret.

But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Matthew 8:12 KJVR)

It's almost as if Michelle Malkin read my post yesterday on Glenn Beck, but she simply anticipated the Christian reaction to anyone who is a pre-converted Scrooge. Well, we don't want to give up on Scrooge. He did finally remember who he was before he hardened his heart as a result of abuse and neglect.

Michelle Malkin wants to know what caused Henrietta Hughes situation. Michelle wants to know what bad choices Henrietta made so Michelle can excuse herself from coming to the aid of her sister.

Well, what happened to Michelle that she is so hardhearted? Was she abused? Of course she was abused. There's no such thing as a hardhearted, conservative who hasn't suffered abuse and been brain damaged by it so that now he or she thinks with the lesser evolved portions of the brain as a sociopath. Michelle doesn't spend much time in her frontal and temporal lobes where the unbroken and those who have overcome spend their time.

Michelle, do some soul searching. Have the long night of the soul. You need it. It will be better for you to turn now than to wait until you've gone down another whole level or more in Hell. Stop hating Jesus, Michelle. He isn't the one ruining things.

(See: "Cold Hearts: Conservatives Attack Poor Homeless Henrietta Hughes," by Cara, Feministe. AlterNet. February 16, 2009.)

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