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Hi Mikes,

For the sake of other visitors/readers, Mikes was kind enough to return to submit again but using both his first and last name. I know people can be in a hurry and miss things no matter how much this blog attempts to make those requirements standout.

The reason Mikes knew to return was because Mikes had "friended" me on BlogCatalog. I knew he was in earnest and not spamming or just looking for commercial back links, so I left him a "shout" (little message) over on BlogCatalog. The fact that he took the extra time to return and use his real first and last name goes to his credit. I hold up his act as an example, hence this comment-cum-post.

I will also say that for one who says he's "a new Christian blogger," he sure has created a well-organized blog. Oh well, I was an adult before personal computing. It must be so much easier for those who were raised with it. My fleshly father couldn't program the VCR. Actually, he could have, but many of his generation didn't care for all the bother.

It is true though that during and after this generation, more and more people will throw off the "busybody" networking.

Frankly, many people are simply playing what my long-lost friend Bob Ellis termed "the numbers game." I don't know if he coined it, or if not, whether it was original with him. What it is though is a marketing/sales expression meaning that if one can just get the spiel to enough sales leads (supposed potential buyers), one is bound to find buyer/converts. I agree; however, the converts signify the quality/delivery. Who signifies/identifies as a Real Christian? Equally important, what's the fruit of those who make of themselves the greatest enemies of the real Church? As Jesus says, we know souls by their results. The enemy of your enemy is not necessarily your friend because Satan's house is divided; however, Satan hates the Christlike the most.

Here's the content of Mikes's first comment:

Great post indeed! I am a new Christian blogger and certainly you serve as one of my inspirations. Thanks! and May God continually be blessed with your site.

Hey, Mikes, check out the Christian Commons. I'm not the only member in spirit and I'm not the only one donating to the cause anymore. Real Christians are real immediate family. We must bring forth. Please help. Thank you, brother.


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