The U.S. Supreme Court rejected Ali al-Marri's appeal that the government doesn't have a right to lock people up indefinitely without formal charges or due process. What kind of court is that, Kangaroo? It is certainly dishonest and incompetent in the mundane.

Well, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia unanimously ruled that the people, in this case four British citizens, who were held at Guantanamo are not people. That's right. They are something else other than persons.

The reason they aren't people to the court is simply because they were tortured and held without any evidence or real trials, etc. Real people aren't treated like that. Those judges wouldn't deny their own humanity just because the laws of some other mundane nation said so though.

What do you do with "judges" who rule that people aren't people? You disagree and act accordingly at all times. Anyone who treated those people the way they were treated needs to turn, repent, and atone. Those so-called judges need to turn, repent, and atone also. Woe to them if they don't.

That's no threat from me. That's a warning about the threat that does await them though if they don't. Satan is real because of people such as those judges.

Now consider that the U.S. Supreme Court has told the Appellate court to reconsider.

"...the upshot of the Justice Department's position is that there is no right of detainees not to be tortured and that officials who order torture should be protected.'' — Eric Lewis, lawyer for the detainees

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