"Human rights groups shocked by refusal to reverse Bush policy in Afghanistan"

I'm not surprised or shocked in the least. Obama is the plutocrats' yes man.

By leaving Bagram open, the administration turns the closure of Guantanamo into essentially a hollow and symbolic gesture. Without reconsidering the underlying policy, which has led to the abuses at Abu Ghraib and the indefinite detention of hundreds of people all these years, then we are simply returning to the status quo. The exact same thing that had the world up in arms has been going on at Bagram since even before Guantanamo. People have been tortured to the point that they have died; it is a rallying cry for those who oppose the US actions in Afghanistan; it is not strategic for the US; and, more importantly, holding people indefinitely, regardless of who they are and regardless of the facts, is completely inconsistent with everything we stand for as a country. — Tina Foster, Executive Director, International Justice Network

(Source: "Obama denies terror suspects right to trial," by Stephen Foley. February 22, 2009.)

Attica Prison riot

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