What are the Zeitgeist Movement and Venus Project? They are everything I've written on this site but devoid of the spirit. The Zeitgeist Movement even includes the tagline: "The means is the end." Where I've written the following:

Zeitgeist means "time spirit." It's German. It is to be taken as "the spirit of the times." One, Peter Joseph has worked up two videos as follows:

  1. Zeitgeist, the Movie (video on Google)
    Zeitgeist, the Movie (article on Wikipedia)
  2. Zeitgeist: Addendum (video on Google)

to appeal first to 9-11 Truthers (The New York Times according to the Wikipedia says, "Mr. Joseph said he has recently 'moved away from.'") but to build from a base of atheist and converts to atheism. In a nut shell, Peter holds forth with the following:

  1. The unity/oneness is on account of the material connections, not spiritual.
  2. Technology is salvation.

This is Nimrodian humanism minus any acknowledgment that the secular humanists are shaking their fists at God.

Peter Joseph is joined by Jacque Fresco of the Venus Project. Although, we will not assign all of Peter Joseph's philosophy to anyone else we have not heard or seen accept it. Fresco certainly might not subscribe to certain of the aspects of Joseph's philosophy.

It is scientism, meaning it elevates science to the one and only religion and philosophy worthy of upholding.

Adherents use the fact that there is an underlying global prophecy in much of the world's mythology in an attempt to discredit Jesus as an actual historical person.

I've read before about how they assign garbage analogous information to Jesus. I was planning to go out searching for some for my readers' sakes, but even the skeptics made that so easy that it was right there linked from the Wikipedia article.

First of all, he says that the Egyptian god Horus was adored by three kings, had twelve disciples and was crucified. He says much the same thing about Mithra, as well as noting that Krishna was born on December 25. Almost none of this is true. (Source: "The Greatest Story Ever Garbled," by Tim Callahan. eSkeptic. February 25, 2009.)

It's a read. It tried to dig a little deeper so as to avoid jumping to conclusions. Don't buy it all though. It helps to show that deeper digging is required to get at the root causes. In fact, there are astrological connections in the Bible. The Magi referred to by Tim Callahan in his article were astrologers. They just aren't the only thing going on, contrary to Peter Joseph's assertions.

Here's an interesting video:

Some of the secular humanists refuse to take the Gospels as an actual historical account (to any degree). However, the enemies of Jesus's message suppressed Jesus's message.

What do these humanists expect happened? Do they actually believe that the mainstream source of that day would have done unbiased journalism? They openly say right now that the mainstream media (MSM) owned and operated by the plutocrats refuses to publish that which would bring it down.

Furthermore, look at how many characters in history who are taken as having been actual persons are only cited a few times or even only once. More importantly, look at the historical record/language that more than suggests that persons and peoples were erased from the record.

It was not lost on the worldly empires of those times that those who control what is written as history write the future as well. Orwell stated it well. "Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past."

Emperors pulled down the statues of those who preceded them. They struck the names from wherever they had been etched and otherwise recorded. They then built huge edifices that they assumed would not be leveled — not easily erased after their deaths.

To think that the powers that be at the time of Jesus would not have worked to suppress and eliminate Jesus's words and the record of his deeds is asking of us to be rather dimwitted to say the least.

The powers that be didn't want Jesus's message. They hated what is recorded as having been said by Jesus. Jesus's real message serves absolutely nothing those powers wanted then or want now in their confusion and hypocrisy. They persecuted the early Christians and continued persecuting thereafter any who dared to return to the original message.

Is that fact also now disputed by the secular humanists?

Therefore, once it became apparent that initial efforts to eradicate the message had failed, the powers (wholly self-centered, plutocrat, mostly closeted secular-humanists) went to great lengths to co-opt the Christian Movement and to usurp Christian leadership positions. We had the Roman Emperor Constantine I do this and the Roman Catholic religion spring up as a result where the Pope actually became Caesar for all intents and purposes. It was not Christianity and still is not, yet Peter Joseph and his ilk would mislead you into falsely believing that the Jesus Movement was devised to further the system of mammon. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you believe Peter Joseph, you believe the satanic spirit, by definition. That's a fact.

Now, why would those worldly imperialists (Constantine and his yes men, brownnosing clergy) have gone to such lengths if Jesus's message was devised as their tool in the first place, as suggested by the secular humanists? Think about that. Consider how Peter Joseph jumped to conclusions or conveniently sidestepped what refutes the thrust of his whole direction (Godlessness).

He takes the fact that Christianity has been subverted by the plutocrats and rather falsely concludes that therefore it was devised as a means to oppress and suppress when Jesus's actual message is the greatest fear of those plutocrats. Such a move is not indicative of a bright mind, is it? Peter may use light in his videos, but he's shedding half-truths that is really leading into darkness those who can't see it and who buy into Peter's garbage.

  • It is Jesus who terms money "unrighteous": "The unrighteous mammon."
  • It is Jesus who prophesies against those rich in that mammon.
  • It is Jesus who makes clear that the world cannot serve both righteousness (the very spirit that is God) and also serve the system of mammon.

In the face of those facts, Peter Joseph and his Venus Project, comes along suggesting that Jesus is a hindrance to bringing forth the mammonless society. What a transparent error that is!

Let me get right to it. I don't know the people behind this Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project, but I know them only too well. Here's what I know. If anyone cares to dig deeper, passed the facade that is the Zeitgeist videos, one will find that these people all want to be licensed (self-authorized) to do things that Jesus stated are wrong and ought not to be done. Go ahead. Put it to them. Out them. We are to expose evil intentions for what they are.

What the Zeitgeist videos are, is an attempt to ride on the backs of the works of others while conveniently but wholly transparently (in spite of the secular humanists' false hopes that it won't be seen) deliberately leaving out the root motivation. This is the wolf in sheep's clothing. That's what Peter Joseph is, as are the people of the Venus Project.

  • They take base iniquity
  • They will not openly denounce
  • Avoid the subject
  • Dance around if confronted
  • Haven't figured out a way to defend it with any logical consistency
  • Wrap it up in spiritual terminology
  • Strip it of spiritual meaning

They use the term "love" and advocate against greed, selfishness, and violence all the while avoiding the issue of sexual harm, which harmful desire is simply another manifestation of the very selfishness these secular humanists claim to decry. Mark my words. This will all come out more and more. There will be some exceptions, but none will be consistent.

These people deny spirit over matter, yet their own science has documented that spiritual connectedness has resulted in healing in ways that does not otherwise occur. They try to reduce this to Darwinian mechanisms only. Oh, the matter behaves a certain way because thinking a certain way has resulted in survival. Interesting isn't it that thinking about God results in that level of survival. Oh, how that opens the door (strait gate) the secularists want to remain shut for they can't enter.

This Zeitgeist Movement is a trick by the trickster from the beginning. It is a distraction from the real, right path. Denying credit to God (who has been sorely misrepresented by those now termed religionists and empires and also secular humanists) is fundamentally wrong. It lies at the heart of everything that is wrong. No amount of human-devised material technology will overcome this basic principle, ever!

Jesus speaks of God being one and many. He speaks of loving neighbor as self and more so, as Jesus loved is closest friends. It is that later part that, the New Commandment, is conveniently left out by the secularists who seek to give credit to those who formulated other iterations of the Golden Rule before Jesus walked the Earth in the flesh as man, to which Golden Rule Jesus calls people that they might avoid hypocrisy.

It is hypocrisy that you will find as the root of this Zeitgeist Movement. Peter Joseph has failed properly to define his terms and has left himself wide open to hypocrisy.

He is saying that we are the divine, if we will, while at the same time and in the same videos that he created, says there is no Theo (God). He thinks of God as other while the wholeness of spirit is one, as Jesus teaches. He doesn't grasp the terms.

In so many words, he says Jesus's message was not divine, not from God; yet, he, Peter, borrows wholesale from Christ's message but doing what all the usurpers and distorters have always done that is strip out those things that make the message finally whole.

Peter Joseph and those of the Venus Project are locked within the self-limiting box of the misnomered "scientific method." Testing the spirit precludes it. Jesus makes that exceedingly clear. Peter and the Venus Project want company. They want the whole of humanity stuck right there with them so for a time for the sakes of their egos they may be self-licensed to iniquity. This is exactly that against which Jesus warns in no uncertain terms.

If you want to fall for the lie that there is no spirit I know for a fact exists, go ahead. Be separated out from the real just and righteous who know what real love really is. That's the plan.

The Peter Joseph's won't be there in the Real New Heaven and Earth. I promise you that. As to where they will be, God's house has many mansions. They will be living under their own standard for as long as the system of existence has determined is perfectly befitting. Meanwhile, the more truly enlightened will rise in the proverbial sense. The pure will see God.

Peter Joseph doesn't see God, he wants you to believe; however, the truth is that he hates God and seeks to dethrone God because God tells Peter and everyone Peter wants to follow Peter that what Peter wants and does isn't good and that it leads to negative consequences.

  • Don't follow Peter Joseph.
  • Don't join the Venus Project.
  • Don't support the Zeitgeist Movement.
  • Rather, support this, the Christian Commons Project and the movement of the Holy Spirit of whole truth. It is revealed and not from testing.

People such as Peter Joseph are sent to deceive. They fall right into the hands of the mainstream media. Consequently, everyone who knows that 9-11 was deliberately covered up is painted with the same brush. Don't fall for it. The question is not whether or not 9-11 was an inside job. The question is only a matter of just how inside was it. There is no doubt that it was an inside job. Officials working officially as U.S. government conspired to cause 9-11 to happen. The powers that be benefited. They are part of the cover-up, just as the Gulf of Tonkin resolution that authorized the Vietnam War was based upon total fabrication by the U.S. government at the highest level: The Presidency. It's a fact! There are many, many other facts that aren't stupid (contrary to Ronald Reagan's complaint) unless they aren't pieced together to show the big picture.

Just because Peter Joseph or anyone else gets half of everything wrong doesn't mean that the other half isn't the truth. He's backed away from the 9-11 Truth Movement because holding to it kept doors to false prosperity closed to him. I, on the other hand, don't throw away the truth simply because there are those who hold with 9-11 Truth while also holding with crap. Wisdom is justified of her children, and Jesus brought forth what he did starting with God's Holy Spirit. Then he went and was given disciples.

Real Love and Peace,

Tom Usher

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