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Hello RE,

I read Laane's post. She quotes Graham:

The plan is to give members with the highest ratio of paid ad approvals first dibs on cashing out their credits.

My, is that retroactive?

He can reward anyone he wants, but what he's going to end up with will be all commercial bloggers. Bloggers of content not with an eye to monetizing first and foremost will end up sick of seeing buy, buy, buy.

I'm not saying this to get Graham to change. He's heard the words of Jesus and rejected them. If he changes, it will be because he's done the work in his heart and soul. I'm saying this so bloggers with a meaningful philosophy of life rather than hearts of mere materialists and capitalist consumers, will be reinforced.

As for Laane's idea for a dropper's strike, if I were to strike against that which does not meet with my approval, I would be starved to the death of the flesh since I don't hold with the present system of these un-United States.

The only reason it matters is that if I give up and don't persevere, I won't be speaking out and having whatever positive impact I am having. I eat for the flesh solely for the sakes of others. If I didn't care about others, I would have stopped eating years ago. You see, I don't like it here.

I'm not prolonging my fleshly days because I love myself. The only thing I love about myself is that God and Jesus are dwelling within me. That though will go on with or without the flesh.

I avoid spending on many things. I don't work to promote the capitalist system or as a slave to it. I work for USD and I drop for EC that will convert to USD. I do both to translate the unrighteous mammon into the Land and Building Fund of the righteous Christian Commons of the Real Liberal Christian Church.

It is the altar that sanctifies the gold, not the other way around. I'm building the divine altar. Graham is coining the mundane Caesarism.

Graham is gaining Hell, and I'm gaining Heaven.

How many stripes he and I will deserve in the end isn't for me to say. I trust God. If I'm whipped for God and even one other soul turns, then whip away Satan. You murdered my brother, Jesus, who saved me. You're going in the Lake of Fire. You better whip me while there's time because your time is short and you know it.

This Time, I Don't Die,


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