Disintegrating the parasitic central bank syndicate that is strangling every country with insurmountable debt must be accompanied by effective quarantine of the global gambling casino: replace the Glass-Steagall firewall between commercial banks (public savings) and reckless investment banks; strictly regulate commodities futures and derivatives trades; ban over-the-counter transactions that are not transparent; criminalize anti-social speculation that artificially drives up the price of essential commodities and threatens public welfare; prosecute naked short sellers that collapse healthy businesses; enforce anti-trust laws that separate large investment sectors in finance, insurance, and real estate; disintegrate every multinational conglomerate that is too criminal to care and too big to jail; end the fabrication of accounting entry debt by reforming the monetary system to issue and regulate credit through a transparent and strictly controlled public agency and localize every system that is critical to social functioning. (Source: "Reforming the Global Financial System by Flushing Out the Parasites," by Nikki Alexander. Market Oracle. March 13, 2009.)

The only way to avoid being punitive is universal repentance. If George W. Bush is beyond mundane punishment, then so is everyone else. We can have Godless anarchy or Christianity. Those are the choices. Right now, the world is ruled under Godless anarchy. Satan is the god of this world. We need the real New World Order under Jesus, and we will have it, by God.

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