The Obama administration is toning it down against Russia, Syria, and a two-state solution for the Palestinians. It has even toned it down toward Iran. While doing this, it continues to poke at them all though just so it may appear tough and deflect "conservative" criticisms.

Why is that? Well, they knew before they won the presidential election that Israel was going to make a hard-right turn in the open and then likely attack Iran.

It's one of the possible things Joe Biden was referring to when he said Obama would be tested and that the American people would not believe that his action (Obama's support of Israel's illegal attack) is right. Remember, Joe Biden was chosen specifically because Joe Biden is a neocon, Christian Zionists (albeit of the Roman Catholic brand and with some plausible deniability built in for being "progressive").

You see, they all still want to fight Syria, Iran, South Korea, and others. They want the whole world. Nothing has changed.

Obama is their man, not yours — never has been.

They want the Military Keynesianism to kick in too. It will get everyone's mind off the Depression and onto making war.

They want to end all sharia regimes and the tendency of any regime leaning toward sharia. Mind you, they have zero desire to establish anything other than secularism.

They know that the biggest enemy of greed, mammon, violence, and the other forms of unchecked lust is Jesus. They don't even want to hear discussed the true message of Christ (salvation by returning to pure heartedness).

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