Two women, two [tag]Americans[/tag], both professing [tag]Christianity[/tag], both condemning [tag]torture[/tag]

Visit their posts on the subject:

"Holocaust Rememberance Day," by [tag]Donna Bragg[/tag]. [tag]My Christian Diary[/tag]. April 21, 2009.

(NOTE: If the [tag]F-word[/tag] is a stumbling block for you, don't visit the next site. The term is used twice, I believe; however, it is in context, not for shock value in the applicable post, but rather to take it straight to [tag]American[/tag]/[tag]UK[/tag]/[tag]Australian[/tag]/[tag]Israeli[/tag]..., [tag]neoconservative[/tag], [tag]mainstream-media[/tag], root supporters of the utterly abhorrent, unenlightened, [tag]dark side[/tag], barbaric practice that is torture and the poor excuse for a euphemism, "[tag]enhanced interrogation techniques[/tag]," that most assuredly includes, among other methods, [tag]waterboarding[/tag].) "Enhanced," what demon-possessed, idiot thought up that one? Has anyone been dumb enough openly to take unrepentant credit for it? Wise as a serpent isn't always very difficult, is it? In fact, there's a place in [tag]semantics[/tag] were serpents don't have a shred of wisdom. That's the case in the Real, New Heaven. You see, in a contest of real [tag]intelligence[/tag], [tag]Satan[/tag] doesn't have a prayer against [tag]God[/tag] (the real one).

"Bria says Condi Don't Get Down Like That.. Well Yes She Does Bria," by [tag]RE Ausetkmt[/tag]. [tag]BadGalsRadio[/tag]. April 24, 2009.

Donna's post certainly makes [tag]holocaust[/tag] denying appear rather ridiculous. One might debate the total numbers of those tortured and executed by the [tag]Nazis[/tag], but to suggest that it was not a huge number of people of many different walks of life and particularly aimed at [tag]Jews[/tag] is plain stupid regardless of the psychological twists involved in propagandizing after-the-fact on any facet of the whole wicked side of human history.

What I mean here is that there is in fact a [tag]holocaust industry[/tag]. It is a [tag]capitalist[/tag] profit-center. It ought not be. Also, what was done to [tag]Jews[/tag] is used by some Jews as an excuse to do evil to others. The [tag]Old Testament[/tag] may say that God gave the land to the Jews, but their God is the God of their imaginations according to [tag]Jesus[/tag]. Jesus made clear that the real God does not countenance destroying the world or mass murder for land. Why people can't read and comprehend that clear and plain message in the words of Jesus is what Jesus calls amazing. Does anyone want to debate that? You'll lose before you begin, just like Satan.

RE wants people formerly in the highest political and governmental positions in the U.S. to be held to account NOW, just as Donna points out in her post that Nazis who ran the torture and [tag]execution[/tag] system in the camp she visited were held to account and subjected to the final penalty: The [tag]death penalty[/tag]. I don't say that either Donna or RE is in favor of putting anyone to death. Jesus certainly would not pull that lever ever. They'll have to speak for themselves on that issue.

Some people no doubt believe that it is all just a matter of degree. The U.S. hasn't overtly exterminated millions — or has it by other means? I won't delve into that right now other than to say that the U.S. has killed many millions. Those in power in the U.S. justify it. The victor writes history. History isn't over yet though. I disagree with them and so does [tag]Jesus Christ[/tag]. It is written.

RE, I believe, knows what a [tag]slippery slope[/tag] the [tag]neoconservative[/tag] and false-hearted [tag]Zionists[/tag] have introduced back into the American culture. [tag]Cruel and unusual punishment[/tag], such as [tag]water dunking[/tag] for one, was deemed beneath America and illegal.

I actually believed when I was a youth that real true Americans don't countenance torture.

  • Cops using [tag]blackjacks[/tag] and [tag]bright lights[/tag] to beat out and sweat out [tag]confessions[/tag] was roundly condemned.
  • The Nazi [tag]barbarism[/tag] was roundly condemned.
  • The [tag]cross[/tag], nails (spikes), [tag]crown of thorns[/tag], [tag]whipping[/tag], etc., of Jesus before his execution was known without doubt to have been the practice of the most diabolical of forces.

So, what's to debate really? That torture works? What does it do? What does it accomplish? Does it result in [tag]righteousness[/tag]? Can anyone short of God guarantee that absolutely no innocent or undeserving soul will be tortured by agents in government's employ? No, they cannot.

I hate people who are so dishonest as to even entertain for a moment that torture is good in any way, shape, or form. Oh, you say. A Christian isn't to hate anyone. Wrong. We know them by their rotten fruit. We are to hate rotten fruit, rotten results. Jesus says to love your enemies and to do good to them who curse you and persecute you. Yes, he says that and he is right. This is why there is a [tag]love/hate relationship[/tag] until evil is gone — banished from every heart with all it implies. If you don't understand that, if you cannot comprehend what I've written here, don't blame me or be glad. Think until you get it.

There is [tag]forgiveness[/tag] where there is [tag]mercy[/tag]. That's a huge statement. It applies to and from everyone.

Listen up. You torture, you aren't forgiven until you stop, [tag]turn[/tag], [tag]repent[/tag], [tag]atone[/tag], and don't [tag]backslide[/tag]. This is how it is. If you don't like it, too bad.

I love it. It calls me, compels me, to weed out evil within. Many people don't want to do that for all sorts of reasons. Few there be that find it (the [tag]strait gate[/tag] and [tag]narrow way[/tag]), as Jesus says. However, it will not always be so on this Earth. He says that too. I agree, completely.


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    • Peace and Blessings Pastor Tom,

      The way the torture memos read, it seemed like business as usual for the bloody us administration.

      I highly disagree with that policy or stance.

      I'm not for starting a war, but I'm certainly not going to let someone slap me and walk away without at least a blackeye.

      Personally, I do believe that we should return our Fist to the other cheek. it might have saved Jesus, if he adopted Bob Marley's Stance and Learned to Run Away and Fight the Second Day when his Posse was with him.

      my motto is Take a Machine Gun to a Knife Fight and You'll Be Ready from a safe distance. but take a spray bottle of tabasco and draino and you can get right into the action.

      Oh Yeah,,

      So as a Little Incentive We're Letting the Prez Know - We're In It To Wrap it Up.

      Tomorrow 04/27/09 we are blogging on the whole mess with Darfur and why Mr. Obama needs to turn his attention there; instead of Afghanistan.

      The Post includes a podcast we produced about the Darfur Problem in 2004 - yes we've been working on this issue for a long time and we're anxious to see it wrapped up.

      it's clear to us Tom, that the world is tired of war, and we need to wrap it up.



      • Well RE,

        You're saying Jesus was wrong. You can't be a Christian while believing Jesus was or is wrong. You have to know this.

        There was a time when I would have jumped between a pacifist and bully and beat the hell out of the bully. That seems to be where you still are. The reason I would have done that is because I was not strong enough not to do it.

        You see, the pacifist, while appreciating that the defender is not as wicked as the attacker, the pacifist would rather the defender be a pacifist right next to him. He would rather the attacker come to his senses too. That's the whole point.

        Violence is not the right way to handle conflict resolution. Violence only sets up violence. The fire of violence is put out with water. Violent fire to fight violent fire burns everything to nothing. Of course, that's the prophecy.

        The violent will destroy themselves, attacker and defender alike, leaving the proverbial meek who are actually stronger in their convictions and in holding to the moral high ground.

        So, the torture needs to end and the wars need to end but peace (total peace) is the one and only path to bring that about. The war to end all wars is the one that is waged in the heart to soften it to the point where the temptation to do violence is overcome by the willingness to self-sacrifice for the sake of others. It's what Jesus did when he went to the cross. He could have avoided it if he had been a lesser soul. His truth though prevented him from doing the wrong thing, which was fight back to save his flesh while sacrificing the full-context message that is the real peace and the real love.

        Reconsider RE. Reconsider.



    • I find the first paragraph very ironic actually... well, we all have our views and whatever it is, we think we are all respectively correct which makes us all fight against each other.. The wisdom... so much of it.. can really torn us apart and to pieces.