Leon Panetta says Obama can use torture if he wants to under war powers. Panetta is wrong. He says that CIA agents and others who tortured people won't be punished. He's dead wrong. Satan will have them. He thinks they can hide behind the John Yoo torture memos. "We were just following orders" wasn't good enough for those CIA operatives. They said you (the Bush administration) have to give us (the CIA dungeon masters) legal cover and that we need plausible stupidity and ignorance. Those CIA operatives knew only too well that what they were doing was completely illegal regardless of anything John Yoo wrote for George W. Bush. Yoo could not interpret away decades and decades of international and U.S. law against doing exactly what the CIA and DIA and others (private contractors — privatized government) did.

This Obama administration is rotten at the core. There's no denying that it is rotten, just as the Bush administration was rotten. This is truth. It's important to know and to say openly so that we may all deal with it in righteousness. We all have our less enlightened aspects that can only be corrected by dealing with them — facing them squarely.

This Obama administration has only attempted so far to wash the sheep's clothing to make the whole image appear cleaner. It's very dark at heart. Nothing truly good is going to come out from it. There will always be evil strings attached.

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