The Employee Free Choice Act is called "Card Check" for short. It allows unions to organize workers if they get a majority of the employees to sign. In general, ownership and management want to retain the secret ballot. However, the important thing here is that such balloting has been conducted by management on company property and after management "gather[s] employees into a room without union representatives and harass them and intimidate them into rejecting unionization in the ensuing ballot." So writes Darrell Delamaide on the Market Watch website, March 5, 2009.

Management has been claiming the Union intimidation is their concern. It works both ways, of course. As Darrell points out in his opinion piece, we need good government, good business, and good labor organizations. Corruption is corruption no matter who's in charge. Unionization is designed to bring more democracy to the workplace. It is important to understand that the lack of democracy in the unions is what led to gangsterism in unions in the first place. With openness, the people choose best. The secret business meetings where all employees are made to fear being fired or demoted if they don't walk the company line are not good for business or the economy.

Costco Wholesale Corp., Starbucks Corp., and Whole Foods Market, Inc., have been reported as supporting an alternative proposal calling for 70% of the cards to be signed rather than 50% before a union could represent labor in negotiations and for signing a labor contract.

Now, the RLCC position is that this is all a mundane issue. Regardless of which direction the democracy swings, it's all coercive. It is not doing as Jesus counsels. The only way to clean up the mess is by everyone voluntarily being righteous. Nothing else will work, by definition. We don't hold with capitalists who spread half-truths about labor. We don't though hold with labor unions that are merely a compromise with the inherently wicked capitalist system. The only right path is Christianity.

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