In discerning Entrecard, right now at the very moment I'm writing this, Entrecard says that my regular EC ad is running on "Inspire Political Discourse." However, it is not. "Stop the press" is running on that site. I assume "Stop the press" has used EC for the ad since "Inspire Political Discourse" clearly stated that it is not approving any USD paid ads.

By the way, if an Entrecard blog rejects paid ads, that blog will go to the bottom of the category list.

Also, Entrecard says that my regular EC ad is running on "AskCherLock.com." It is not. When visiting the site moments ago and refreshing repeatedly, the RLCC CCP ad never came up even though ads showed in rotation.

The 50% impressions for EC ads is not working.

The Turbo Charged "Your adverts" page on Entrecard is not working. It is not in real-time.

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