Per request of EuroYank, the following is a comment on EuroYank Blogs post, "Human Rights - The American Double Standard," by EuroYank. February 20, 2009.

Hi EuroYank,

You've requested my views concerning this post. Just to let you know, I'm going to use this as the basis of a post on the RLCC site and link here.

Church and State

I believe that by now, you know that I don't hold with the secular state. Neither do I hold with the theocratic state that became the Roman Catholic Church or any other such coercive church or state. The Popes who took up arms and who had and have armed guards, etc., did not and do not follow the Christ spirit.

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. (Matthew 16:25 KJV)

Jesus was a total pacifist. Even when he cleaned the temple of the money people (we don't need banks, money, or interest, etc.) he harmed no one. His righteous indignation about what is allowed in our Father's voluntary house put the fear into them though. It was foreshadowing. Different souls reacted differently. The Pharisees sought to and did have Jesus wrongfully executed. Jesus sacrificed himself so that the truth would shine. Let's follow it all together.

I won't address every last point in your post. I will say that I believe your heart is attempting to head in the right direction. I do not assign evil intentions to you. (The image of the slut – God save her - doesn't compute though. Are you saying with that, that that's America?) Taking care of each other is Christian. Taking care is the obvious intention of your post. What I will address is whether or not the things suggested as solutions are the right approaches to that end.


Let me take just healthcare to make the overall point.

Single-Payer of course is correct. The problem is with coercive taxes being used for it. The problem lies in a coercive democracy. From the real Christian perspective, Jesus forced no one to join him. He cleaned the temple. Therefore, our Christian Commons does not have to have with in it, and should not and will not have within it, the spirit of coercion or mammon or taxes, etc. We will not go out and drag others into the Commons. Nor will we force them to remain once within.

The United States of America: Old Wineskin

Trying to regenerate, transform, transfigure, rebirth, or however one wishes to term it, The United States of America is a waste of time. You can reach out to Americans to call them to come out and to enter the Strait Gate to follow the Narrow Way, but that's it.

The United States of America is the old wineskin that cannot be made to hold the new wine that is total pacifism, the giving and sharing economy (moneyless in the end), and the complete absence of sexual harm and other forms of selfishness.

If The United States of America were to change from greed (capitalism), violence, and sexual depravity, etc., it would no longer be The United States of America of The Declaration of Independence or The Constitution of The United States of America. It would rather be Christian through and through and saved.

False Dichotomy/False Spectrum

What the self-styled liberals are seeking to do is force the self-styled conservatives to conform to greater softheartedness. At the same time, those so-called liberals and conservatives are inconsistent. Those liberals are against some forms of selfishness and harm (hardheartedness) but not others. The same holds for the conservatives.

All harm is wrong. The means and ends must match. The circle must work. What we send out must not harm us (one soul) when it comes back around. Our logic must become divine. Cleaning the voluntary place for harmlessness is not harmful. It's instructive in righteousness. It's about cleaning the heart within.

Mixed Economy Won't Ever Work

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats nor any secular party practices or advocates this in total. Single-payer is socialism; however, what about housing and food and clothing and all the other things? Why bother with the mixed economy when we don't even need a medium of exchange if we all together (reinforcing, morally supporting each other) are moved by the Holy Spirit to do voluntary Christlike-things only? Really, do we have a choice in the end to do other than righteousness and become whole, healthy, pain free, non-suffering, enlightened, and all the rest of the good?

Gather the people together to decide what is consistent with Christlikeness. They will make the right choices. The only requirement for it to work is never going with the lesser light. Always choose the most unselfish. Then everything good will unfold before humanity.

Worldly Rules Impossible: Murder Christ-Spirit

The problem in this world right now is that it is impossible to follow the so-called rules and not be working iniquity. Jesus was placed in an untenable position through no fault of his own. How could he do as the High Priest of the Sanhedrin commanded and also do the will of God? He couldn't. It was that High Priest and that Sanhedrin and Caesar and the Roman Empire that were wrong and not doing the will of God.

The people who murdered him were actually following the worldly rules simply because those rules had no final standard. They leave themselves room for their excuses for not doing what is ultimately right and best. That doesn't work in the end though. It always fails. Nothing short of doing our very best will see us rise. That's the position of the U.S. Constitution: No final standard. It's a mess. It's subject to interpretations rather than held up against the New Commandment (that isn't a mess or inconsistent to any degree).

We need to get rid of hypocrisy to the nth degree. We need to seek that together as the whole of humanity. When we do that, the positive results will be beyond our imaginations.

Not Utopia but Real New Heaven and New Earth

Is this utopian? No, it's not. As I know you, EuroYank, know, Utopia is "nowhere." This is bringing the real, New Heaven to Earth to conflate with it. It is idealistic? Yes, of course it is idealistic. We are to seek perfection. There's nothing wrong with that. Can people change, or are they stuck with immutable natures? Our natures allow us to change. It is all a choice. It is all only a matter of time and timing and patience and perseverance and actually doing the work of sowing and reaping and sharing, etc.

New World Order

There is always a New World Order forming. One is selfish while the other is not. The current world order is people coercively lording it over others. Those people are both the violators and the protectors. It's confusion. The real New World Order is the vision of Jesus that takes the current system and turns it rightside up for the first time again (meaning that in the real eternal Heaven it has always been so) and then levels it. The result is all serving all. The lowliest now, the ones considered that, are then seen as the best and all emulate that. That's what Jesus's said we are to do, and he was, and remains, completely correct that, that is the best and finally the only way to be. Only good can come of it. That's the point.

Lose Worldly Life, Save Eternal Soul

On a more personal level, I think you should go ahead and use your name. Yes, the powers that be will hate that. They may crucify you. You'll be in good company though.

Blessings To All,

Tom Usher
Real Liberal Christian Church and
The Christian Commons Project

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