Let's be fair.

I said that I was having a problem with Entrecard. The Real Liberal Christian Church (RLCC) ads placed there were not running at all. For those who aren't familiar with Entrecard, the RLCC earns credits by, among other means, visiting other member's blogs, which visits can be both a delight and informative (WARNING! Also utter darkness as well — to be overcome). Those credits may be use to "purchase" ads on member sites.

Well, I entered a trouble ticket back on April 10th. Today (13 days later), I finally heard something back from Entrecard. Wow! Are they swamped or what (suspicious)? I will paraphrase as I'm not sure whether the TOS (terms of service agreement) forbids reposting support-ticket replies verbatim. I'm being subjected to more TOS-thinking lately.

In essence, the short reply apologizes for how long it took to reply. It informed me that there has been and remains a bug in the ad system which bug prevents ads from "changing over on time." It says the ads will run though.

Well, the reply is good, up to a point. I ran a huge batch of ads and received zero click throughs. A similar previous batch of ads resulted in about a doubling of visits. Therefore, I'm not convinced that Entrecard knows that the ads will still run only not necessarily on time. If they believe that the only problem has been with a delay in running, then they are not working to solve the same problem I reported. Doesn't that make sense since click-throughs would have still resulted from ads running at wrong times?

I suppose I can test the system one ad at a time; but if the ads might run just any old time, how in the world would I know when to go to the member's site to see if it shows up at all?

By the way, they closed the ticket, which doesn't make sense. Tickets should remain open until solved. I don't know whether or not I'm able to reopen the same closed ticket. I'd have to go see.

You know, I'm not a capitalist, but as capitalist enterprises go, Entrecard is not as stupid as many of its detractors allege. The giving-and-sharing-all political economy that is real Christianity, as outlined in the Christian Commons Project, is vastly more intelligent. Jesus is vastly more intelligent than are the capitalists. However, many people seem to think that when comparing one greedy enterprise to another, Entrecard comes up short as misguided capitalist entities go. It doesn't. It's just new and has been founded by someone who is young and green and can learn on the job and grow in it and out of it if he aims his heart in the right direction.

What do I really want though in the end — Now, even as the means to that end? I want everyone to turn to the Commons Way. We don't need money. We never did. It's a purely artificial trap devised by egotists who love to lord it over others who are purely altruistic and decent hearted rather than fractured up inside as a mixed bag of greed and giving for show to be seen of men and women rather then be truly righteous.

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