The little fry libertarians are being lead around by their noses by billionaires pulling all the strings. The little fry just don't see it. They don't want to believe it's possible that they've been duped all these years. The billionaires laugh and laugh at all those little fry bloggers doing the billionaires' bidding. The ultra-rich get the little guys to scream the loudest for deregulation so the ultra-rich can scam those little guys. Even when they're told, those little fish just keep swimming right for the huge shark's mouth.

Big government, big government, big government — is Ronald Reagan back? No, he still dead.

What about big business, big business, big business? Isn't that just as scary? Isn't it even scarier since it runs the government? Yes, it runs the government. You know, crony capitalism is still capitalism. If you do away with the so-called state and have only capitalism, then capitalism is the state. The same people who run the crony capitalist system would be in charge. Only there wouldn't be any countervailing force. You'd just be eaten that much sooner in toxic sauce.

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