UPDATE: Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweet Mummy was kind enough to dig further and to send clarifying info. It turns out that her situation is not as bad for her as I had thought, just slow. Her turbo charge is now working and apparently fairly accurate if not completely right. Her ad did show on Scott's blog after it was supposed to and when the CCP ad was supposedly supposed to. This remains guesswork though because the system is so much buggier for me.

It's very difficult from my side to gauge just how bad things are for others. My stats and tables and calendar have been so off for so long.

Anyway, Sweet Mummy had 19 clicks from Scott's blog on the 25th according to her stats. While I show the RLCC-CCP ad had zero clicks. Also, my turbo charge calendar is now showing the ad ran but not on any particular date since the image for the ad is off the calendar.

I can't work with it that way. I will not run any ads until they have it completely fixed. The RLCC will end up an EC millionaire I guess – forced to save. They probably won't let me cash out. I can only give away 1000 EC a week, and the tax rate is exorbitant to say the least. I don't like not being able to give anonymously either. Being forced to give a reason is also needlessly invasive and nosey, frankly. Maybe they're trying to get me to spend it all in the Entrecard market. Who knows?

Original Post:

Reply from It's OK to be WEIRD!:

Hi there,

I'm not sure how all of this works, really. I do know that I purchased an ad with credits for "Just a Thought..." and my history shows:

2009-04-23 13:49:37 complete cost: 8 clicks: 17 Cost: 8 CPC: 0.47

It doesn't show when it ran, just when I purchased the ad (in my turbocharge view it doesn't have any ads showing at all since the 22nd of April though I have had ads running...). [The RLCC turbo view isn't working either.]

Like I said, I honestly don't know how the RLCC ads work.

I'm not sure if this helps any...

If there is a hiccup going on, I trust that EntreCard will fix it. I've been with them almost since the beginning and they have always seemed to be fair and very good at taking care of any issues. I'm just a small-time blogger and appreciate the service that EntreCard provides in letting me get some more traffic to my site without having to use real money to do it. I hope they get things figured out and get you some answers.

Blessings, ~ Sweet Mummy

My reply:

Actually, yours is a tremendous reply. It's very helpful, and I appreciate your having taken the time and trouble to look into it and to supply the information that you did.

Also, I agree with your basic sentiment that you wish Entrecard well. I too do not want to be a curse.

Peace and Blessings,

Tom Usher

Now, what do the stats tell us? They tell us that her ad ran on April 23 [that was wrong according to her new, more thorough/updated info from Entrecard; it was on the 25th (and later?)], so what was it doing running when the RLCC's was supposed to be running on April 26-27? Also, they tell us that the ad placed on "Just a Thought" resulted in 8 clicks [turns out to be maybe/probably 19 clicks; Why did it say 8 before anywhere?]. If the RLCC's ad ever ran, why zero clicks? Will it run three days from now? How may anyone monitor such things? Anyway, I had ads they told me ran but never resulted in a single click even though those were for sites that supply click-throughs, just as with "Just a Thought."

Entrecard won't approve the RLCC for cashing out if it doesn't advertise. Entrecard also won't approve the RLCC for the new forum if the RLCC doesn't advertise. No public voice over there! Forum involvement is also part of the cash-out-approval criteria. We're supposed to sell in the Entrecard market too. I know how to do that even as a non-profit, but why in the world would I get into that when Entrecard has such a huge mess on the table here already?

The RLCC was on its way to meeting the ad-threshold of 400 run ads when this ad blockage occurred. Why the RLCC and not "It's OK to be WEIRD!" concerning this blockage. What setting behind the scenes is set differently for "It's OK to be WEIRD!" versus the RLCC. Is it the "We love Entrecard setting" versus the "We are openly but constructively critical" setting? I don't say that to put down "It's OK to be WEIRD!" I like her attitude.

It could be a bug that they just haven't been able to figure out for weeks on end now, but.... Why wouldn't they give nearly their undivided attention to that and call it their highest priority in the trouble ticket I entered rather than just closing that ticket after admitting that there's some bug and to "just trust" them?

Well, Bernie Madoff said, "Just trust me" to the tune of what, a $65 billion Ponzi scheme. Which capitalist am I to just trust? Turn, repent, atone, don't backslide, and I'll give you my trust up to a point – up to the point that I know you can handle it. That's what Jesus did and still does too by the way.

Tom Usher

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  1. Tom Usher Tom Usher says:

    Ticket submitted Tuesday, April 28, 2009:


    4/25 2:35 You Purchase of advert 4314011 - 8


    "Widget shown on"

    Does not show any such ad.

    Why not?

    The ad did not run.

    Why not?

    Other blog's ads are running. Why are the RLCC's ad's not running? Am I being blocked for either religious or political reasons? That's not an accusation. That's a direct question. Others have been banned over political speech. (Probability?) How may I rule this out?

    You closed a trouble ticket on this issue when it was not resolved. Please leave this trouble ticket open until solved.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this very long-running problem.

    No harsh tone here

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