How long will it be before Obama fires Larry Summer and Tim Geithner? Do you think either of them will make it half way through Obama's first term? If they do, Obama may have only one term.

Geithner is taking a beating for those he's bailing out behind closed doors. He claimed he didn't know about the AIG bonuses whereas AIG and others report that that's not true. Now boys, get your stories straight.

How long will Ben Bernanke last at the Fed? How long will the Fed last? Frankly, why the American people ever allowed that monster to come into existence is surreal.

The U.S. must go to interest-free U.S. Notes and do away with the Federal Reserve System. The sooner it does that the better for everyone.

As most of my readers know, I'm for a moneyless New Heaven coming to conflate with the Earth as the New Earth. The common people are hard pressed to comprehend an interest-free currency let alone the much superior moneyless economy. I teach the interest-free notes because their hearts are too hard yet for Heaven. We'll get there though.

Remember, I raise these issues as a matter of religion. Usury is antichristian. The system of mammon is antichristian. Christianity is about public policy. There's nothing the IRS can do or say to alter that. They'll have to reconcile their regulations. I can't change Christianity to suit them.

Why are they dragging their feet? Why is Obama doing the plutocrats' bidding? They need instability. It's planned at the very top. They will move to consolidate power and make money through destruction. You think this is insane? You think this is conspiratorial thinking on my part? It is insane on their part.

Understand though that if they allow stability, they allow the proof that they aren't needed, that their system isn't needed. Don't you see that? It's so clear.

The solutions are right there. They are as easy as pie. There's nothing complicated about it at all. They just want you to think that it is all oh, so complicated.

They want you to be mesmerized by all the names they give to all their devices and all the number crunching they do to mask the fact that it all starts with the Federal Reserve Act and the push of a few keys giving member banks money just because they can.

The federal government of the U.S., the Congress to be exact, turned over Congressional Constitutional power to coin the money and set the value to private bankers. That's all that happened.

The bankers charge the government interest on money the government could be printing itself interest free.

Income taxes were designed to pay the interest to the bankers on that money that the people's government should be printing and issuing interest free. It's that simple. It's no complicated, unfathomable, unsolvable mystery.

Just tell the Congress to abolish the Federal Reserve and issue interest- free United States Notes. Pay off the National Debt or cancel it since the banks are bankrupt anyway. Don't let anyone in the banking sector starve of go homeless. Lift everyone. Feed each other. House each other. Be good. Be the light to each other. That's all.

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