It has been estimated by the Center for American Progress that some 4 million Americans have lost health insurance due to the current recession. The trend is continuing. This is an enormous cost to society as people who are not cared for in a preventative way often become costly patients with otherwise preventable diseases. If we are not going to have public healthcare as in Europe, we still need some sort of universal coverage. We need to make basic healthcare affordable for all as we do for primary and secondary education.

Obama announced a $634 billion proposal to expand healthcare to cover those who are uninsured. It is planned to come via a reduction in itemized tax deductions for wealthy Americans (this part of the proposal has come under heavy bipartisan criticism), repeal of the George W. Bush tax-cuts for the wealthy, the continuation of the estate or inheritance tax, and from cuts in Medicare. Medicare for all would have been the most cost-effective approach, but for political and ideological reasons, the U.S. government at present wants to avoid, or is simply not ready for, a fully socialized healthcare system.

The Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that 48 million Americans have no health insurance.

We want to add here that if the government mandates that everyone must be covered regardless of preexisting conditions and all for the same premium amount, then private insurance companies would be competing on a level field and without having nearly so much bureaucratic incentive for not providing benefits. We know that not all of that incentive would be eliminated however. Could the investments for profit by the private carrier more than offset the costs for providing care that currently is being denied? Would the industry be regulated in such a way to guarantee that the people would be getting the most bang for the buck?

It's still being discussed though even in the mainstream media — socialized medicine.

We have the world's highest health-care costs, borne by businesses and employees that cannot afford them; nearly 50 million Americans have no coverage; infant mortality rates are higher than those in 41 nations — but at least (phew!) we don't have socialized medicine.
Take it from a democratic socialist: Laissez-faire American capitalism is about to be supplanted not by socialism but by a more regulated, viable capitalism. (Source: "Who You Calling Socialist?" by Harold Meyerson. The Washington Post. March 4, 2009; Page A15.)

I had a capitalist come here today leaving his ignorant comment but unwilling to leave his last name. He claimed it's ironic that capitalist nations lead the world in all the categories that matter. Well, the most capitalistic of the larger nations is the U.S., and look at those statistics just recited above.

Also, consider how the U.S. has created Empire via war and off the backs of wage slaves around the world.

Anyone who comes here bragging about capitalism is anti-Christ for sure.

Jesus hates the American political-economic system because it stinks and only stinking deniers troll around defending it. You better get right with God.

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