If you still have your home and it has a yard or if you only have a patio or even an apartment deck, here are some sites and links for you to help you get started growing some food to save money and eat better (naturally/organically):

If you grow more than you can eat, share it with the poor! Take it to the food bank.

If you have extra money or can just squeeze out some rather than spending it on wasteful, unnecessary things (not begrudging you some comforts), consider donating to the Christian Commons Project. We want to farm for all for free, just as the Bible predicts.

By doing these things, you will be saving real-food agriculture. Don't let Monsanto destroy the food supply killing billions. Of course, it's not the "real" food, as in the spiritual body of Christ; but if we can't take care of the food situation we have, who will trust us with the real of which Christ still speaks?

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