Membership and association are important terms and concepts.

Membership in the Real Liberal Christian Church (RLCC) and Christian Commons Project (CCP) is full membership, but it does not preclude communing with non-members in other sense-meanings or degrees of the term "communing." The semantics of "member," "membership," and "association," and the like, needs explaining and understanding.

The Denominational Canons state the following that requires fleshing out:

We have a membership not associated with any other church or denomination. [That needs to be understood within the larger context.]
Members of the Church will be free of membership in any other religion or denominations or church.

What it really means is that one's heart will not be given over to that which is anti-Christian Commons. One will refrain from making formal declarations of an anti-Commons nature but rather will declare the Commons right and proper so to do.

It doesn't mean that one may not interact with those who are not of the Christian Commons spirit. In fact, such interaction is required until the end.

Membership and association are terms with ranging connotations and degrees depending upon the context of the member or associate. Jesus was simultaneously a member of the human race while also being not of this world. This is not a false paradox. It is required that members reconcile themselves to the truth of the statement.

The Holy Spirit guides people as to that to which they pledge their hearts. It is that point with which we are concerned here in our use of the terms "membership" and "association," etc.

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