The National Center on Family Homelessness reports that approximately 1 child in 50 is homeless in America. That's a staggering and growing number. It is unacceptable and unnecessary. The money being given away to the bankers who turn around and enrich themselves would more than pay for affordable housing for all homeless children in the country. It is a national scandal that we don't do a better job then this.

31.8 million Americans are now on food stamps. That's a 700,000-person increase in just one month.

Official estimates are that approximately 12.5 million people are looking for work in the U.S. That's more than the number of people living in the State of Pennsylvania — not good, not good at all. Dozens of tent cities (Hoovervilles) are popping up all over.

To listen to some of the fascists who come commenting here, you'd think all those people on food stamps want it. You'd think that everyone living in a tent wants it. Well then, why weren't they on food stamps before? Why weren't all the people now living in tents living in tents before? Who are these monstrous defenders of this wicked system that has caused these people to be reduced to poverty?

It was not necessary. It was caused — deliberately, scientifically caused by greedy serpents and their minion, duped capitalist defenders — dupes of the plutocrat bankers — usurers, moneychangers, whom Jesus drove from the temple: God Bless Him Forever.

To hell with greed! If you love and defend greed, you can go with it.

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