Sure, Tom's piece was a direct hit at me, I'm the only EC'er [Entrecarder; user] that has been on the bandwagon for Libertarian causes.... ("All in the Family; My Friends at Entrecard are on a Mission," by Marc Chamot. What I Think?. March 27, 2009.)

This is for my brother, Marc.

Hi Marc,

I never noticed that you're "the only EC'er that has been on the bandwagon for Libertarian causes." Is that right? I'll take your word for it.

I can see how you might think I was writing with you in mind in particular. I'm assuming that's what you meant. There is another way of taking what you wrote though.

Anyway, I was writing with Alex Jones and his followers in mind and with all the Ludwig von Mises, Austrian School crowd in mind too. I've had many Ron Paul followers visit the RLCC site. Some have left comments. Some incorrectly profess Christianity. I've had a "debate" on Facebook with a paid employee of the Ludwig von Mises Institute (stubborn; his nickname suits him: "Donkey").

It was with all of them in mind that I write about libertarianism, the definition of which is an open bone of contention amongst those who call themselves such.

My heart actually goes out to the small fry. I don't use the term as a pejorative since I'm a small fry too. All Christians are small fry even though each small fry is as valuable as all the others combined. That's the true nature of Jesus's message. That's why we won't torture anyone to save the whole world. We'd save it but lose our souls. We'd be dead of the Holy Spirit. We'd be faithless in the ultimate, divine sense. We'd be thinking with the lesser evolved and more selfish portions of our minds.

My heart even goes out to the plutocrats (wicked usurers), who have duped everyone from one end of the false political spectrum to the other. It also doesn't matter if one adds another dimension to the spectrum and comes up with a four-cornered plane such that there are supposed left and right libertarians. All are duped to one degree or another. I will though let them go after sounding the alarm because Jesus lets them go. I want to follow his path.

The current system is corrupted through-and-through. Absolutely nothing on that false spectrum or visionless plane will fix it. Jesus's ideal solution resides outside that old wineskin.

Neither do men put new wine into old wine-skins: else the skins burst, and the wine is spilled, and the skins perish: but they put new wine into fresh wine-skins, and both are preserved. (Matthew 9:17 ASV)

Do you see what that means in terms of the system of mammon?

I offend not just you. I know it. The offense though should not be taken. That's the point. What I'm calling for ultimately harms no one. It doesn't harm another to become unselfish. Believing that it does is simply a matter of misdefining. It is simply a matter of failing context. We are talking here about systems, whole systems. Which one, if consistently held, would bring the New Heaven and New Earth? That's what I'm writing about. I'm interested in perfection, and I don't believe people are immutable. I know they are changeable. I'm a case in point. I prove my own position, which is the same position Jesus holds out, isn't it?

Marc, you are what people call "civil." What is that though ultimately? I believe in good manners. I believe strongly in thoughtfulness and considerateness. What though does one do with those who use their horns (military power) to butt, to steal land and resources, to murder, and to do all manner of other evils, even blaspheming God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit by claiming God is on their side in such gross iniquities? Of course, we are to turn the other cheek. Only Dick Cheney (the mundane, proven lying, imperialist/pseudo-neoconservative) says we are not to do that; therefore, I say Dick and his ilk are antichrist (against the message and exemplary life of the surely historical Jesus). He is by definition. He called upon the American people to turn to the dark side (verbatim). What Christian having the courage of his or her spiritual convictions would worry about being perceived as being impolitic and not sound the alarm?

I am attacked and censored for this. I am though attacked when I come in the name of Jesus and of God. The Ludwig von Mises Institute refused to approve my rebuttal comment. I post that comment on the RLCC anyway though. They were/are intellectual cowards. They didn't have the courage of their convictions. It's telling. We know them by their fruits — the results of their deeds.

This is a long comment, I know. You're worth it though if you will.

Bless You, Marc,

Tom Usher

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