There's an article on the Telegraph.co.uk website entitled, "Al-Qaeda founder launches fierce attack on Osama bin Laden: One of al-Qaeda's founding leaders, Dr Fadl, has begun an ideological revolt against Osama bin Laden, blaming him for "every drop" of blood spilt in Afghanistan and Iraq." by David Blair. February 20, 2009.

Well, Sayyid Imam al-Sharif allegedly has written from prison in Egypt that 9-11 was immoral and counterproductive for al Qaeda. It certainly was immoral and counterproductive. The question though is, has al Qaeda declared that it planned and executed 9-11? Also, even if al Qaeda has (and I've never seen that anywhere — although I haven't made any recent exhaustive attempts to find out), that does not relieve the U.S. of culpability, as in 9-11 being an inside job.

A real criminal investigation that seeks truth only has never been conducted. The George W. Bush administration conducted nothing but a huge cover-up. We still have heard nothing from Barack Obama on this. It is unforgivable that the truth concerning 9-11 is being covered up.

There are people who believe that al Qaeda never stopped being a CIA-front organization designed for disinformation and to serve as a pretext for U.S./globalist imperial ambitions.

The right question isn't whether or not al Qaeda is a tool of the CIA and/or other clandestine U.S. organizations. The right question is just how much of a tool it is.

This Sharif person (aka, Dr. Fadl), blames al Qaeda for the U.S. invasion of Iraq. He says there is nothing gained by fighting the U.S., because the U.S. is overwhelmingly killing more and destroying more and taking over more. Well, that's the same type of propaganda used by the Nazis against the resistance. "Resistance is futile" is the heart and soul of Satanic psyops. It's also the method being employed by the Zionist Project against Hamas and Hezbollah (and Syria and Iran if they can have their way there too).

Understand here that I'm not suggesting for a moment that anyone should be attacking anyone or destroying anything. I'm simply saying that the propaganda is transparent.

This Fadl has been held by people whose job it is to get Fadl to think and do what he's told. He could have had a conversion of sorts on his own; but since his arrest, he could hardly have been privy to all the "underground" news of the 9-11 Truth Movement for instance unless he has been a witting tool.

There are those who believe that the message of Jesus was psyops designed to get people not to fight back. Well, Jesus hardly preached compliance in anyway that the powers that be would want the masses emulating. Emulating Jesus would be the fastest way, and is the only method really, radically to alter the planet toward what is best regardless of any other philosophy/theology.

What would Mohammed do? Mohammed would violently fight with everything he has. What does Jesus do? Jesus turns the other cheek rather than violently resist them, returns good for evil, and blesses them. Which one frightens the powers that be? Jesus does, of course.

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