UPDATE: Sunday, April 19, 2009:
After de-sticking my immediately previous Entrecard post, I was moved to go look around some more.

Okay, still no answers from Entrecard, but I found this:

Credits for blog posts
You get 25 credits for each blog post you add to your site, with a maximum of one payment every three days.

So, that changes the calculation, but it doesn't explain everything. What do I have to do, build a spreadsheet and go back through all the transactions and all the posts to compare? It would seem so. Is it worth it? Well, if I don't, will Entrecard take care enough for everyone's sake?

It makes no sense to me that they didn't just point me to the "one payment every three days" rule and then go back through their payments against the posts. Isn't that what you would have done? It's what I would have done were I in their shoes. At least they could have said give us some time to do that. I would have been delighted.

Oh, well, as Dr. Bruce Baker put it to me, he doesn't expect Christian ethics out of Entrecard. Well, I want people who will turn upon hearing actually to hear. It has to be said. They at least have to have the words go before their eyes. It's their opportunity. It also removes the excuses for not turning. It cuts both ways.

While over there on Entrecard, I followed a link to Now, why would Entrecard still be linking to ("Top 5 Entrecard Tips and Tricks") from Entrecard's Help Page when has the following as its current post: ? Turnip of Power was banned from Entrecard some time ago. Oh well, no accounting.... I'm sure the link will disappear now that I've written this.

How long is Entrecard going to last at this rate? This is not the level on which I wish to be functioning. What this all highlights though is that the greedy spirit twists up.

Entrecard is being criticized for wanting Social Security numbers for EC cash outs. Do they need those SS#'s this soon? They don't have to do 1099's until $600/yr, right? That would be 600,000 EC within 1 calendar year at the current rate. Who's going to get there any time soon?

I'm the one who brought it (taxes) up originally, I know. However, I raised it in the general spirit of helpfulness and openness (transparency and timeliness). What I'm seeing though from Entrecard is way too much of the proprietary spirit, even for libertarians.

As an aside: There are people who don't want to submit their SS# on an unsecured server, but just adding an s after http gets one onto the Entrecard secure server.

Well, I will wait for the movement of the Holy Spirit. We shall see. Anyway, the EC belongs to the RLCC, not to me. Entrecard doesn't need my SS#. They need to make arrangements for paying other then sole proprietors, right? Are you learning, Matt Oxley? For those who don't know, Matt Oxley is someone who claims to have been a Christian clergyman who converted to atheism and now openly promotes homosexuality as being harmless.

Matt is a moderator for Entrecard, paid I assume. Perhaps Matt will come to see the error of his ways in following after the greedy spirit.

He's avoided commenting at this site ever since he's seen that I expected him to return with the information he promised regarding the banning of EuroYank from Entrecard over who knows what content on EuroYank's blog. I'm still waiting, Matt. Where's the info? What was the offending material? I want to go see it for myself to discern who was offended, or in other words, which demon spirit openly rules behind the scenes at Entrecard. Who are you protecting, Matt — little, duped minions of the global plutocrats/bankers who crucified your Lord?

Also, I bumped into this. I never would have known otherwise. Why can't they email this stuff out? They don't email on purpose. Why? They want more people spending more time on Entrecard. That will keep them small. Oh well. The following will determine who gets cashed out:

community-support algorithm:
1. How many cards you drop / how frequently
2. % of paid ads you approve
3. % of Entrecard ads you approve
4. Listings you create / completed sales in the market
5. How many credits you transfer to others (indicative of contests, tips, and generosity)
6. % of credits you spend on Entrecard ads

Concerning #4, non-profits require special consideration. Christians also must take care concerning the issue of recompense. I don't promote it. Recompense is what mammon is all about. I seek to translate mammon into its antithesis: The Christian Commons.

Also, how can the RLCC spend EC on ads when Entrecard doesn't run the RLCC's ads? Is that fair?

Satan isn't fair. Who's Satan? Anyone who's acting unfairly is Satan.

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