I submitted the following to Entrecard:

FYI: I canceled all Real Liberal Christian Church - Christian Commons Project EC-ads and won't be placing more (contrary to my former plan) because as a blog owner informed you [Nicole Charles, Inspire Political Discourse], the ads weren't running. I verified it and so did she on her side. My calendar said the ad was running on her site, and her dashboard told her the ad was running on her site. It wasn't. We both refreshed on her site enough to be certain of it.

I checked the other ads. They were not running.

I ran a block of ads one day and received zero click-throughs.

I considered that you might be running the 50% of the views during some timeslot, but that wouldn't make sense since you've no way of planning in advance the number of widget impressions/site visitors. You need to show the EC-advertiser's ad every other impression or risk a major false-advertising/misrepresentation problem.

This is VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU because people who are self-employed are earning money (EC exactly convertible to USD) working under your representations. If your system doesn't return according to contract, you are liable. It may be Small Claims for now, but it won't stay that way. Also, there's the BBB to consider, etc.

Is this ad-not-running situation unique to me? Have you addressed it somewhere? I can't check the Entrecard blog everyday or spend time gleaning the forums.

By the way, you can read this with a harsh tone in mind or a matter-of-fact/unemotional tone. Choose the latter, please. You can also take it as a threat; however, I'm definitely not litigious. I'm as harmless as a dove on purpose. Thank you, and may God bless.

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