Many things to which the libertarians point may be taken in ways other than they seem almost always to take them. Jesus had a great saying concerning this:
Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. (Matthew 6:34 KJVR)
Everything the government does is not about becoming a fascist or totalitarian-Communist state. There are entities within government that are not on board with fascism or totalitarian Communism. Everyone in government is not completely duped by the plutocrats into doing the plutocrat's bidding. The plutocrats do want to control, and they do control in a certain sense; but the libertarian small fry jump to conclusions and then pile on. That's not the right approach to defeating the plutocrats. Speculation must be stated as such and not as proof. My point here is that the truth is bad enough.

Those who know the verse will perhaps remember the context concerns one not worrying about provisioning oneself but rather focusing on faith in righteousness that is God where provisioning follows.

That runs contrary to the whole tenor of libertarianism that is hyper-prepared: Stocking up on everything. Societal lack of faith is so vast that those with huge faith have huge negative spirits/undeserving spirits surrounding them ruining the crop.

An example of jumping to conclusions concerns GoDaddy pulling the plug on when traffic spiked at the site beyond the economy-server deal for that site. The libertarians jumped on GoDaddy as if they know for a fact that GoDaddy was censoring. The WIRED article about it says GoDaddy is quick to censor, but I certainly haven't found that to be the case. You're read this controversial site while it sits on a GoDaddy server. I've been censored all over but never by GoDaddy.
(See: "GoDaddy Silences Police-Watchdog Site - Update," by Kevin Poulsen. WIRED. March 11, 2008; and the comment section (concerning the article) on InfoWars. March 12, 2009.)

Perhaps if they had it to do over again, GoDaddy might handle it differently such as via throttling the traffic to and notifying the site owner via an automated email and phone call/message with a follow-up human call. Anyway, the site owner could have moved up to a higher capacity GoDaddy server plan. I say this in the spirit of fairness. Let's not fail to place people and groups into their proper relative positions. There are the absolute extremes and then there is everything else in between falling someplace along that infinite spectrum. God is the extreme good. GoDaddy is not God. They don't claim to be. They are not out machine-gunning people though. That ought to matter within the mundane context in which the libertarians are dealing. They are not the epitome of the oppressors of constitutionally protected political speech, are they? Where's the real evidence after the facts come out.

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