This is the reply I had started on 2009/04/03 at 7:55pm but was too tired to finish at the time:

Hi Thomas,

You are doing some heavy thinking. You're thinking more and more about the Commons. That's good.

I was thinking about a billionaire showing the other billionaires how to do the Barnabas thing.

And Joses, who by the apostles was surnamed Barnabas, (which is, being interpreted, The son of consolation,) a Levite, and of the country of Cyprus, Having land, sold it, and brought the money, and laid it at the apostles' feet. (Acts 4:36-37 KJVR)

You are right, Thomas. The Christian Commons is all or nothing at all. For those who will live on Commons or call themselves Real Liberal Christians, they can't be anything but 100% committed to be full-fledged commune and Church members who might not be living on Commons. Of course, people who want to help but aren't going to be living on Commons, at least not right away or not until after they give up the ghost, won't find their help rejected by the RLCC. They will live on Commons in spirit, just as we live in the Real New Heaven right now in spirit. As you've said, there can be no compromising the root that is everyone owning all equally together, just as Jesus told the original disciples.

No billionaires or millionaires may attach any selfish strings. It's not possible. They know this, or they aren't of the body.

The membership decides by consensus aimed at consistency with Jesus's teachings.

The rich must give to restore the rightful inheritance of all as members of the family that is humanity with God and those souls alive in Heaven.

The fat of the land comes from healing. The people of the Commons won't rape the land but do the opposite.

The return on investment will be the return Jesus received on his investment. There won't be mammon transactions within the Commons. There will be no trade. There, everyone is serving everyone and without charge.

The rich harm the poor. Not until they are no longer rich in mammon may they truly help. The mammon must be translated into where mammon is no longer required. That will spread until the Earth is reborn anew.

I think it would be better to tell this man to keep his money because if we were to accept him into the Christian Commons it would no longer be the Christian Commons.


Unselfishness is righteousness. Selfishness is evil. The man you describe retains evil reasons for evil means that bring evil ends eternally. The only right thing to do is to turn away from the spirit of selfishness, to cast it out of the heart and to replace it with caring and making whole.

Day after day, thousands die of want through no fault of their own other than that they are little children born into this world run by the evil-hearted.

We watch as the bankers make computer entries conjuring up tens of trillions of dollars when they want for their own sakes. All this time, the whole people of the world could have existed without owing interest or having to have mammon or to trade rather than serve all for all.

Well, the bankers can't stop the truth. It's spreading. People are getting the word even though they can't believe yet. They think we can't change enough. The more the story is told though, the more people are told that Jesus was against capitalism, the more people will begin to think about a purely giving-and-sharing world-house to come that has nothing to do with the violence of Marxism or the coercion of socialism (or capitalism). The more they hear about it, the more they'll think about it, and then the more they will begin to believe it's possible despite the bankers.

This is work. It's a job. Getting through all the red tape and overcoming all the hurdles set up to stop the giving and sharing economy requires perseverance and patients.

It took three filings to become an official charity with the State of Washington. It took many documents and much correspondence to be recognized as a non-profit religious organization with Bank of America and ING DIRECT and PayPal. PayPal Compliance is very thorough.

ING DIRECT has just now accepted the RLCC. I will submit the last document to them in a matter of days rather than weeks. It's just a matter of formalities now. They accepted the RLCC's proof of existence as a §501(c)(3).

The IRS does have the RLCC in it's database as a §501(c)(3). We are so new and small though that we don't show up yet publicly, contrary to those in their Master File. It costs $800+ to file a 1023 form to be in the Master File, and there's no refund if you don't get it exactly right the first time. It's why I chose "religious organization" rather than "church." We will have to report annually whereas churches (by their definition, not mine) don't have to report. It's no big deal to report to them. I don't care. It will require good accounting procedures, but what church doesn't need that anyway when dealing with the outside world?

As I say though. The idea is the Commons that internally will be moneyless.

I'm also still working with GuideStar. They are coming up to speed on the new 990-N reporting requirements. I wrote a long email to them about it. They were kind enough to ask me to explain about 990-N status. Their Director of Nonprofit Support, Melanie Beaumont, is out of the office for the week of April 6th through the 10th. So I won't know how the documents I'm about to submit have been received at GuideStar for a bit. They are being responsive though. I can't take that away from them. They are careful. Donors through GuideStar can be pretty much certain that if an entity isn't right, it isn't GuideStar's failure to have exercised due diligence. I can personally vouch for that.

Anyway, the Land and Building Fund will grow until there is enough to obtain land that will be Christian Commons. As our brother Scott McQween of the Just a Thought blog said to me, if enough people give a little each, it will really add up and make the difference.

The Christian Commons fund cannot be transferred to my private benefit. It has to be used for the purposes that have been publicly stated. It has to go to the Commons and to the religious organizational functions outlined in the charity application approved and on file with the State of Washington's Secretary of State. There are clear laws about where and how charitable funds may be used. Diversion would not only be violating the Church Canons but mundane law as well. I could be prosecuted in secular court for diverting CCP funds to my "private" gain. I gain by way of all Church members gaining equally. That's what sets the RLCC apart. I refuse ever to be as a pope living in the lap of gaudy opulence luxuriating while others starve to death especially through no fault of their own.

Well, we need people. We need members. We need people who will commit to the long haul (lifetime; eternally).

People just do not know how to wrap their minds around that Jesus is still alive in spirit and flesh after more than two thousand years. I don't have a problem with it because signs are everywhere every day for me. It's as with reading comprehension. The more one focuses in on getting more from text and learns what not to read in, the better. God speaks to me in ways that are not interpretable. I can't state the feelings in ways the literalists-only can grasp. The English vocabulary to handle it doesn't exist. Those who are spiritual and not just mechanically academic about bible verses will begin to understand what I'm saying here.

Let me put it this way. If the Pentagon reads my mind, it still doesn't. It can't. That's because they can't program to read what they can't even begin to comprehend. I am the only one who senses what I'm given that has been for me alone. There are others who have been given to understand other things. This is not bad or evil so far.

There is though a place where everything is synchronized without effort or pain or suffering but with only pure understanding that is felt and need not be spoken in the mundane sense. It is what the parapsychologists call extrasensory. It runs much deeper than that though. It's what Jesus dealt with when he was confronted by a lack of faith and the healing didn't happen much. There's the feeding of the five thousand by contrast.

That feeding really did happen. It is not a figurative story only. It certainly is representative, but it actually happened as written. He really fed five thousand men plus the women and children. The loaves and fishes really multiplied.

Now atheist scientists (not all scientists are atheists, as you know) will demand proof from testing. Testing though is doubt. Doubt precludes. They say, how convenient. Well, yes it is. That's because the doubters and the iniquitous will be gathered out. They will be leaving. So, what then is this rapture of the Dispensationalists? It is false is what it is. It's why they have not worked to bring forth all these years they've had the opportunity while claiming/feigning Christianity.

The remnant will be free and as the angels here on the New Earth in the New Age under the real New World Order that will not be under the bankers.

This is all something you end up with as the inevitable and wholly logical and reasonable and rational result of the course away from selfishness (evil) and toward greater feeling that isn't sick. I say that because so many can be so emotional about mammon.

Well, I think many people have the wrong idea about what working toward the Christian Commons entails. You don't have immediately to quit your job or uproot your family to throw your whole heart and soul into farming land to bring forth when that land isn't even available yet but must be prepared, as Jesus went on ahead to prepare a place.

I work for mammon. I use that to pay the bills, including the Internet and website fees and application fees and so forth. So what? It doesn't make me a capitalist. I'm just translating on a small, microcosmic level that will translate to the macrocosmic.

People just need to start contributing so the fund will build up that much sooner. We need people because the crazy secular world wants to see board members and etc., etc.

Okay, Jesus paid the tribute money. We can do that.

What am I talking about? You mentioned a millionaire. You are not the first. I've literally heard, "Tom, what you need is a millionaire." Well, in the course of things, we want every millionaire who is of the lost fold. What we need though is not a millionaire, per se, but everyone who is lost and wants to be found, wants to convert to being a total pacifist, a totally non-greedy person, and completely non-perverse person who is not ashamed to admit that he or she believes that there is more than what the unbelievers are given to take as tangible. There's more to it than this, but the rest is all consistent with it.

When people are helping with even a couple of dollars here and there each week or month, it truly will add up.

We need a core of people who don't fit the Jesus story that follows:

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation. (Matthew 12:43-45 KJVR)

We really must avoid being each other's more wicked spirits. We need to be so good that we each are compelled to work to live up to each other's standards rather then being a temptation to each other to fall. I'm positive it can be done if we heed Jesus.

So, Thomas, why don't you throw in? You won't be the first to begin to do that, but I suspect (more than suspect) you want to go in, in full. That would be fine. The biggest issue is knowing how not to look back. It's just a choice.

As I've told others before, who were up to no good though, the Commons isn't mine alone. I devised it but only on a certain level. It's always been there. I can't take credit for what God reveals that God has known all along. I'm sure that make sense to you.

The whole point of it is that I don't want to work for selfish reasons. I am motivated by the exact opposite of what Robert Crowny stated motivates him. I'm sick and tired of this stinking, selfish system. I hate it. I can't tell you how much I hate it. I'd rather be dead than work toward what Bill Gates has. I mean it. Given the choice between being killed and living to gain for self, I'd rather be killed.

That must just make absolutely no sense to the selfish. They must just think that's crazy. I know though that they're the crazy ones. They just don't know how good, good is. They just can't believe that it's possible to give up this insane system that is lording it over this whole world. They insist that people can't bring themselves to being decent.

They are so wrong. They are their own, worst, self-fulfilling prophecy. It's so dumb. I know that's taken by some as just intended to insult. It isn't though. It's intended that some of them at least will finally admit that they really know that change to righteousness is really simply a choice that one sticks with and becomes better at with practice (doing). Jesus said Jesus was being made straight.

You can't be in the process of being made straight if you are already there in the way the Fundamentalist hold out. You can't grasp it if you think as Aristotle or Calvin. It isn't an either or. It is that Jesus was becoming what he is/was already by virtue of that very becoming. Too bad for the ones who can't receive this. It's not my fault they won't learn the language/concepts of the revelation. Jesus was getting ready. He was being prepared to return.

You know, there are millions of people who say Jesus never this or that which Jesus never claimed about himself. Jesus never said he was perfect. He said he was being perfected. Now that's important because there's a huge difference between always being perfect and becoming perfect. If one says, "I am God." People freak out. "Who do you think you are, Jesus?" "You're not Jesus." You know how it goes. These people are so binary. Jesus was becoming. He said make the whole tree good. That means we can be rotten sinners and change right on through to perfection. You see, the naysayers can't hold us back from it when we know that Jesus was becoming. If Jesus were unreachable by virtue of always having been straight (even though he clearly said he wasn't), then the words of naysayers would carry weight.

What they do is borrow and repeat each other's words. They drill it in so that anything that runs contrary is immediately rejected even if Jesus's words are being rejected. Their tradition is more important than what Jesus actually said and did.

It's like Calvinist predestination: A thought- and spirit-termination device. It's a non-starter. God can know all and still allow us not to know all but to change and not be predetermined. God isn't stuck thinking in a lineal manner. I believe Jesus when Jesus says that all things are possible with God. I believe that God is beyond mundane comprehension. Science, as it is defined by the current common usage (a misnomer) is highly overrated. It's extremely arrogant. In fact, it's not real in the end. It's stuck. The instant total healing is denied, unmerited.

Where are the people who believe? I don't mean the people who just say they believe and raise their hand in megachurches to light shows and speakers. I'm talking about the people who can move mountains literally by God. It can be done. It can be done just by believing/knowing God's power and God's willingness for the right reasons.

I don't care whether or not atheists think Jesus was a fake. If they're going to believe that, let them go. Let them be gathered away by God's angels. We just need to conflate. We are supposed to overcome, come together, and bring forth.

Peace, Brother,


Tom Usher

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