About half of American voters are afraid the government will run out of money. It literally made me break out in a sorry laugh.

The People:

  • Want tax cuts rather than public spending
  • Didn't see the Crash of 2008 coming straight at them
  • Don't know that 9-11 was an inside job
  • Fall for Exxon's fake science saying that human beings pumping CO2 into the air has no impact
  • Believe there's a War on Terrorism
  • Thought the invasion and occupation of Iraq was good and would be a cakewalk
  • Now think Obama is right to be ratcheting up the attacks in Afghanistan
  • Think it's more cost effective to have everyone under private health insurance than under Medicare
  • Think that the government is likely to do too much rather than not enough to stimulate the economy

It's amazing. It's a song. The talking heads on Fox really have the people thinking about 10 seconds out, is all if that.

The problem isn't with how much public spending. The issue is on what.

More than half of the American voters want more nuclear power plants. Who are they? How many of them know anything about the nuclear cycle from leaching (uranium mining) all the way through to the storage of spent fuel? How many of them can compare that whole process with alternatives sources of energy and especially in terms of direct costs and also consequential costs in pollution and accidents?

Where are the cross-tabulated-poll results based upon reasonably anticipatory methodologies? I don't see them in the public realm anywhere. How are the people to consider complex public-policy matters without publicly available data?

Where is Obama on this? He's sticking his wet finger in the plutocrat driven wind and then tossing the bucket right into it with all the people downwind.

It's amazing that people don't realize that the economy was strong — much stronger than it is now, when the tax rate was at 90% for the top bracket. All the tax cuts for the superrich and the Globalization (read deregulation) led to the current crisis. It led to all the jobs moving elsewhere rather than raising standards worldwide — the last thing the greedy ones who took everything offshore wanted. They wanted to rape the workers of the world and their lands. That's what they've done. They aren't done yet either. They'll also turn back around to try to further rape the U.S.

I'm not for the current system or for any coercive alternative. I'm for the truth. The truth is that given the choice between the more laissez-faire capitalists system versus social democracy, social democracy is vastly superior. The only reason it hasn't done even better in those Scandinavian countries where it's been used it that they occasionally cave into the outside pressures and temptations (undercutting-deals) from the laissez-faire greedy types. However, those are not the only given choices. There is also the choice — the only one that will work in the end — of Christianity that is Jesus's political economy. If you don't know what that is, read about it here on this site.

Christian Commons

The mass media, think tanks, polling firms, public relations firms, advertising firms, government propagandists, CIA, and others all conspire to twist the mindset of the common people into believing a bunch of garbage. The stuff coming out from Fox is garbage. Anyone who buys it is duped.

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