Update 1: Saturday, March 14, 2009:

The following is an email reply of mine:

Hi [I don't know whether the person would be concerned about the name being associated here, so I've left it out],

A search on the RLCC website will show that I've written about Battalion 3-16 and the KUBARK manual, etc. The concepts about which you've written to me were all familiar to me. I was aware of the "primitiveness" of much of Mexico.

I understand your reaction to my statement concerning the RC's. I do realize that they are elitists. They always have been. That church is fully a part of the empire (Beast of the Bible). There are anti-Beast Roman Catholics (non-violent liberation theologians), but they don't understand that they are RC's in name only and should renounce their affiliation and follow Jesus and not their Pope.

Let me say further, not that you are necessarily unaware but rather that it bears stating (much as why you sent me what you did), that the plutocrats have no intention of leaving any people on Earth unmolested. Their intention is to "civilize" all and where "civilize" to the plutocrats means "enslave." They intend that all the Earth be held under "legal" titles where there will be zero Commons. There are to be no "unbanked."

They will force this via technology against which no one is to be able to defend in anyway. In other words, they intend to bring Hell in full. Only the metaphysical will save.

Your emails to me and mine to you are not private. Communications have not been private for decades – long before 9-11.

I have had a dossier on me since the late 1960's. My family was "radical." I was the most "radical" (extreme idealist) of my family (albeit not a professing Christian for having not yet cross-referenced scripture). "Radical" there is as was defined at the time by the fascist/sociopath, J. Edgar Hoover, far, far from the only one, as you no doubt appreciate.

To summate your article, it's about the U.S. as a mixed state with heavy fascist tendencies that use simplistic sound bites in conjunction with so many other lifelong conditioning methods to convince American public opinion. That said, Marxism, and more importantly to Mexico, Trotskyism were and are evil realities too.

The idea is money. The United Fruit Company figured and still figures prominently under other names. The Dulles brothers (Yalies) and the CIA simply worked for a wing of the plutocrats. The impetus for many of the Whites who first set foot on these continents was Empire. The Monroe Doctrine was simply to say "ours" versus Europe's. The Bush administrations went into Iraq both times in the power struggle between groups of families (Biblically nations).

The reason the U.S. doesn't pursue alternative energy for instance is not so much because Exxon is heavily invested in oil but more because the U.S. seeks to deny China and India, etc. If the U.S. turns to alternatives, as it could very easily, and moves out of the Middle East, China and India and others move in and use the oil anyway to fuel their budding military empires. That's the fear-propaganda internal to second-tier plutocrats.

Most importantly, the plutocrats believe that the people belong to them, the plutocrats, by virtue of the fact that those plutocrats have the temerity to create it in fact, to manifest it, to force it. They are demon possessed, plain and simple.

As for "rent," I'm not interested in putting the Christian Commons into that position. While there is no such thing as a real allodial title save in the New Heaven, that's the direction I'm heading. The Church is its members. Those members will own all together and equally everything the Church owns. If you can create that in Mexico, tell me how. I don't want to bring forth less.

When I was researching existing situations and possibilities, I did look at ejidos. I didn't see them as conducive enough.

The title must be the Church's. Can that be done? If so, tell me how and short of violent revolution, which violence I stand against.

Blessings To All There,

Tom Usher

Update 1: Saturday, March 14, 2009:

I want to qualify the position concerning renting property. The RLCC will rent temporarily. What we want to avoid is renting permanently. We want to avoid getting locked into a situation where the Church would have built up something only to be placed under economic duress greater than is the common place anyway. The Church can only come to own ejido land in Mexico if the people who own that land become the Church. Yes?

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