Oh Thomas,

How I detest the spirit of capitalism.

Coercive socialism isn't good, but capitalists are the biggest liars on the planet. At least the democratic socialists are honest about voting to take things to spread the fat of the land, what there is left of it after the capitalists rape it to death.

Oh yeah, Stalin was a bad guy so all socialists are little Stalins. How dumb is that? Dumber than a doornail is how dumb it is.

I'm no coercive socialist regardless.

I don't hold with forcing anyone to be a human being. Forcing others whether it's coming from a capitalists or socialist makes the one doing the forcing less than fully Homo sapien. You knew that though.

Have you ever noticed that the top capitalist are all weasels who hate Jesus? All they do is think about themselves. Even when they give money away, they do it for PR and with tax advantages in mind and with promoting their pet causes that further promote the system that allowed them to cheat their way to the top in the first place.

Capitalism is always ultimately theft. That's all it is ever.

Just think of all the sinister people who hate sharing. Look at all the billionaires who lied about and concealed everything that is now being exposed. What serpents they are.

Have you also noticed that none has repented?

Not one has truly repented so far! They are stone cold in their tiny hearts.

They are of the same spirit that hounded every Christian group down through the centuries that simply wanted to give and share amongst themselves and to spread that better way of life. Those greedy ones couldn't stand it. They had to control. They had to have power and wealth to fit their inferiority complexes that are only fleetingly satisfied by excessive overcompensation of egoism.

They are all products of abusive upbringings and who can't overcome. They can't fix their brains back to before they were abused and hardened.

People are expendable to them. People are not valuable. They've been beaten into believing that about everyone, including themselves in the end.

I loathe their system.

It's not fit for flushing. It needs to be thrown into the Lake of Fire never to return.

These monsters who have ruined everything for their god, mammon, haven't an ounce of compassion. They send their pathetic minions to bark like dogs in the manger. They can't eat the real food from Heaven, and they'll be damned if they'll let anyone bring forth. They bribe every official and politician to make sure that the laws are designed to stop the Christian Commons.

You watch what those capitalistic monsters do. They'll outlaw growing your own food. They're trying to eliminate heirloom seeds you know. They're devils. There's no doubt about it.

They are bringing the wrath, and the wrath will kill them all.

They come here and say how they'll take care of the poor better than a Christian Commons. What utter liars. If capitalists were ever going to take care of the poor, they would have done it long ago. They aren't going to take care of the poor. They can't. Their system won't allow it. They're going to murder the poor. That's their plan. They're going to starve them out. They're going to manipulate the weather to cause droughts and other problems wherever they want to move in to takeover after the locals are dead. They're going to keep working their mad scientists to come up with anything science fiction can imagine that's horrendously diabolical.

All those capitalist, military-weapons makers make me sick.

They're scum. They're the bottom of the barrel. Calling them rats is unfair to rats. They're below snakes in the grass. Liars, thieves, and murderers is what they are.

Who cares if they don't like hearing it? Too bad for them.

They know that if I say it, they're doomed.

What are they going to do about it? Are they going to murder me the way they murdered Jesus for speaking truth?

Oh, their temples will be leveled forever.

They listen and hear but won't turn. They are destined to fall and fall and fall. It has to be that way. It's the only way to separate the elect from the rebellious who ruin everything they touch.

Capitalism is failure, always.

Coercion won't last either, even if it is used to try to force greater fairness. The only right way is righteous consensus. Groups must form where every member is about serving each and all without keeping score or requiring anything for trade. It is the gift-economy, everyone to everyone.

It's real love that the capitalists and libertarians, who claim to be Christians but are not, do not grasp but have the audacity to come here saying that I don't preach love but hate. Well, I love those who are of the peace and I hate those who are not. All fall short, but some get up over and over and over to always head toward doing what is right. Some pigs though do not do that. They do the opposite. They go about for self first and foremost always. So I say to Hell with that, and they don't like hearing it and whine here about it trying to get me to stop speaking truth.

It will never work. The more they try, the more I speak out. Praise God. I don't care what the dead think. Jesus doesn't care either. They don't care about right thinking. I care about what Jesus stood for and still stands for. He was right then and is still right, right now and forever. He had the courage to go to the cross for exactly what I'm talking about. How can I do less and look in the mirror?

What are you going to do, Thomas? Does your family still think you're crazy now that the bottom has fallen out from under the captains of industry?

It's going to get worse, you know, before it gets better.

Obama's going to do some despicable things, just the way George W. Bush and Bill Clinton did.

He'll massage the message better than Bush did. That's not saying much though, is it? He's already allowed many, many extrajudicial killings. They are really murders. Many innocent children have died already by Obama's command in America's name. He's a snake. Those people didn't have to die. He could make peace, but he's not a peacemaker, just as Clinton and Bush and Bush's father were not. They are evil men. They did the bidding of the plutocrats who are the most evil people on the planet by far.

It's getting dark again.

The Earth will open up and swallow people because they will not turn. The prophecy is no joke. The atheists are incapable of grasping that. There is spirit, and it is over everything. The scientists can't see it. They can't control it, ever. Whatever they do, they'll be overthrown. They're systems will fail. They will misjudge. They will not feel it. They don't have what it takes.

What do you think about what this...

Robert Crowny had to say about money being evil but that capitalism is the best way?

He thinks no one who is sane believes that capitalism is against Christ. What about you, Thomas, do you say that capitalism is antichrist?

  • Are there others out there who will say it here?
  • Where are the people who believe that total pacifism is right and that violence is wrong?
  • Where are the people who believe that the giving-and-sharing economy is the Christian path and that greed is sin?
  • Where are the people who believe that sex is for heterosexual, monogamous, faithful ones only and who also know that homosexuality is harmful?
  • Where are the people who can see that Christians must pool together to bring forth for the sake of the whole and the lost and to spread the words and deeds as Jesus says?
  • Where's the faith?
  • Where are the real Christians?
  • Are there any, or is this all Hell and everyone is dead forever?


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And when they were come to Capernaum, they that received tribute money came to Peter, and said, Doth not your master pay tribute? He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? Peter saith unto him, Of strangers. Jesus saith unto him, Then are the children free. (Matthew 17:24-26)

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    • Thomas James

      I agree with you on your recent post. Yes it is true that capitalism will not work as far as your dream of ending hunger and sickness in this world. While it may be true that capitalism offers farmers monetary incentives for the production of food, the sad fact remains that if too much food is produced the price goes down so there is also an incentive not to produce enough food and to let people starve. Old Testament Torah Judaism attempted to regulate this problem by allowing poor people to glean off of the fields, but today this practice would violate trespassing laws because capitalists view property rights as higher than human rights.

      As far as military service is concerned, it was perfectly acceptable under Torah Judaism; but if the Torah pointed to a Messiah that is supposed to come to Earth and eliminate all wars as well as death and suffering, then why do we as Christians still insist that war is the only way to solve problems? I can't remember ever seeing a soldier that was not haunted as a war criminal would be when I questioned the virtues of his military service. True, not all Vietnam Veterans were as notorious as the baby killer William J. Calley; however, is a deliberate massacre really that much different from littering the whole landscape with napalm and minefields where the casualties may not be enemy soldiers but rather innocent woman and children?

      As far as Obama goes, yes indeed he is promising to use liberal spending as a means to end the recession. Unfortunately, the banking system is so corrupt with its infinite amount of compound interest on the debt that once the lines of credit are maxed out there may not be any money to pay for the economic stimulus. California has the same problem. Voters have approved billions in bonds for schools and other infrastructure, but California is having a tough time selling those bonds because they are regarded as toxic debt. Under Torah Judaism, the problem was regulated with a year of Jubilee that promised to wipe out all of the debts once every 50 years and everyone would get a fresh start; but Obama has not even mentioned anything other than a 1 or 2-month moratorium on mortgage payments.

      As far as the economy goes, yes indeed the bottom is falling out; but that does not mean that everyone will be losing his or her job. The key company men or the government employees and teachers who have built up enough seniority will probably keep their jobs, but the workers that lose their jobs may be out of luck as it will be very difficult to find a new job before unemployment benefits run out. This is where a Christian Commons can come in handy because the workers who keep their jobs can help and even provide jobs for the workers that lose their jobs. In my situation I am an unemployed Carpenter, and I pretty much cannot even buy a job. On the other hand, there is refinery work that is coming up with a lot of overtime that is hopefully depression proof; so I may end up making $100,000 a year, but I could bomb out and only make $10,000 a year. There are no guarantees. So my question is why should I gamble and live in a society where I am being paid more money than I need just so that I can spend it on myself and risk losing it all and not even have enough money to provide my basic needs? In a Christian Commons, if I lose my job that is not the end of the world because others will help with just as much support as if it was their own jobs that were lost; however, if I find a good paying job, I can help others who do not have a job.

      As far as my family is concerned, yes it is true that many of them are right wing evangelicals; however, all of my in laws are from the Philippines, which may not have any government welfare. In order to survive, a sort of family or tribal socialism was developed, which is a lot more advanced than our American nuclear family. So the idea of a Christian Commons may not be acceptable from a political point of view but would be acceptable from a cultural point of view. However, a true Christian Commons would not be just limited to family or immediate tribal members.

      As far as my side of the family goes, my Mom happens to be a Conservative Christian Zionist and is presently living in Jerusalem. My feelings about the matter is that were Zionism the way Jesus taught, which means sharing the good news about salvation in a non-violent, caring and sharing way, then I would not care if Israel annexed the whole world because the only way that would happen is if they were invited to do so. However, this Old Testament idea of going into the land with ethnic cleansing and creating an apartheid state and putting all the non-Jews on reservations is certainly not what Jesus would do. And I think this is going to backfire on all of these conservative, Christian Zionists because it will eventually be not only the Muslims that will be not welcome in Israel but Christians as well.

      As far as my Father goes, he may freak out and cut me off from an inheritance if he finds out that I am practicing a form of Christian Communism; but I do not think that Jesus ever told a man that he should wait and first bury his Father.

      As far as my wife is concerned, at the present she does not want one dime to go to any liberal church because she is a Republican. However, if I respond in kindness, I think there may be a chance to change her mind. We have been taught the concept of tithing, but she may feel guilty because our contributions, which are significant, have not been the full ten percent. So please be patient with me. I have a feeling that if you were in this for the money, you would be the pastor of some big mega-church and you would be preaching this prosperity gospel that God wants everyone to be a millionaire. I am sure that in heaven our prosperity and standard of living will be higher than anyone can imagine; but unfortunately for all of these millionaires who go to these mega churches they will never make heaven with all of their riches.

      • Wow! Thomas,

        I still say you should be writing these newer, longer comments as posts. You're a registered contributor. Why not just have logged in and posted this as a draft post rather then a comment waiting moderation and approval? No pressure though — It's up to you. As you're moved....

        As for being patient, absolutely

        You are married.

        Jesus told his disciples to follow him regardless of their wives; however, the times have changed, even though they've stayed the same in oh so many ways. The times are actually much darker now. Provisioning for wives and children was in faith. We don't read where wives and children of the disciples starved. There isn't that level of faith right now though. We have to bring it back to life.

        As for the Christian Commons, ultimately, as I believe you know, the idea is to end up where there are not "jobs" in the capitalistic sense. There is only service. Everyone will serve everyone. Whatever needs doing will be done. The members will agree by consensus based squarely upon Jesus's words and deeds.

        Yes, there are differing views about his words and deeds and just how faith-based (not the Bush sense) we should be. I believe in faith as Jesus represents it. He did walk with his feet on the ground too. We must sense together the when and where of things. The feeding of the five thousand happened, but it's not how Jesus constantly fed his disciples. Eventually, that's exactly how it will all be; but we must get there first. I trust this makes sense to you. What you've written indicates to me that you are amenable to this level of thinking about the here and now and the New Heaven and New Earth that is coming as one.

        I recall that you wrote about the refinery offer. Working long, hard hours is taxing; but if you think about translating the mammon into what will help break the cycle, perhaps you'll look at it as a labor of love. That's how I look at pounding away at this keyboard for both a living and more so to bring forth the Commons. I wake up and do it, and I'm doing it right up to bedtime, everyday now for years. I don't think about it even. There are times that I want God to just move the process along; but if the people deserved it, it would have already happened. It's not been brought forth because the people haven't felt the movement.

        You are right though that at first, until there are enough members outside the Commons helping, every member of the Church will have to "work" for mammon.

        Well, it's a ground floor. The Land and Building Fund is there in its near embryonic stage. I'm paying off debt but still trickling money into the fund. I'll increase the percentage as the debt I incurred goes down. It's happening.

        We need members. We need people who don't need or even want the razzmatazz of the mega-churches. We need souls who understand that this is it. They need to put aside the obstacles and just focus so we can grow this cause, this movement. They don't need megachurch entertainment. Jesus is not a song-and-dance man — not that singing and dancing are bad if done for the right reason.

        The whole thing about Jesus is that he didn't do it for self apart from God. He did what he did for all others who are part of God. He did it for you so you'd do it too.

        We need universal repentance. The world must turn to righteousness that is God who is beyond matter but does materialize. God will live in us.

        ...a true Christian Commons would not be just limited to family or immediate tribal members.

        We define family as Jesus defined it and still defines it. Our spiritual family consists of everyone who will do the commandments of Jesus. It's clear and plain. We are to conflate by that spirit.

        Well, Thomas, Jesus came to divide. My blood family does not discuss these things with me. They are not conservative evangelicals or Zionists. They have rather streamed along with the strange twists in the Episcopal Church. I know though that Jesus does not approve of homosexuality. So, it makes it all difficult for so many that Jesus was against war, against greed, and against sexual depravity all at the same time. Of course, he was for all their opposites.

        If you are cutoff from worldly mammon-inheritance for the sake of Christ, you'll have reward in Heaven. You know this is true, but it isn't the reason. Heaven is where you are last. That's how you become first. Everyone is last in Heaven so they're all first. If your dad doesn't see it, there's nothing you can do other than be sure you've stated it. If he's never considered what Jesus meant and means by first and last and serving as the younger then give it to him to consider. If he rejects it, you'll have to resign yourself to that. People do change though.

        You are in quite a situation. Thomas, you don't have to give a dime. Just give your time and heart. You can help by doing what you're doing. You are stating openly here that you agree with the Commons and want to bring forth. That's huge if you look around.

        If your wife is a professing Christian and you speak with each other in love about Jesus's actual words, she'll actually have to agree or end up rejecting Jesus. I won't say at this point what that would mean. There is an answer that is already there.

        The most important thing is the soft heart. Hardheartedness, selfishness, is Hell. God is not hardhearted.

        If I where in anything for the mammon, I'd be rich; because I'd be a crook and damn good at it. No, I actually hate money, really. The sooner I can do away with it the better. I envision the Commons where there just is no such thing as a medium of exchange because it just wouldn't occur to anyone to be so base.

        You're right. Those rich in mammon will not enter Heaven. They can't. They don't have the right spirit. It's all about them. That's not what we're about. We're about the tens of thousand of children dying everyday just because of the proverbial greedy pigs and selfish, poisonous serpents.

        I know you've been thinking about this right from the start. I remember.

        You've done more already than I think you realize. You taken away anyone's ability to come here saying no one will ever agree. You've done it in writing in the open. Scott McQueen has done it too. That's three of us, to a degree anyway. He's said it here that if enough people help with even just a little it will add up to bring forth a tangible Commons land. It will be spirit too at the same time in the same place and in everyone's heart no matter where he or she is in the flesh.

        Scott has communicated with me a little at a time in many venues. I think a connection is forming that may last forever. The same has occurred to me concerning you.

        Anyway, Thomas, from one Tom to another, it's alright. Just keep thinking. Ask God for guidance. It will come to you.

        I love you, brother. Hang in there.

        Peace to Your Whole House,