I put some of the following to RE over at BadGalsRadio - RootsRock since '99. If you don't know RE's blog, visit. [Update: Friday, April 03, 2009 at 6:50:14 AM: Oh, RE, Your April 1 post was shock-jock level. I couldn't read it. The images were beyond the pale. Why go there? It's not what Jesus wants of you. Why cave in before the world? What's the point?]

Don't go there though if you're going to make a snap judgment based upon your cultural background that may not include RE's diversity. She's eclectic. You may have to be willing to spend some time to see from where she's coming. {How's that for avoiding ending a sentence with a preposition?; a waste of time really, but I don't want the grammar police using my laxness as an excuse to disrespect God. Ending prepositions (at, by, in, to, from, and with) are good for the police though. That's why Woody Allen robbed banks you know — good for the economy and employment rates — no joke — pure capitalism for the discerning/adepts. Actually, I end plenty of sentences with prepositions. To Hell with.... It's really hypocrisy with which I'm concerned. There I go again. Oh well, it's what I get for once having gone to a then elitist, preppy, boarding school. I learned plenty there though, but I digress.}

Concerning the Matter: Questions and Points to Consider:

  1. Okay, so you're choosing which blog on which to advertise. How do you know which ones have chosen to allow every other view to be a paid ad? Those sites should cost half the EC. It's a fair point from a capitalistic standpoint.
  2. Also, when someone changes the settings while your ad is in the lineup, your cost should be lowered or you should be notified so you may cancel.
  3. Then there's this. What happens when someone doesn't have an ad running at the same time as yours? How are you supposed to know that the ad is twice as valuable as otherwise on that day? How can you plan ahead when budgeting your EC ad campaign?

If you want to use these questions/points, by all means, go ahead. Just don't act as if you thought of them. There was some stealing of thunder concerning the tax issues by some who loathe me and curse me (and Jesus and God). You know who you are.

By the way, RE is not one who steals thunder. She shares it. Credit where due is very, very Christian. Credit to Jesus for what he did and is still doing is critical. That's why we practice giving credit in the mundane as well — proper conditioning to enter the New Heaven. It's not ego! We are not Ayn Rand followers. We are last so all may be first. That was completely lost on Ayn and still is by her followers.

Now, there are some other things that I've not discussed much.

What's with "Wicked!"? What signal is that sending out?

Is it all in fun? Hardly

When you click to drop and then wait to see what Entrecard returns, you will see that Entrecard returns the terms for each successive series of 50 drops: "Thanks!," "Go Go!," "Alright!," "Wicked!," "Yeehah!," and finally "Awesome!." So, after 150 drops, I as a Christian am confronted by Entrecard promoting "Wicked!" Now, of course they know this. It's something they intend that I accept, take in the spirit of fun (twisted; subconscious conditioning; lowering the guard), or leave. Well, I'm not in Entrecard on Entrecard's capitalistic terms. The whole cosmos is the temple wherever I go. I take it with me, inside, living. My intention is to clean the cosmos. That's Jesus's intention too, in case you're unaware of that. Most people are. In fact, I've never met anyone who knew it or at least said it anyway. If it weren't his intention, I wouldn't be a Christian.

What's with "persecution"? What signal is that sending out?

Also, the contest for finding and turning in offending blogs calls that act "persecution." You're given selfish reward-credit for persecuting. That's conditioning to unrighteousness. What am I doing if not persecuting? Ah, semantical theology is the point. Warning for free is what I'm doing. I'm not consigning anyone to Hell. I'm trying to be sure that everyone who doesn't belong there doesn't go in or if already there, comes out. Do you see that? It's harmless as a dove if God does say so himself; and I'm not God (part of) unless I'm one in God's spirit, which I'm working on.

Now, capitalism is evil enough on its face isn't it without promoting persecution as something that ought to be condoned let alone even tolerated?

Rush around dropping to get credits to spend on ads or to have converted into cash or spend in the (what's it called) "shop" "market" (you can see how much that's my focus) — Me, me, me.... Me, mine, more.... To Hell with giving and sharing unless there's something in it for me, me, me....

Am I dishing it out, as Marc Chamot over on his blog, "What I Think?," might suggest? You can look at it that way. What I'm I dishing out? Good food

Am I opposed to the marketplace? Of course I'm not. I'm constantly concerned with the marketplace of ideas. That's all I work on nearly every waking moment.

Fudging Numbers:

As for Graham, reserve a place in your heart for him to see your light.

As for being sent to Entrecard Hell for questioning Entrecard, my sense is that Graham doesn't want to give that impression, at least at this stage. He may not be as bright (certainly not in the Jesus sense-meaning; the real meaning) as many apparently believe him to be, but he does have capitalistic instincts (conditioning actually).

He has too much riding on being "for bloggers" and all the freedom-of-speech conceptualization that comes with that territory.

His reputation is already suffering enough. He knows that much, don't you think?

The fact that he's called on fudging numbers ("Entre-Fraud: Why Does Entrecard Lie About It's Number of Blogs?" — not a gotcha but rather a heads-up — Thanks, RE, for supplying that link) but doesn't explain but rather just ignores and also doesn't correct the numbers is actually crafty in Graham's book: The Capitalist's playbook.

He's counting on the selfishness of users to override fine-detail ethical concerns.

I'll share taking the heat and won't burn (that's figurative, spiritual language). I don't intend that RE cover the fringes of the flock alone. Jesus left the 99 to find the 1. That's not lost on me.

I've been to the bottom looking to save the one. She just kept running away though.

Bless Thee All,


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