By continuing to act as the most secretive White House in modern history, the Bush Administration has once again placed itself above the law in order to hide its abuse of our justice system from the American people. On the first day of an Obama Administration, we will launch the most sweeping ethics reform in history to shed sunlight on the decisions made by government and put the interests of the American people at the center of every decision that's made.

That was then U.S. Senator Barack Obama in 2007. He was chosen and anointed by the plutocrats to be the supposedly elected President of the United States. Now that he's in, he has of course, changed his tune to continue suiting the plutocrats.

It is spun too. He's been careful always to talk about looking forward.

Well, if you don't make the sins of the past extremely stark then you'll walk in a circle and fall in the same holes.

False-Hearted American Dream

That's why things are becoming starker and starker — to take away the excuses of everyone.

Those who fall into the bottomless pit and don't rise out will have no excuse. They won't be able to blame God for their evil choices with terrible payments due. They'll try, but that only makes matters worse.

God sent Jesus to warn and to give sound advice to serve one another as the lowliest. Then all will rise. Hallelujah. You won't ever get that via the American system or by seeking the false-hearted American Dream.

The president is very sympathetic to those who want to find out what happened," Craig told The Washington Post. "But he is also mindful as president of the United States not to do anything that would undermine or weaken the institution of the presidency. So, for that reason, he is urging both sides of this to settle.

(Source: "Obama, not Bush, now seeking delay of Rove deposition," by John Byrne. The Raw Story. February 17, 2009.)

That was Obama's White House Counsel, Gregory Craig, published Saturday, February 14, 2009.

This is all to do with whether or not Karl Rove will have to testify to Congress.

U.S. Constitution Fatally Flawed

Congress was walked on by the Imperial Presidency of George W. Bush, the most Imperial President in U.S. history without doubt.

What should Congress do? Well, I'm not an advocate of the mundane system. I don't vote for anyone in it. They claim to want three co-equal branches, balanced and checking each other. They certainly haven't had it, not that it's even possible on top of a coercive root that sits as the basis of the United States' system of government.

That system doesn't work and never will. No amount of tweaking it or trying to go back to what some people think it was will make it work. It is inherently wrong. It is fatally flawed. It was designed by would-be plutocrats — empire builders, private-estate builders, would-be aristocrats. The common people have nothing in it.

It is not a government of, by, or for the people. It is a government of, by, and for the bankers. Just look at who's giving the orders. You'll have to look between the lines, but it is as clear as can be.

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