The following is my answer to "Chavez Reminds Us that Democracy Is Not Freedom," by Jacob G. Hornberger. The Future of Freedom Foundation. February 17, 2009. I posted it here: "Chavez Reminds Us that Democracy Is Not Freedom," submitted by Darren Wolfe. OpEdNews. February 18, 2009.

Being Free of the Greedy is Real Liberty

I wrote the following before reading the other comments above.

When capitalists control, of what is one free? When capitalists control, are we free of evil? Under laissez-faire capitalists, everything is owned by capitalists – everything! If someone doesn't do what he or she is told by the bosses and if the bosses have the power via their euphemistic "clubs for protection," then the person who doesn't do what he's told will starve or fight back to take control. Where's the freedom from evil?

Even under Jesus, there is a yoke. It's just lighter than the one under capitalists – much, much lighter.

Who's the government when the government is of, by, and for the people? How are the people slaves when they all are serving all as the least rather than as capitalist overlords?

Your Libertarianism is sheer nonsense.

Before Social Security and Medicare, the hardhearted left retirees destitute after working a lifetime at 12 and 16 hours a day, 6 and 7 days a week. The capitalists, selfish, greedy ones just threw the injured workers away to be taken care of by poor relatives. The people decided that Social Security is a good thing. All the people contribute to seeing to it collectively that no senior citizens are treated as dirt, the way the capitalists had treated them, and want to again, very much so.

The people decided that they didn't want capitalist snake-oil salesmen poisoning others (which was happening), so they started licensing people.

Gold? What we need is a change of heart from selfishness to unselfishness. All I hear so-called libertarians preaching is the selfish spirit. We don't need a mundane gold standard. Only the mundane gold-hoarders want that. The righteous want righteousness not your gold standard. They want the real wealth. They want to bring forth the real abundance and the real prosperity and not artificially created scarcity.

" Venezuela, there is more socialism and interventionism than there is here in the United States, which is why there is more poverty and misery in Venezuela." Oh, that statement just completely ignores the history of capitalist, imperialist exploitation of Venezuela. The U.S. forced open markets at gunpoint. Where was the freedom?

The claim that socialists claimed that a multi-billion bailout plan for the Wall Street investment bankers was all that was necessary is pure dung. It's very poor propaganda. Only idiots would buy it.

Everyone who knows anything about socialism knows that Henry Paulson is no socialist. He's a capitalist through and through and only did the hyper-greedy, selfish, private, special-advantage-and-privilege thing with the TARP. He didn't do it with any sharing-all thought in mind. Jacob G. Hornberger, you're only twisting the truth for your greedy, selfish reasons.

"...the Postal Service, the monopoly enterprise that won't dare permit competition." I thought you liked what the Founding Fathers created? Benjamin Franklin came up with the U.S. Postal Service. Where's your consistency, Jacob? Your article is riddled with hypocrisy. Franklin was an Empire builder.

What we are witnessing is what the economist Ludwig von Mises warned us about — that interventionism produces crises, which then serve as the excuse for more interventions, until the point is reached when the government owns and controls everything. Of course, that's the ultimate dream of every socialist. But as the people of Cuba, North Korea, and China will tell you, for the people living under pure socialism it is an absolute nightmare.

Who's living under pure socialism? If you think those places are pure socialism, you're dreaming. Also, Cuba has been under economic and trade barriers set up by the U.S. Empire. Had sanctions never been in place, the Cubans would not have suffered so. You're blaming Cuba for all of Cuba's problems when U.S. sanctions were designed to cause Cuba problems that Cuba would not otherwise have had. You're selectively ignoring things to further your false case for laissez-faire capitalism that can never stand up to a complete airing.

Furthermore, the current crisis was not caused by socialists but rather greedy bankers. Socialists do not want overlord bankers, Jacob. Your laissez-faire philosophy does nothing to prevent hyper-greedy, lying bankers from devouring everything and everyone. It rather facilitates them.

Ludwig von Mises was not the model of the person the American people need running the house. Economics is about running the house. That's the root meaning of the term. Jesus's way of running the house where the chief is the servant is the best way. Mises can't hold a candle to that. Why should Americans follow Mises when they have Jesus whom they've never truly been allowed to follow let alone learn what Jesus's real economic ideas are about?

Your article, Jacob, is so distorted. The Founders were worried about becoming aristocrats with huge private estates that couldn't be taken by the British crown. They were not worried about what was best for the common people. They were looking out for themselves, gaining the so-called best position to serve their wholly selfish desires.

They were slave owners, Jacob G. Hornberger. It took more compassion and giving-and-sharing types to through off the very slavery Thomas Jefferson used even against his own children he sired and hid.

The sooner the people wake up to the fact that the Founding Fathers of the U.S. were wrongheaded on both ends of their ideological spectrum, the better.

I am against coercive socialism, but I'm against coercive capitalism. Capitalism cannot exist where it doesn't violently attack those who wish to give and share all.

Allowed to be as Jesus truly wants people to be, giving and sharing would prove vastly better than capitalism and the capitalist know it. That's why they are so violent. It doesn't excuse the Marxists, but Marx never would have even had a hearing had the people been allowed to follow Christ from the start.

Your way is doomed, Jacob. You're not going to win the argument. Both capitalism and coercion will disappear.

God bless all, even those rich in the unrighteous mammon.


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