The worldly system deliberately puts everyone in situations to one degree or another where it seems that he is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't. Only one of those though isn't really always damnation but often rather Heaven bound. They just want you to doubt it: Doubt God.

You see, it isn't the worldly tyrants on Earth that we are to fear but rather Satan in Hell who can kill our souls. What does that mean? Well, from where we are right now, it means we are to avoid falling for temptation. If not falling for temptation means facing the capital punishment of humans, then we are to face that capital punishment and not lose our souls out of fear of losing our temporal fleshly lives. The spirit is what matters and where it will go after leaving the flesh: God or death.

I could have used parables, but that was for Jesus. Being Christlike doesn't mean reenactment verbatim. We are to speak in the clear, plain, stark terms now. Jesus said that the time for parables ended. That doesn't mean that one cannot ever teach using that device. It just means that we are not to be confined to it and rather emphasize the clear talk. That's so the excuses disappear completely so the separation and conflation may occur.

You know, the things I write constitute treason and sedition in the eyes of reactionaries.

Does the U.S. Constitution protect someone's right to say that the U.S. Constitution is fatally flawed and that he or she doesn't promise to preserve, protect, or defend it? I'm not for the violent overthrow of anything, but I'm not going to fight and kill for the U.S. under any circumstances. The reactionaries would love to move the line so they could swoop in and scoop me up to prison as a traitor. They will avoid facing logic though. They haven't forgotten what happened to the Sanhedrin for murdering Jesus. If you think the power of God is dead or that it doesn't matter because my name isn't Yahoshua, you lack understanding.

To Hell with their God and Country propaganda. God only until the country is following Jesus. I'm not running for President, so I don't need to get brown on my nose denouncing Jesus. I'll render unto Caesar what is Caesar's, and my soul isn't Caesar's. They can throw me in prison for life or nail me to the cross. It's not going to get me to obey their evil commands.

Anyway, I don't judge or condemn anyone. If I knew it all, I wouldn't ask for further guidance.

I'll leave it at that.

May the Holy Spirit tell you what to do in all things.


Tom Usher

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