The following may not mean much to non-Entrecard users or even to non-power users at Entrecard. I've placed it here though as a public service. Entrecard needs to deal with this and handle it so I may give the all-clear alarm.

The following will be self-explanatory to EC users. I submitted it from my EC dashboard to EC Support:

Hi It's OK to be WEIRD!,

The following is a message that I'm copying you on that I sent to Scott McQueen of the "Just A Thought...":

Hi Scott,

The Entrecard system says that right now the RLCC ad is supposed to be running on your blog site. However, I visited and refreshed a number of times and the only ad that came up was for "It's OK to be WEIRD!"

Entrecard responded to my trouble ticket about this sort of thing happening to the RLCC ads over and over by saying that it's a bug but that the RLCC ad will run, just not on time.

Your site gave me the highest click-through rate per EC spent of all the ads I ever placed. If I get zero click-throughs from your blog, I don't believe Entrecard has stated things correctly (that the ad will run or will have run but just not on schedule).

Will you check on your end to see if Entrecard is telling you that the RLCC or "It's OK to be WEIRD!" is supposed to be running right now (04/26/2009 a little after 9 PM Pacific Time) and let me know please?

Thanks, Scott.

God Bless,

Tom Usher

P.S. I may be dropping Entrecard altogether if they can't get it together better than they have. (Is that their plan?)

xc: It's OK to be WEIRD!

OK to be WEIRD!: Will you please let me know what your Entrecard ad schedule shows you concerning any of this? Thank you so much for your help in this matter.

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