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Hi RE,

Concerning the Khazars, there is reportedly DNA Evidence possibly refuting the position to an important degree.

I believe that the Jews were scattered. I believe that the "lost" tribes were not wiped out but assimilated where they didn't remain "Jewish" communities within non-Jewish-controlled larger states.

My Christian perspective is that Jesus does not hold with Moses concerning wiping out the various non-Israelite tribes in what is Palestine/Israel today. Jesus is not a hypocrite. He knows that it has always been the true law of God not to do violence on our fellow humans and to avoid all wanton life taking even of animals and plants, etc. Even the fruit of the tree is giving. [or selfishly withholding against God's bountiful intention for the righteous, as with the fig tree (the Sanhedrin Pharisees) that withered {"And when he saw a fig tree in the way, he came to it, and found nothing thereon, but leaves only, and said unto it, Let no fruit grow on thee henceforward for ever. And presently the fig tree withered away." (Matthew 21:19 KJVR)]

People who are wrong headed and hard-hearted will label you an anti-Semite for what you've said. We can label anyone anti anything if we define anti as holding a different view. Everyone is therefore anti-God for not having God's perspective/perception. This is semantical understanding. We are to become perfected, which means turning all the way to God so that we are worthy to share such perspective/perception.

I've seen the reference to Caribbean Blacks who were Jewish before, although it wasn't spelled out in much detail and I didn't have time just then to look for more information on it.

So, RE, are you a practicing Jew in the Talmudic sense or are you, as am I, a real Jew in the sense-meaning that all real Christians (which includes ethnic Gentiles) are the real Jews [spiritually one with the repentant Jacob/Israel] or what exactly, as best you can describe?

Bless you, RE.

Bless everyone.


Real Liberal Christian Church


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    • Hey Pastor Tom,

      you said :

      So, RE, are you a practicing Jew in the Talmudic sense or are you, as am I, a real Jew in the sense-meaning that all real Christians (which includes ethnic Gentiles) are the real Jews or what exactly, as best you can describe?

      Bless you, RE.

      Bless everyone.


      Real Liberal Christian Church
      - end of pastor tom's words -

      Pastor Tom,
      you got it exactly right, we are followers of the Most High and as such we are All JEWS. the talmudic scholars are hiding behind lies, and they often get incensed when they realize that there are folks out there like me, who are unconcerned with them and their schemes; but more concerned with the Real Followers of our Lord, who we know sent his son to lead us to salvation.

      they will realize when they lift that cloth of deceit from their heads. that is their link to the rothschilds and the whole unholy alliance with the demons; who joined together to change the course of history, momentarialy.

      because as you can see, he is lifting the veil of lies, and exposing them for who they are liars and barbarians; who stole our heritage and are now trying to extinguish our dna to cover up the facts.

      Never believe the hype Tom, Never.

      Praise the Most High for He is the Creator of US ALL.

      • Hi RE,

        Ah, the Rothschilds (the banking dynasty, the ones who believed, and some of them no doubt still do, that all is fair in everything — fund war, sex slavery, drug addiction, and on and on) are the central family in the debate about whether or not negatively critiquing any Jew is to hate all Jews where Jews are only defined as the policies and practices of the state of Israel. It's a good paying job if you're willing to sell your soul.

        Real Jews, however, are never political Zionists. Real Jews are true to Jacob (aka "Israel"; he who wrestles with righteousness — struggles to become righteous) who repented and right now detests what the political Zionists and bankers have done and are doing.

        People have no idea just how rich the richest of the Rothschilds are, how much collective power they have, and how much they can control global events. They have so much money, power, and control that they can make sure that anyone working in mass media who says or writes the truth about it in public will lose his or her job. The only thing that is permissible to write about the Rothschilds is that they don't have anywhere near the money, power, and control to do exactly what they are extremely obviously doing.

        The Rothschilds controlled European finance right out in the open. They funded many of the most major U.S. corporations in oil and transportation as well. They were the money behind Rockefeller (who was claimed to be the richest man in the world — wrong!). They were the money behind J.P. Morgan and all the other robber barons. They have more money than all the other billionaires combined. They were behind the establishment of the Federal Reserve System and the income tax to pay them, the Rothschilds and their friends, interest on the National Debt, which they are now driving up under their man, Barack Obama (just as were George W. Bush and Bill Clinton their yes men).

        The Rothschilds have spent a huge fortune, only they can afford because they can print all the money they want, on creating shell and front organizations and positions. They hide nearly everything they do so the people won't know who controls the world.

        They are rapidly building the evil New World Order that will be toppled and replaced by the real New World Order of Christ.

        Watch and see, people. It's all unfolding right before your eyes.

        Peace, Love, and Truth,


    • WEll Alrighty Now..
      this is what Chuuch Is ALLL About.

      Thanks Tom

      Peace Everybody