In its survey, Rasmussen Reports misrepresents the Fairness Doctrine. It says the doctrine required "all radio and television stations to offer balanced political commentary." It did not. It's a lie. The Fairness Doctrine required equal time for opposing views. If no one came forward requesting such equal time under the broadcasting license, no such opposing view was required to be given. We are talking here about editorial views and not hard news, even though such hard news is often, even usually, blurred with propaganda by the mainstream media.

The broadcasting media are considered common properties of the citizenry. That's why its pieces are licensed off. The rich can afford the licenses. The rich originally became rich by taking via violence. Empires and large multinational corporations are still sustained in this way often through proxies — bribed and threatened local governments.

A proper democracy, it is assumed, requires an informed citizenry. If the citizens hear only what the rich serve up, the citizens are not informed of other possible choices. When they are informed only by the rich, when the broadcasting media are dominated by the rich, people who are not rich can't be heard. They don't hear each other through the people's licensed media.

The Internet offers a more level field, but it is not level. The rich control the networks. The rich dominate the major methods by which people attempt to find out opposing views. Even now, the rich want to further restrict the people's ability to find out opposing views because opposing views cut into the monopoly of the rich and cause the wealth to be shared without reducing the over all wealth — contrary to the lies of the superrich and their well-paid, sellout minions and dupes.

The top capitalist are not democrats. They are not for democracy. They are against democracy. They are also opposed to un-coerced consensus. I'm for un-coerced consensus. That's why they hate me.

The plutocrats do not want the Fairness Doctrine. You shall know them by their fruit. The super rich brought you the Crash of 2008, the foreclosures, the bank bailouts, the increased National Debt, more taxes going to pay the rich interest on that debt, the wars, the terrorist attacks in the form of the 9-11 and 7-7 and other False-Flag Operations.

Whom do you trust? Do you trust the Plutocrat bankers? I do not. Jesus doesn't trust them either anymore than he trusted the moneychangers in the temple.

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