Swiss banks agree to end secrecy, after international pressure 14 Mar 2009 Wealthy individuals and companies will no longer be able to hide their riches in Zurich bank accounts after Switzerland bowed to international pressure to end the era of "no questions asked" banking. It will join Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Andorra, which also agreed this week to share limited information on their accounts on request from foreign governments, ending 300 years of obstinate banking secrecy. (Source: "Swiss banks agree to end 300 years of secrecy," by Sam Coates and Gary Duncan. The Times. March 14, 2009.)

Watch funds and lower-level banking personnel flow from those European banks to places where banking secrecy is still allowed. The banking rules will have to end up being global. This is the move to a supranational government or one-world government.

What you must understand though is that no matter how many laws are piled on within the system, the plutocrats still control. They make any entries they want. They cover-up whatever they want. They control the flow of currency. They own the settlement houses. All electronic transfers run through them. The vast majority of mammon is cyber only. It is not paper or coins. They can launder anything.

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